Tree-Tall Trunk
Theme Tree-top
Required Jiggy-1 2 (Activation: 4)
Transformation Humming Bird
Tree-Tall Trunk is the second level of Banjo-Kazooie: Gruntopolis, requiring only 4 Jiggies to activate the puzzle where only 2 must be inserted to complete it. The entrance is found at the doorway into the Conservation Lab, which is found down the street from the central square. The level takes place atop a colossal tree, so high up that Banjo and Kazooie must remain on top of the branches and leaves to avoid falling to their doom below.

Points of Interest


The Puzzle for Tree-Tall Trunk is located inside the pavilion at the center of the square near Fulgore's Fountain.


The round hole in a small birdhouse leaning against the central trunk of the colossal tree serves as the level entrance. Hopping off of the small peg will reveal a settlement established by a number of variously-colored Breegulls. A few birdhouses lie around, only the largest of which may be entered. One of them is designed as a restaurant, owned by a blue Breegull wearing a cap reading "McBirdie's". All around the tree are a number of branches and leafy canopies which may be traversed, as well as a number of holes through which Banjo and Kazooie could fall to their doom if they weren't careful. Three different ways into the central trunk exist, two of which lead into an open, circular room while the third can only be reached by flying and leads to a lone platform inside that is much too high to reach. There are two different staircases; the one which leads down opens into a huge labyrinth while the one leading up presents three different levels before the Treetop can be reached. The nest of an angry vulture, named Vultree, lies at the very top.


  • Level Entrance
    • Breegull Community
    • Large Birdhouse
    • McBirdie's
  • Outer Leaf Canopies
    • Eyrie's New Nest
    • Bird Cage
  • Inner Tree
    • Labyrinth
    • Nimbo Limbo's Yurt
  • Treetop
    • Upper Levels
    • Vultree's Nest


  • There are 4 Warp Pads in this level
    • Inside the Large Birdhouse
    • Near Eyrie's New Nest
    • First Level of the Tree
    • At the Treetop
  • The Mumbo Pad in the Upper Levels requires 5 Mumbo Tokens to lift the log on top of Kraz
  • Using 2 Glowbos will allow the player to transform into a Humming Bird

Abilities Learned

  • Flight Pad - Inside the Large Birdhouse (45 Notes)
  • Fire Eggs - On the second level of the Inner Tree (30 Notes)



  • 35 Notes run along the ridges of the various birdhouses around to the community
  • There are 20 Notes scattered among the numerous Leafy Canopies
  • 15 Notes run around the edge of the Bird Cage
  • Another 15 can be found around the Labyrinth
  • 15 Notes are found distributed evenly among the three Upper Levels


  1. On the ledge through the highest entrance into the tree
  2. Inside Eyrie's New Nest
  3. Deliver 5 McBirdie's orders within 45 seconds
  4. Race against Canary Mary as a Humming Bird
  5. Help free Terry from the Bird Cage
  6. At the end of the Labyrinth
  7. Burn all 10 Vine Traps around the tree
  8. Free Kraz from the log he is stuck under
  9. Collect all 4 Jinjos
  10. Defeat Vultree


  1. On top of McBirdie's
  2. Behind Eyrie
  3. On top of the Bird Cage
  4. On the edge of a ledge near the Upper Levels

Mumbo Tokens

  1. At the entrance to the Large Birdhouse
  2. On one of the Outer Leaf Canopies
  3. Inside the Labyrinth
  4. Inside Nimbo Limbo's Yurt
  5. On the third level of the Inner Tree


  1. On a distant Outer Leaf Canopy
  2. Hopping about the second level of the Inner Tree
  3. At one of the dead-ends in the Labyrinth

Empty Honeycombs

  1. On the upper rafters of the Large Birdhouse
  2. At the bottom of a loose branch near the Breegull community
  3. Race against Canary Mary as Banjo and Kazooie
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