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Total Drama Mystery (also called TDM for short) is the sixth season of Total Drama, the animated reality television series. It succeeds the second half of the fifth season, Total Drama: Phakitew Island.

This is the second season to feature all contestants from the second-generation cast competing. On top of that, six contestants from Phakitew Island also return to compete; Jasmine, Shawn, Amy, Samey, Sky and Dave. This marks the first time in the series that contestants from the second and third generation are competing against each other.

The series originally aired from June 9th 2020, to the 30th of June 2020. The series consisted of 22 episodes, slightly shorter than the 26 episodes of the original seasons.


This season, 19 teenages arrive at the creepy Castle Vavoushka, battling it out to win one million dollars. The contestants are split into three teams, Team Vampire, Team Fairy, and Team Zombie. Castle Vavoushka is one of the most mysterious places in all of Canada.

Each week, the challenges that contestants will compete in all centre on solving mysteries around the castle. Some of the challenges that appear in the season include getting a hair from a mythical creature, taking care of a haunted doll, or proving the existance of a monster living in the loch near the castle.

Whoever is voted off gets a one-way ticket on the Flight of Shame, where the plane usually ends up going missing or crash landing. The prize money goes to the last-standing contestant in the season.


Image Name Bio Team
TD Cameron Icon Cameron The Wide-Eyed Bubble-Boy. Cameron is excited to work with his friends again, but his actions accidentally hurt his friendships. Team Fairy
TD Dave Icon Dave The Normal Guy. Dave came back to redeem himself after he went crazy in the season five finale. He wants to win Sky back, but his actions keep making things worse. Team Fairy
TD Dawn Icon Dawn The Moonchild. Dawn and Scott have a sibling rivalry dynamic, as Dawn wants revenge for what he did to her on their season, but she loves toying with him a little too much. Team Fairy
TD Mike Icon Mike The Multiple Personality Disorder. He is sad that Zoey isn't on his team, but is excited to come back and prove that he isn't the evil guy Mal made him out to be. Team Fairy
TD Sam Icon Sam The Nice-Guy Gamer. He has a complicated relationship with Dakota as he feels like she doesn't love him any more. They eventually patch it, and decide to officially be boyfriend and girlfriend. Team Fairy
TD Samey Icon Samey The Good Twin. Finally not on a team with Amy, Samey is able to thrive as a team leader, and makes good friends with everyone on her team, much to the dismay of her sister. Team Fairy
TD Staci Icon Staci The Compulsive Liar. Staci continues to lie, but after surviving the first elimination, she cannot stop bragging that she made it further than she did last time. Team Fairy
TD Zoey Icon Zoey The Indie Chick. Zoey is immediately on the out of her team, and is constantly told she will be one of the first eliminated if their team loses. Because of this, she becomes best friends with Sky, who jokes about how similar they are. When Sky turns on her, Zoey decides that she isn't going to play nice anymore. Team Vampire Team Fairy
TD Anne Maria Icon Anne Maria The Jersey Shore Reject. On Team Vampire, Anne Maria makes up part of the Vamp Alliance, one of the powerhouses in the competition. She actively wants to get rid of Zoey and Sky. Team Vampire
TD Brick Icon Brick The Cadet. Brick is caught between two worlds on his team. Jo reels him into the Vamps alliance, but he feels bad after watching the alliance bully Sky and Zoey. Team Vampire
TD Jo Icon Jo The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette. On Team Vampire, Jo makes up part of the Vamps alliance, one of the powerhouses in the competition. She manipulates Brick into voting being part of the alliance, as her and Brick start to form a close friendship. Team Vampire
TD Scott Icon Scott The Devious. On Team Vampire, Scott makes up part of the Vamps alliance, one of the powerhouses in the competition. He and Dawn have a sibling rivalry dynamic, as he is scared what Dawn will do to him after he got her eliminated in their original season. Team Vampire
TD Sky Icon Sky The Athlete. Sky is immediately on the out of her team, and is constantly told she will be one of the first eliminated if their team loses. Because of this, she becomes best friends with Zoey, who jokes about how similar they are. When Dave keeps trying to get back together with her, Sky pushes further and further away from Dave. Team Vampire
TD Amy Icon Amy The Evil Twin. Amy is incredibly bitter when she sees Samey on a different team. When Samey starts to make friends, Amy is determined to sabotage her team so they eliminate her. Team Zombie
TD B Icon B The Strong Silent Genius. B and Shawn become suprisingly good friends, but can't act as friends due to the divide between cast generations on his team. Despite this, their friendship and working together helps them win challenges. Team Zombie
TD Dakota Icon Dakota The Fame-Monger. She is taking medication to subdue her mutant powers, but the side-effects don't help her win challenges. She has a complicated relationship with Sam. Team Zombie
TD Jasmine Icon Jasmine The Australian Outback Girl. Jasmine and Shawn have a rocky relationship as the competition between her and Lightning starts to get to Jasmine's head. Team Zombie
TD Lightning Icon Lightning The Athletic Overachiever. Lightning is the main instigator for driving a wedge between Team Zombie. He has a fierce rivalry with Jasmine, and is determined to get her eliminated. Team Zombie
TD Shawn Icon Shawn The Zombie Conspiracy Nut. Shawn and Jasmine's relationship is tested when Jasmine becomes ultra-competitive against Lightning. He makes friends with B but has to hide it from Jasmine who won't let him speak to teammates from the other generation cast. Team Zombie


