Toxic the Robot
Toxic the Robot
Toxic, the pollution machine
Gender Male
Species Robot
Current Status Destroyed
Family and Relations
Dr. Gearz (Creator)
Blatly and Imp (Enemies)
Smoking and mutating critters
Blatly and Imp
Ability/ies Spread mutation gas
First Appearance Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace (2016)
Latest Appearance Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace (2016)
Toxic is a polluting robot who serves as the Tertiary Antagonist (formerly believed to be the Primary) of Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace. He was a machine built by Dr. Gearz to mutate the critters in Carnaga in hopes that his newest invention the "Muticypher" will make a fast fortune from the remaining citizens in the country.


Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace

To keep his true nature hidden from the citizens of Carnaga, Dr. Gearz builds Toxic to spread mutation gas across most of the areas that corrupts the local critters in hopes that his latest product the "Muticypher" will make a huge profit from the remaining residents and win back his successful status.

Toxic appears in some parts of the game often in a cutscene mutating the bosses, and later served as a boss in Slimy Sewers. Up in Toxic Co. (once the Sully's Syrup building), Blatly and Imp discovered Gearz is the real culprit behind all of this and he orders Toxic to destroy the duo. Blatly and Imp defeated Toxic who's head flies into the ceiling and explodes leaving Gearz to be trapped in falling debris.

After Toxic was destroyed, all the mutated critters were turned back to normal.