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Developer(s) TorokoLogo.png
Publisher(s) TorokoLogo.png
Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow.png
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) 9/30/20XZ
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) T
Media Included The V² Disc

Tragedy (2015) is the last installment of Exotoro's Unten reboot saga. It takes place three years after the events of Underground (2014).


When the game was first revealed, a plot synopsis was revealed.
The finale to the Prodigy saga. Taking place three years after Underground (2014), Unten is now seen as the greatest hero on Zeon, attracting many followers (some even claiming to be his brother!) and Doomulus Grime is farther than ever on his goal. When members of the Doomuli pay Doomulus Grime a visit, he begins to construct a planet drill that will destroy the planet. Can Unten, Zerita, and the mysterious Mioda put a stop to it?

Later on 4/28/15, it was confirmed that Lord Acriss and UNT3N were both villains in the game. Exotoro also revealed that Sia and Boare would not return for the third installment, but Sia's parents will be present. Spunten, a fan character made by DoodleFox, would also be in this game in a somewhat important role.

On 9/15/15, the boxart and logo were revealed.

On 12/29/15, it was revealed that the game would be switching from the Mecha Jem to The V².

On 12/31/15, the game was finally finished.



Much of the gameplay in Tragedy (2015) is platforming. Each characters has their own way attack enemies, whether it be Unten and his electrical projectiles and whip, Zerita with her claws, Mioda with her arrows, or Yazoka and her blade. There are also power up items that can be used, such as the Shielding Gauntlets or The Glistening Blump which transforms that character into a very powerful form temporarily.

There are also several hub areas where you can talk to NPCs or buy upgrades for your character. There are three in total: The Narobi-Tron Kingdom, The Five Tail Society, and Doomulus Base.


Unten's Story

The story begins with Unten floating through space without a helmet. Unten is confused on his head hasn't blown up or how he even got here, but he turns around to see Vokkskar mediating. Unten rotates to see Zeon in utter ruin, planet chunks flying past him. Unten asks Vokkskar who would do such a thing and all Vokkskar has to say is "Am I a Gorilla, John?"

Unten wakes up and sees Zerita outside in the pouring rain. It's been three years since the events of Underground. He, Fanti, and Zerita are world-famous heroes on Zeon, much to Doomulus Grimes' frustration. He walks outside in the rain before realizing it's a terrible idea and asks Zerita what she's doing out here. She states it's "to feel the weight of the world on you."

Unten, Fanti, and Zerita see a bunch of flying Grimebots pass by their heads and realize they must be invading somewhere. They follow the Grimebots to a forest area with a lot of treehouses and see a woman fire laser arrows at the Grimebots. They decide to assist her.

As they take down the Grimebots, the woman introduces herself as Mioda, although they once knew her as Mondo. Unten is taken back that Mondo (now Mioda) is so different now and she states that being in space for a while changed her opinion on a lot of things. She shows Unten and Zerita what base Doomulus Grime is currently situated and states he's been acting rather strange, irregular in where he's been going and what not.

Doomulus Grime meets with Doomulus Nine and Doomulus Slice, who inform him that Doomulus Prime is becoming fustrated with his lack of ability to take over Zeon. Doomulus Grime snaps and tells them he needs two more days. He leaves as Doomulus Nine and Doomulus Slice seem pretty ambient about the whole situation, more or less implying that he's a joke to them.

Doomulus Grime brings out the drill and a Grimebot informs him that UNT3N is finished. Doomulus Grime examines UNT3N and smiles sinisterly as he sends him out to attack Unten. UNT3N begins running out, morphing his hand into a bunch of spikes as he does.

Unten, Zerita, and Mioda head to the Narobi-Tron kingdom where Queen Pixella welcomes them in and tells them that a group has started building a monument to Unten's accomplishments. There, Unten meets Spunten, who is excited to see him and claims he is Unten's brother. Unten sheepishly pushes him aside as the scene pans out to reveal that UNT3N has been watching. UNT3N jumps down and heads towards Queen Pixella, leading Unten, Zerita, and Mioda to stop him. Unten manages to knock UNT3N onto a passing cargo transport vehicle and Queen Pixella kisses him, much to the surprise of Unten.

Unten, Zerita, and Mioda stay in the Narobi Kingdom for the night. An assassin with a collar around her neck makes a mental note of where they are before burrowing herself in the sand and metal scrap. Unten heads to bed but not before noticing Mioda firing arrows at seemingly nothing. He asks what she's doing and she says she's improving her aim, as she hated feeling weak as a boy and never wants to feel like that again.