Episode Challenge
Welcome to the Castle Answer questions about your teammates personal life.
Who Did You Call? Take a photo of a ghost, print it off in the Library, then give your photo to Chris.
Chrisosaurus-Rex Exacavate dinosaur bones from three different areas of the Howling Woods and rebuild them into the long-forgotten Chrisosaurus-Rex.
Chris's Back Door Find the hidden Chris McLean room inside Castle Vavoushka.
Valley of the Dead Dolls Find your missing teammate inside Death Valley.
Throw it in the Toilet Last the longest in one of the torture devices. Escape the torture room.
The Longest Challenge in Total Drama History Solve the riddles inscribed on the walls of the castle.
The Bruise-Muda Triangle Swim from one side of the loch to the other.
Friend to the Somewhat Close to the End Look after a haunted doll. The first team to take their eyes off the doll, loses.
The Masked Tone-Deaf Person Guess which former contestant is singing inside a monster costume. Use the monster costume to make contact with that monster's mother.
Sounds About Right Listen to a series of noises that Chris plays, then find the object that makes that noise and bring it back to Chris.
You Wake Up, Flawed Everyone wakes up in a strange underground village. The first team to figure out where they are, wins the challenge.
Ship, Spark, Swore A ghost ship appears in the loch. Find out where it came from.
Make Up or Break Up While handcuffed to a previously eliminated contestant, tell your deepest secrets to each other.
Littlehand Bring a lock of hair from the cryptid of the Howling Woods back to the castle.
Capture the Knight Capture the Black Knight stalking the halls of Castle Vavoushka.
Eight Different Blindsides at Once Retrieve a relic from the sunken ship in the loch and bring it back to the surface.
A Vote for You, A Vote for Me Escape from the VR game that is said to kill anyone who enters it.
Seeing Double Work together with a clone of yourself to destroy the opponents clones. The last clone standing wins.
Room 237 Solve the case of the disappearance in Room 237


Welcome to the Castle

In the first episode of the season, all ninteen contestants arrive at Castle Vavoushka. Chris introduces them as they all arrive by plane. Each one has a quick chat with Chris, mostly asking why are they at some dingy castle in the highlands.

Once all the contestants have arrived, Chris announces that this season things are switching up. Castle Vavoushka is one of the most mysterious places in Canada, and each week the teams will have to solve a mystery to win immunity. Otherwise they will go to elimination in the castle's tower. If you don't receive a Monster Toy, you will have to take the Flight of Shame home.

