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Tr'p (pronounced Trip Prime, but generally called Trip) is an interdimensional traveller known for causing mischief, and defeating almost every other Trip in the multiverse. While he has debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike, he technically has no home series.



Tr'p has fair skin and a sharp, thin build, with decent height. Tr'p's hair is white and messy, with a part covering his eye. His eyes are purple, and his facial features, eyes included, are sharp.


Tr'p is generally rude and showy. He care's not for others, but instead goes his own way, doing his own thing.


Tr'p is similar to a catalyst, in that he can create portals and travel throughout dimensions. However, he cannot create timelines, nor time travel; due to these notable differences, he is referred to as a "Portal Master".

Tr'p has also mastered the ability to manipulate dark energy. While he can manifest it into standard pulses and blasts, he can also surge it into and through opponents. This greatly afflicts people and can disrupt some of their abilities, but it is difficult to do.


Tr'p's weaknesses are not currently know.



Tr'p is a mysterious, dimensional traveler who is known around the multiverse. With a love of causing trouble, Tr'p simply adventures throughout the multiverse, doing his own thing and picking fights.

Upon learning he is not the only one of his kind, Tr'p searches for these other Trips, and decides to prove he is the best by defeating them in battle. Upon defeating most of them, he shows his supremacy by adopting the title of Trip Prime (spelled Tr'p).

Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike


Fantendo Sports Resort



Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike

Tr'p debuts in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike. He is being hunted by the final Trip, the son of Tabuu. During his escape, he heads past Earth, and after the pursuit for is thrown off, he sets off on Zeon to catch and defeat Trip (Tabuu) before he catches him.

It is later revealed that Tr'p somehow managed to trick Tabuu's minions into capturing Beck (while Tr'p had escaped across Earth), leading to Beck being trapped in the Fantendoverse. This furthers Beck and Tr'p's rivalry.

Fantendo Sports Resort

Tr'p will be appearing in Fantendo Sports Resort. He was revealed on November 14th, 2015, alongside his doppelganger Beck.

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  • Tr'p was originally going to resemble Back more than he currently does.

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