In the morning, Unten, Zerita, and Mioda leave. As Unten heads out, Queen Pixella asks him if he'd like to upload his consciousness to a Narobi-Tron unit but Unten declines the offer, stating he feels fine and doesn't need to be in a robot. The assassin sneaks close by, but not ready to strike. Unten, Zerita, and Mioda learn that Doomulus Grime seems to be up to something, as he hasn't been seen outside of the base for a while.

Unten, Zerita, and Mioda come across Netnu, who challenges them to a race across the canyon. As the race concludes, they shake hands on go on their own ways. Unten, Zerita, and Mioda see a high class society in the distance, remembering Sia. They decide to check it out, figuring it will be an okay detour as long as they don't stay too long.

They enter the Five-Tail Society where they meet Sia's parents, the president and vice president of the society. Although they seem welcoming, at the dinner later on in the day it seems like they blame Unten for leading their daughter away from her responsibilities here. Unten states he had nothing to do with that, but they don't seem to buy it. Unten, Zerita, and Mioda leave soon after, only to come across UNT3N again. After defeating UNT3N again by trapping him under a bunch of rocks, it begins to rain.

Unten, Zerita, and Mioda set up camp. Unten and Zerita do some training as the assassin watches. They can't seem to bring themselves to attack now and instead rest in the rain. As Unten and Zerita finish training, they find that they are located near a mine that Doomulus is using. While raiding it, they find that Spunten has followed Unten here and is dangling over a patch of explosives and that Unten has to save him. Unten tells Spunten to stop following him, knowing full well that he probably will keep following him anyway.

Doomulus powers the drill and the word travels to Unten and co fast. Unten has to get through Doomulus' cargo transport and jumps across the floating cargo vehicles but suddenly the assassin Yazoka appears. Yazoka and Unten battle over the floating transport vehicles but Unten soon learns that the collar around Yazoka's neck will kill her if she fails to kill Unten. Unten focuses on getting the collar off and with the help of Fanti, manages to pry it off her neck and out of blast radius, freeing her. Yazoka thanks Unten as she steals a cargo vehicle and heads away from him.

As Unten reaches Doomulus' base which is near a mass of canyons, he encounters UNT3N again. Zerita and Mioda are busy attempting to get in and it's just a battle with just him and UNT3N. As UNT3N battles Unten, it looks like he might be winning as he pushes Unten over the edge of a cliff. Fanti tells Unten that he can stop UNT3N but it will require that he no longer be at Unten's side. Unten reluctantly agrees as Fanti takes over UNT3N and explains that he is the physical manifestation of a Narobi-Tron AI and was cast out of society because of this. He plunges off the cliff, tellin Unten that he was the only person who that made him feel like he was important.

As Unten recovers from the attack and loss of his friend, he heads to Doomulus' base to find Netnu, who challenges him to a race inside. As the two finish the race, Doomulus Grime waves to them with Eliza in his captive hands. Netnu and Unten attempt to save her but Doomulus pushes her off into a pit, killing her before exiting up. Netnu tells Unten to take care of Doomulus and make him pay while he fights off the robots.

Unten gets to the top of Doomulus' base and sees the drill. He tells Doomulus to turn it off, but Doomulus Grime laughs it off, saying that he intended it as one last message for Zeon. The two battle and Unten nearly looses as Doomulus throws him towards the edge, stating he's been waiting for this for a long time and intends to kill Unten. Unten hears Yazoka cheer Unten on, telling him not to give up, not now.

Unten gets up and zaps Doomulus in the chest. As Doomulus is wounded, he escapes into his own escape pod. A Narobi-Tron flies over to Unten and tells him that he may be able to stop the drill if he heads inside and takes out the core inside, but his chance of survival is slim. Unten agonizes over this before telling it no. The Narobi-Tron then brings up a message of Queen Pixella asking him if he'd like to convert his mind into an AI to live after Zeon's destruction but Unten tells her no again.

Unten heads towards the escape pods, but suddenly a Beorn by the name of Lord Acriss corners him. Lord Acriss reveals that he is actually Unten's old foe RAMiranda, who has festered into a technological hivemind that can inhabit souls called the Darkness. The Darkness has been waiting for Unten to be at the point he was when RAMiranda first met him, insisting it's a good bookend. Without Fanti, without any of his friends, Unten is alone. And the Darkness has come for him.

Unten manages to fight off the darkness with Mioda, who arrives to help him, stating that when she was in space she met The Darkness and was under it's control for a little bit before breaking free of it. The Darkness is stunned for a brief moment and allows Unten and Mioda to escape before suddenly awakening and grabbing Mioda. Mioda tells Unten to get off the planet and not worry about her. Unten reluctantly leaves her behind.