Chris quickly announces the teams. This time, there are three teams of six. However, Chris realises someone was left out. He had forgotten to take Samey into account when the teams were made. He lets Samey choose her team. Expecting her to come to her team, Amy is shocked when Samey chooses a different team.

  • Team Vampire consists of Anne Maria, Brick, Jo, Scott, Sky and Zoey.
  • Team Fairy consists of Cameron, Dawn, Mike, Sam, Dave, Samey and Staci
  • Team Zombie consists of Amy, Jasmine, Shawn, Lightning, B and Dakota.

With the teams decided on, Chris announces the first challenge, solving the mystery of your fellow contestants. Each team is given fifteen minutes to learn about their teammates.

On Team Vampire, there is a clear divide. Anne Maria, Scott and Jo team up as villains to bully Sky and Zoey, who they see as too nice and annoying. They outright say that they are the first two from their team to get eliminated. Brick is caught in the middle. Sky and Zoey become instant best friends, joking about how similar they are.

On Team Fairy, everything looks to be going very well for them. All seven contestants are bonding well and getting along, much to the annoyance of Amy.

On Team Zombie, the team is split. With three second-generation cast members and three third-generation cast members, they seem to be having a stand-off with each other, wondering which cast will flip and vote for themselves. Lightning is the main contributor to driving the wedge between the team, but Jasmine refuses to back down after Lightning keeps making remarks that his season was better than hers.

Once the fifteen minutes are up, Chris asks the teams embarassing and personal questions about their teammates. Each team has to guess which member the story is about by holding up a card with the person's face on it. Even with their tumultuous fifteen minutes, Team Zombie ends up doing very well as they want to pin all the embarassing stories on their opposing teammates. The challenge ends up as a tie between Team Fairy and Team Zombie.

Chris reveals that this was just a reward challenge to decide which wing each team will be sleeping in. As the winners, Team Zombie and Team Fairy get the nice wings, while Team Vampire has to sleep in the worst wing. 

Amy is mad that Samey seems to be making friends and getting along well with her team. She decides that this is not going to continue, and will sabotage her team so that they have to eliminate her.

Ninteen contestants remain.


Who Did You Call?

All the contestants wake up in their nice to not-so-nice halls. Jo and Brick race each other around the halls before every one else wakes up. Jo manipulates Brick into voting against Sky or Zoey when the time comes. He feels uncomfortable as he still tries to be their buddies when the rest of the team isn't watching.

Over breakfast, Mike and Zoey make romantic gestures to each other. Zoey discusses how hard being on a different team than your boyfriend is. Sky is thankful that Dave isn't on her team, as he keeps coming up to Sky to try make things right and redeem himself, but he only makes it worse. Across the room, Sam looks at Dakota on the other team, and wishes they could be together again. Since last season, Dakota has been taking medication to get rid of her mutant powers, making Sam feels like she doesn't love him any more now that her looks drive attention again.

Chris announces that today's challenge is simple, prove the existance of ghosts. The contestants that are skeptic of ghosts complain that this challenge is impossible, so Chris puts Chef inside the giant castle with a sheet over his head. Each team has to take a photo of a ghost, print it out inside the Library, and bring it to Chris. The last team to do so will go to elimination.

Team Vampire do very well in the competition, with Zoey and Sky feeling like they are being dragged along and are not really part of the team. Despite this, they continue to bond and make fun of the rest of their team. They seem to run into a real ghost, which is quickly held down by a fearless Anne Maria.

Team Zombie split up into two, as Lightning and Jasmine refuse to work together. Jasmine and Shawn come in first, but Chris cannot declare them the winners until the rest of the team arrives. Jasmine complains that all the second-generation cast are useless, but Shawn reminds her that Amy is missing too. Suddenly, Dakota, running faster than lightning, zooms down the hallway. She states that her medication she takes has some side effects. The rest of Team Zombie arrive just before Team Fairy.

Team Fairy runs into a lot of bad luck during the challenge. Amy sabotages the team multiple times, hoping to make them lose and get Samey eliminated. Team Fairy ultimately lose the challenge.

