C'mon why are you waiting? LET'S GO!

Travis is one of the main characters of the David series and is a Male Human. Travis is one of David and Thomas' best friends and loves to have adventures with them same with Matt. He's David and Thomas' neighbor and is intelligent and hyper at times. He is confirmed to be Player 3 in David's Galactic Adventure.


General Information

Personality and Traits

Travis is an energetic person who likes to go on adventures if it's safe or even risky he likes to have adventures across the Earth with David and friends. Travis can get mad easily whenever someone insults him or takes his place whenever adventuring or even when someoe takes credit for what Travis does. He can be useful at times as a helper because of his powerful spin attack and ray gun he carries around just in case of attack or protection.

Physical Appearence

Travis' appearence is that he has blue hair, hazel eyes, black shoes, white socks, a shirt that has the Kid Icarus emblem, and brown-ish trousers. Travis can be seen with a belt and the logo on hisbelt resembles the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda series.


Thomas, go on I could stay here.

Oh hey David you are just in time. Maria is out there waiting for you!


  • Travis was originally gonna be in David Advance, but was removed for unkown reasons.
  • A Metroid and a Kid Icarus poster can bee seen in his room also with his Super Mario comic collection.
  • The anime/manga Lucky Star can be seen in his shelf in his room.
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