Zeon is now collapsing. Unten attempts to get on some of the last remaining escape pods, looking for Zerita or Netnu. He spots Zerita but the ground she is standing under collapses, causing Unten to run away in fear. He attempts to get on a escape pod but slips out. As it starts to head off, Unten sees Spunten who tells him to use him as a boost to catch on. Unten does so and watches Spunten wave to him as Zeon collapses behind him. He tearfully watches the destruction and blames himself for everything, not stopping the drill, not defeating Doomulus when he could have, and not being able to stop the death of his friends.

It is revealed in a post credit scene that Zerita, Mioda, Queen Pixella, and Netnu had managed to escape, although they are all under the belief that the others are dead.

In another post credits scene, a bunch of meteor watchers on Earth see something strange fly down towards Earth. As they investigate, it turns out to be Six, who murders all of them as the screen goes black.

Yazoka's Story

This is a shorter story that is unlocked after you beat the game, focusing on Yazoka.

Yazoka fetches water for her master. A wall shows a bunch of tallies, showing that she's been here for a long time. As she brings water to her master, she learns that she is being sold to Lord Acriss, who seems more sinister than usual. Figuring that things can't get any worse, she follows Lord Acriss who outfits an collar around her neck and informs her that will it will blow up if she doesn't not kill Unten within the week. Acriss sends her out with her sword and tells her to hurry if she wants to live.

While traversing the more deserted regions she comes across a broken up Narobi-Tron unit. The unit speaks to her, stating that love broke him up like this before shutting off. Yazoka doesn't think too much of it but the image of it haunts her as she heads across the desert. She comes across the Narobi-Tron kingdom and spots Unten, but is conflicted as his journey has inspired her own.

Deciding to lay low for a bit and not attack when Unten's with the other two, Yazoka comes across another Beorn by the name of Xerra. Xerra wonders what she's doing here while Yazoka just tells her. Xerra tells her that she feels sorry for but has no idea what to do. Xerra gives Yazoka some coins and tells her to keep her head up.

Yazoka trails the group as they head to the Five-Tail Society. She tries to pry the collar off as she waits for them to leave but to no avail. She returns to following them as they leave, having the feeling the meeting there didn't go so well.

As Unten splits off from the group and heads to the cargo transport, Yazoka realizes this might be her only shot. Yazoka battles Unten, who doesn't seem to be intent on hurting on. Yazoka looses the battle but with Unten's help manages to get the collar without killing her. She thanks Unten as she heads off, not really sure where to go from here like she was at the start of her journey. She examines Doomulus' Base and watches as the drill goes off. She attempts to fight off a bunch of Doomuli robots but the entrance is locked. Soon after, she sees Unten almost about to fall off and encourages him to pick himself up.

As she watches the planet begin to tear apart, she heads to the escape pods, unsure if Unten got out okay or not, or for that matter, anyone on her journey. She's not sure where's she going, but things are going to be alright.



Name Info


Unten is the main protagonist and is seen with Fanti in a new quiver strapped on his back. He also has a scarf that Sia gave him and he's pretty popular now. Good things can never last though, and Doomulus Grime certainly has it out for him this time. He can fire electricity, use Fanti as a whip or rope, and jumps and walks pretty average.

Unten also can turn into "Midas Unten" through the use of something called a "Glistening Blump", which turns his body into Midas Gold, toxic to the touch. It also turns plant life into gold.



Zerita is Unten's more or less sidekick but she's more than that, perhaps better than Unten in a lot of ways. She's pretty fast and her jumps are longer but not quite as high and she has to climb her way up things. All the Blumps do to her is give her speed.

She can also turn into "Radioactive Zerita" which gives her a bright green glow. This acts similar to Midas Gold, being toxic to the touch. It wilts plants or enlarges them.



Mioda was known as Mondo, who disappeared into space during Underground (2014). She came back as a woman and resides in a forest habitat. She's matured since her younger days. She has far better reach than anyone but her jumps are pretty weak. She can pull herself up to higher ledges with a laser grappling hook arrow.

When Mioda uses a Glistening Blump, she turns into "Invisible Mioda" and enemies can't see her. The plants also start turning a little opaque in her presence.



The last playable character that is kept tucked away in a secret story. She's a hero of an another story, so to say, and during Underground she was captured and turned into a slave. Three years later, she is given an assignment to kill Unten, a person that has inspired her in the past. She is generally the fastest character but also supremely weak.

When Yazoka uses a Glistening Blump, she turns into "Steel Yazoka" and can propel high into the air. The plants also start turning to chrome in her presence.