After the challenge, the team is set on voting out Staci, who has not stopped talking since she got there. However, Cameron makes a joke that they ran into a lot of bad luck during the challenge, and he hopes that Mike wasn't being Mal and causing the bad luck.

At the elimination ceremony, most of Team Fairy have flipped to voting out Mike as they think Cameron may have been right. Chris is shocked to see such a strong competitor go so early, but he loves the drama, saying that anything really can happen this season. Zoey is in shock when she finds out Mike is eliminated, Amy is angry that it wasn't Samey.

Eighteen contestants remain.



In Team Zombie's wing, Shawn and B are bonding and becoming friends. Lightning interrupts to tell B that he cannot make friends with the enemy. When Shawn goes to Jasmine to tell her that B is pretty cool, she also gets mad that Shawn was making friends with the enemy, frustrating him. Shawn asks Jasmine where Dakota is, but she seems to have gone missing. In the Fairy's wing, Staci is bragging that she made it further than the last time she competed. Dave drowns out Staci's talking by making a present to give to Sky.

Chris announces that today's challenge is to find three different dig sites in the Howling Woods that surround Castle Vavoushka. At these sites, they will have to dig up dinosaur bones, then bring them back to the castle where they will assemble the long-forgotten dinosaur the bones make. Before the challenge begins, Dave makes a scene to give Sky his present in front of everyone. Everyone laughs at his poorly made macaroni statue of Sky that falls apart as he gives it to her.

On the way to the first dig site, Amy continues trying to sabotage Team Fairy. She gets Dawn seperated from the group, but it coincidentally makes them find the first dig site. While digging, Dawn places a curse on Scott, who has been afraid of the bad karma Dawn will give him after he got her eliminated back in season four. In a confessional, she reveals that she just wants to mess around with Scott. Lightning, B and Dakota from Team Zombie arrive, and complain about the rest of their team not being here.

At the second dig site, the rest of Team Zombie arrives far ahead of everyone else. They accidentally went to the second dig site after Jasmine made them seperate. Team Vampire arrives soon after. Anne Maria makes Sky and Zoey sit out as she doesn't want their help. Team Fairy get caught in a booby trap set by Amy. Cameron makes a joke that maybe Mal wasn't the one causing their bad luck.

Team Zombie reunites at the third dig site. Jasmine and Lightning argue over who gets to carry the dinosaur bones, while Shawn, B and Dakota find the remaining bones. One of the side-effects of Dakota's medication kicks in, and she digs up all the bones in record time. Team Vampire seem to have lost Zoey and Sky, which Jo jokes that it was on purpose.

Finally back at the castle, Team Vampire and Team Zombie work on assembling the bones back together. They have no idea what dinosaur they are trying to make as Chris says it is a dinosaur that has never been recorded before. Suddenly, Team Fairy arrives at the castle with all their bones. Sam puts the bones together faster than any other team, joking that he has played a lot of Tetris. However, Amy has stolen one of their bones, and the dinosaur comes crashing to the ground.

Team Vampire wins the challenge, with Team Fairy heading to elimination again. The dinosaur bones combine to reveal the long forgotten Chrisosaurus-Rex, a dinosaur with Chris's face.

Before elimination, Sky pleads to Team Fairy to eliminate Dave, as she cannot deal with his romantic gestures anymoer. They don't take her too seriously. At elimination, the votes are split between Cameron and Staci. Cameron made Team Fairy vote out Mike, a very strong competitor that could win challenges. However, Staci's constant bragging and talking about how she made it further than last time ends up eliminating her. Amy is once again furious that Samey survived another elimination. 

Seventeen contestants remain.


Chris's Back Door

Jo sneaks out of the wing to go on her morning run extra early. Jo is shocked when she finds that Brick has caught up with her. They playfully mock each other, while Jo seems annoyed that she can't do her run on her own. She seems to be scheming something while on her run. Sky wakes up in bed to find Dave looking over her. Freaking her out, she kicks him in the face, dropping the breakfast in bed he had made for her. Zoey walks Dave out of their room, telling him that after threatening to burn her prize money and almost killing her, Sky isn't going to get back together with him. Sky is thankful for Zoey's help, but Dave is more determined than ever to win Sky back.

At breakfast, Sam arrives late to Team Fairy after being missing all morning. When Dakota arrives after him, he continues to look at her with googly eyes. On Team Zombie's table with Dakota, Lightning is talking strategy to get Jasmine eliminated. He thinks he can get Amy to flip and vote for her own castmate.

The teams arrive at the castle's foyer, and Chef announces that today's challenge is to locate the Chris McLean room hidden somewhere inside Castle Vavoushka, where Chris waits for him. There are no clues to find the room, just that it is somewhere inside the castle.

Team Zombie start off on the wrong foot. Shawn and B, whose friendship has blossomed, try to get the two sides of their team to cooperate. It doesn't work, and angers Jasmine and Lightning that they would work with their enemy. The rest of their team seperate to look for the room. B decides to build a machine that can find the room quickly. Shawn has an idea to steal Chris's cologne, and have the machine magnetise to the smell. Once the contraption is built, B manages to force everyone onto the contraption as they argue. The machine blasts through the roof into the Chris McLean room, winning the challenge for Team Zombie.

Team Fairy are determined to not lose a challenge for once. As they wander the halls, Samey accidentally makes the team run into a number of hidden deadly rooms where they narrowly avoid any harm. Dave is preoccupied during the challenge to win Sky back. He ends up kidnapping her, and accidentally running into the Chris McLean room. Team Vampire follows Sky's screams to place second, sending Team Fairy to elimination again.

Before elimination, Sky once again pleads to Team Fairy to eliminate Dave as his affection is getting out of hand. Dave's actions end up eliminating him over Samey's performance in the challenge. Once again, Amy cannot believe she was so close to getting Samey eliminated.

Sixteen contestants remain.


Valley of the Dead Dolls

Once again, Jo is sneaking out in the middle of the night to go on her 'morning run'. She soon reveals that she goes looking for the hidden Chris McLean statue, using her runs to disguise her search. On this morning, Jo runs into Sam and Dakota making out. It turns out that when they go missing, they are actually secretly meeting with each other, but hide their affection in front of everyone. Suddenly, the three of them are kidnapped by a Black Knight.

Over breakfast, no one really notices the missing contestants. On Team Vampire, Anne Maria tries to tease Zoey and Sky, but her punchlines fail now that she doesn't have Jo to back her up. On Team Fairy, Cameron, Dawn and Samey talk team strategy and how they definitely, absolutely, will not lose the next challenge. Scott tries to prank Dawn but it backfires when she ends up scaring him. On Team Zombie, Lightning continues to argue with Jasmine. When he notices Dakota has gone missing, he accuses Jasmine of kidnapping her so she can manipulate her into voting against her own cast.

Chris starts to announce the next challenge. Each team tells Chris that they are missing a team member, and he reveals that today's mystery is to find your missing teammate inside Death Valley, a giant valley where anyone who enters ends up getting lost.

Sam and Dakota start to talk about their relationship, and Sam confides that he hates how Dakota ignores him when people are around. Jo acts grossed out by all the couples talk, but is secretly interested in hearing it.

Once the challenge starts, Team Vampire is determined to win again, and Anne Maria drags Zoey and Sky through the challenge. Team Fairy uses all the strategy they talked about over breakfast to get a leg up on the competition. They are shocked when bad luck doesn't strike them.

Over on Team Zombie, Lightning and B have run into the valley to find Dakota. Jasmine is insistent on making Shawn and Amy not help find Dakota, as her rivalry with Lightning comes to a head. Jasmine holds Amy down, not letting her leave. She gets frustrated that she can't sabotage Samey and is stuck with Jasmine. Shawn decides he has had enough of the rivalry, and runs into the valley after B. Jasmine is shocked.