Name Info
Queen Pixella Tragedy.png

Queen Pixella

Queen of the Narobi-Tron kingdom and has been "saved" by Unten countless times. Although she is a robot, it's more or less stated this time that she has a crush on Unten, to the point where just about everyone thinks they're an item. However, Unten doesn't really think so and tends to come off surprised whenever she shows him affection.


Unten's so called brother, although they don't share any blood whatsoever. He wants to tag along with Unten on his adventures but is seen more as a nuisance. Unten tends to have save Spunten a lot more than he'd like to.
Netnu shattered.png


Netnu is Unten's friendly rival as most of the tension between them died in Underground (2015). He challenges Unten to races and destroying Doombots- all in the means of helping Unten and himself out. He has a wife named Eliza who he loves a lot. However... this is a Tragedy, after all.


Siandra is the president of the Five-Tail Society and Sia's mom. She is not happy about Sia's departure and blames Unten for it.


Sion is the vice president of the Five-Tail Society and Sia's dad. Like her mother, he isn't happy about Sia's depature and blames Unten for it.


Xerra only appears in Yazoka's story mode. She tells Yazoka to keep her head up as she becomes aware of her predicament.


Name Info

Doomulus Grime

Doomulus Grime has been more or less the main threat on Zeon, but has been taken less and less seriously as the years roll by. Unten has made him an utter joke to the Doomuli and Zeon, and while he's still out there, it's tougher to seem like a legitimate threat. Sick of this, Doomulus decides to use a drill he found Underground 3 years ago and destroy the planet as one final message before he leaves and goes into hiding.


UNT3N is the most advanced version of Doomulus' robot clones of Unten yet, with metal morphing technology. He plans on killing Unten more than Doomulus is and will stop at nothing to do it. He appears several times, each time with a new strategy and weakness.
Lord Acriss Tragedy.png

Lord Acriss

Lord Acriss is mentioned by a bunch of characters as not acting like himself early on in the game. In the latter half of the game, Lord Acriss corners Unten and reveals he's part of a hivemind called The Darkness, which was created by RAMiranda.

The Darkness

RAMiranda's new form, a hivemind by the name of the Darkness that can take over souls. It controls Lord Acriss and attempts to take over Unten as well. Thanks to Mioda, who has fought the Darkness in the past, it stays stunned enough for Unten to escape.


Grey pictures means that character isn't ever seen but is mentioned in the game. They are not dead unless it says otherwise.

Name Info


One of the many religious deities mentioned and seen in the game. Vokkaskar is anti-matter being that resides in a unknown part of space and is believed to be harbinger of comets. He appears in Unten's dream at the beginning of the game.


Denos appears on his lonesome in a library located in the Narobi-Tron kingdom. He claims to be doing research and looking for his friend Logi. If he talks to Unten, he seems to notice a different "aura" about him that intrigues him.


Logi is never seen in the game, but he is mentioned by his friend Denos. He's kind of cockier, more willing to be honest with other people even if it means they don't really like him. He and Denos have been friends for a long time and they're more or less "intergalactic tourists".


Sia is never seen in the game but her parents as well as many characters mention her from time to time. She was a person in search of her own destiny, tired of living high-class life. She came across Mondo who told her about Unten's prophecy and despite meeting none of the requirements, she still set out to stop Doomulus Grime. She's currently in space, looking for her prophecy.


Boare is never seen in the game but is mentioned a couple of times. Boare was told of Unten's prophecy and understandably thought it was about him. He is a blue Beorn, after all. He's a bit prideful but he's also somewhat weak deep down. He helped Unten defeat Doomulus in Underground (2014) and went into space to search for his own prophecy.


Netnu's wife. She's mentioned earlier in the game and is seen as Doomulus' captive who he throws into a pit as part of his revenge on Netnu and Unten. She doesn't make it out of this game.


Tragedy (2015) Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Unten Tragedy Badge
Unlock by playing as Unten for an combined total of a hour.
Zerita Tragedy Badge
Unlock by playing as Zerita for an combined total of a hour.
Mioda Tragedy Badge
Unlock by playing as Mioda for an combined total of a hour.
Yazoka Tragedy Badge
Unlock by playing as Yazoka for an combined total of a hour.


  • The game's development was done around the time Shattered finished up. As such, Shattered outright spoils events in the game, such as the climax, before the game was finished.
  • The box-art imagery was inspired by the imagery of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • This took like forever to make. It STARTED on February 26, 2015‎ and ENDED in the last couple of days of December. Most of the work was done in the last days of December as well. It took until the last day of 2015 to finally complete the game.