Back with the kidnapped contestants, Dakota finally admits that she let her looks and reputation get in the way of their relationship. She doesn't want to do that anymore though, and finally adds the label of boyfriend and girlfriend. Jo continues to watch with intrigue, but hides it behind disgust. Sam and Dakota decide to hide so they can lose the challenge, get eliminated and be together. This gives Jo a great idea. If her team lose the challenge, they can finally eliminate Zoey and Sky.

Team Vampire end up winning the challenge after Jo runs into her team by accident. Despite all of Team Fairy's good luck, Shawn ends up finding Dakota first. Shawn supposedly had honed his sense of smell to be able to sniff out zombies, who have a very similar smell to mutants, making Dakota easy to find.

At elimination, Team Fairy think to vote Dawn out as they question why she couldn't sniff out Sam like Shawn did. Ultimately, Sam is eliminated since he wanted to throw the challenge and be eliminated to be with Dakota. Dakota pleads that she will win the competiton for the both of them. 

After the elimination, Jo reveals her plan to throw challenges to Anne Maria, Scott and Brick. They think its a perfect idea as they can finally get rid of Zoey and Sky.

Fifteen contestants remain.


Throw it in the Toilet

In the Team Zombie wing, Jasmine and Shawn's relationship is on the rocks. Jasmine thinks that he betrayed her by helping Lightning out and saving Dakota. She believes that the next thing Shawn will do is eliminate her. Shawn tries to comfort Jasmine, but her competitiveness blinds her.

At breakfast, Brick asks how Jo managed to get kidnapped by Chris in the last episode, joking that Chris would never be able to kidnap him. Jo feels comfortable enough to tell Brick that she was looking for the Chris McLean statue, but still has not found it. Lightning is wondering how he hasn't had the opportunity to eliminate Jasmine, and asks Team Fairy to not lose for once. Samey, whose confidence has been growing on her supportive team, stands up to Lightning for his bullying.

Chris takes the teams to the torture rooms hidden deep within Castle Vavoushka. In today's challenge, Chris wants to solve how long each of the teams can last in the numerous torture devices of the castle.

Every contestant is put into a torture device. On Team Vampire, Jo, Anne Maria and Scott all purposely throw the challenge so they can finally eliminate Sky or Zoey. Brick ends up being forced into throwing the challenge as well, otherwise Anne Maria and Scott will vote him out. They watch in delight as Sky and Zoey go through the pain. On Team Zombie, Amy is furious that she cannot sabotage Samey's team to get her eliminated, as she has to last in the torture device herself. Jasmine and Lightning are determined to last longer than each other, and Shawn is determined to last longer than both of them. However, everyone loses to Dawn on Team Fairy. She makes a remark that she cannot feel pain.

Finally, Team Fairy has won a challenge. However, Chris reveals this was only round one. Each team goes into a torture-styled escape room. The last team to escape will be up for elimination. Team Fairy's reward is a headstart. Shockingly, they finish the escape room before the other teams even get to start. Since they were locked in the escape room, Amy couldn't sabotage the team once again. She is furious that they won the challenge.

Team Zombie and Team Vampire battle it out to not go to elimination for the first time each. Zoey and Sky are the only members of Team Vampire attempting to solve the escape room. Jo forces Brick not help out, as she doesn't want to have to vote him out. It ends up being a close competition, but Amy's anger ends up getting Team Zombie safe, and sending Team Vampire to elimination.

Before elimination, Sky and Zoey hug it out, knowing that one of them will be the ones going home. Sky wonders if there is anything she can do to save herself. Zoey seems to have a plan.

At elimination, the contestant unanimously voted for is Zoey. Zoey is shocked to find out that Sky voted for her, as she thought they were best friends. Sky says she wanted to save herself just in case, but asks why Zoey voted for herself.

Chris interrupts to reveal that Zoey has played the Chris McLean statue, giving her immunity. Jo is furious, as she has been searching everywhere for the statue. Zoey knew that everyone would vote her out first. She thought if she voted for herself too, then Sky's vote would be the only one that would count, eliminating whoever Sky wanted to go home. Zoey thought it would be a nice gesture to let Sky decide who would go home, but after learning about this betrayal, Zoey is furious.

With every single vote being null in void, Chris cannot eliminate anyone. Instead, he decides to move Zoey to Team Fairy since they have already lost so many of their members. Something in Zoey changes, and she switches from her usual nice girl to something far more competitive. Commando Zoey is back.

Fifteen contestants still remain.


The Longest Challenge in Total Drama History

Zoey enters Team Fairy's wing and immediately calls out each of the teammates for their behaviour in the competition. Zoey tells Cameron that she can't believe he judged Mike for his multiple personality disorder and getting him eliminated. She tells Dawn to get off her high horse and stop acting like she is better than the rest of the contestants. Lastly, she tells Samey to stop acting like Amy's servant.

Shawn and B are hanging out in the castle. When Jasmine finds them hanging out, she is incredibly hurt. She realises that Lightning is ruining her relationship and it is time to get him eliminated. After seeing Team Vampire throw challenges to eliminate how they want, Jasmine decides that Team Zombie will do the same.

Chris announces today's mystery is to solve the riddle of the castle. Inscribed on many of the walls are riddles which must hide some secret that he wants to know.

When the challenge begins, most of the contestants sit still. Team Vampire wants to lose the challenge so they can eliminate Sky, Jasmine has convinced all of Team Zombie to also throw the challenge so she can eliminate Lightning, and Team Fairy want to lose to eliminate Zoey for being harsh.

Zoey sees that she hurt her team and starts to cool her rough exterior. Team Fairy begin the challenge. Sky is trying to single-handedly solve the riddles for her team and save herself. Shawn and B are the only ones trying to win for Team Zombie.

A week passes, and Chris realises something is wrong during his massage. He realises that the challenge never ended. He enters the dining hall to see all the contestants casually sitting down eating. Amy has continued to sabotage Team Fairy, making them not progress very far. Shawn and B have become stuck on a riddle. while Dakota is texting Sam. Jasmine and Lightning are making snarky remarks at each other. Sky is also stuck on a riddle, as all of team continue to pressure her into getting eliminiated. Zoey laughs at Sky's despair.

Chris kicks the competition into gear when he says he will eliminate the whole team if they don't even try. Zoey ends leading Team Fairy to victory, while Team Zombie loses the challenge after Sky solved the riddles first. It turns out that the riddle of the castle leads to a secret treasure of one million dollars. Chris decides to switch the prize money now that they have found one million dollars. He starts to spend the original prize money on himself.

Jasmine and Lightning are ecstatic that their team lost, as they can now finally get rid of each other. Shawn and B discuss who they should vote for, as Shawn feels like he wants to eliminate Jasmine since their relationship isn't going well. However, B wants to vote for Lightning as he is sick of him dictating what he can and can't do.

At elimination, the votes end up coming to a tie. Shawn and B are shocked, as they each voted for their own castmate. The tie is solved by drawing sticks. Lightning pulls the short stick and is eliminated, much to the glee of Jasmine. She kisses Shawn, but he just walks off on her. Lightning screams that he was sabotaged as he is carried by Chef to the Flight of Shame.

Fourteen contestants remain.


The Bruise-Muda Triangle

With Lightning finally eliminated, Jasmine can focus on her relationship with Shawn. Unfortunately for her, Shawn doesn't want to be around Jasmine right now, and he decides to hang out with B instead. Jasmine is confused about what she did wrong. Jo and Brick are having a competition to see who is the strongest out of the two of them. Brick keeps losing, but makes corny jokes to explain why he is losing. Jo laughs at Brick's jokes, and the two of them give a weird look at each other.

Chris takes the contestants to the loch near the castle. Chris is adorned in a brand new, expensive outfit that he paid for with the old prize money. He announces that today's challenge is to swim from one side of the loch to the other. Everyone looks out over the loch to realise that fog obscures the other side. Chris reveals that no one has ever been able to swim from one side to the other, so he wants to solve if it is possible. A plane peacefully flying in the air suddenly crashes into the waters.

Team Vampire are ecstatic, this is a challenge that would be almost impossible for Sky to win. Zoey laughs at Sky as she tries to push all of her team members into the water.

Team Fairy push ahead into the waters and disappear into the fog. Scott squints to see Dawn walking on water. He rubs his eyes to make sure what he sees is real, but Dawn is missing when he looks back. The pranks he is pulling on her is making him question what is real or not. He ends up seeing Dakota, whose side-effects are allowing her to run fast enough to stay on top of the water. Amy follows Samey in, determined to continue sabotaging her. She is furious that she loses her when entering the fog. In a confessional, she complains to the producers that they are giving out challenges that are impossible to sabotage.

Inside the fog, a monstrous thunderstorm rages on. The contestants are pushed around in the waters, and some get separated. Samey and Cameron get taken underwater, but Zoe saves her just in time. Samey screams that something was pulling her down. Jasmine and Shawn end up alone, and Shawn yells at Jasmine for the way she was acting when Lightning was around. Back on shore, Sky has built a boat to row her teammates to the other side. Anne Maria, Scott, Jo and Brick decide to give Sky a change, and get into the boat. Sky starts to row, but the boat moves at a snail's pace.

Inside the storm, the contestants get into multiple odd scenarios. It ends up with everyone together, lost in the middle of the loch. It seems like there really is no way out and they all are going to die in there. Suddenly, a whirlpool sweeps up each contestant from Team Zombie and Team Fairy. Something sends each team member flying out of the loch, landing right where Chris waits for them.

Chris declares the challenge a tie between Team Zombie and Team Fairy. They all wait for a while for Team Vampire to come out of the loch, but it seems like they really might be stuck in there forever. When all hope is lost, the boat Sky made comes flying out of the fog. Scott yells that he saw some monster in there, and blames it on Dawn.

When Sky finds out her team came in last, she feels hopeless. Zoey just laughs at her, and is excited to watch Sky go home after she betrayed her. In the castle's tower, Sky is swiftly eliminated. Zoey taunts her as she gets on the Flight of Shame.

Thirteen contestants remain.


Friend to the Somewhat Close to the End

Scott is in a bit of a daze since yesterday's challenge. After seeing the monster in the loch, he can't tell which things are real or not. Dawn toys with Scott by playing a prank on him. Zoey returns to Team Fairy's wing happy that she got to watch Sky go home. Cameron questions Zoey why she had to turn her friendship with Sky into a competition. She doesn't really understand Cameron, and tells him that she won't let any one act two-faced to her. Samey backs up Zoey, and tells her that she will never let her sister walk all over her again. With Sky and Zoey finally off their team, Team Vampire begin to talk strategy. Anne Maria, Jo, Brick and Scott agree that they will stick together until the final four. With their combined power, they will be unstoppable.

In the castle's foyer, Chris hands out a doll to each team. He reveals that the dolls are supposedly haunted, and that you have to have two eyeballs on the doll at all times. When no one is looking at the doll, unexplainable things begin to happen. The first team to have no one looking at their doll will go to elimination, but you can try and sabotage other teams into looking away from their dolls. Amy is ecstatic to have a challenge she can be sure to make Samey lose.

Team Vampire begin with Scott looking at the doll. He begins to see strange things, and blames it on Dawn pulling pranks on him again. The entire team are worried that they might accidentally lose the challenge and have to send one of their teammates home.

Over with Team Fairy, they decide that all four of them will look at the doll at once. They continue to bond and become friends. All of Amy's sabotages are foiled by their teamwork. Late into the night, they decide to take turns watching the doll. Cameron is on first watch.

On Team Zombie, Dakota is certain she can watch the doll. One of the side-effects of her medication means she never has to sleep, but Jasmine insists on watching the doll. She wants to make things up to Shawn by winning the challenge for the team. He is initially unimpressed and walks off with B. Dakota decides to go use the moonlight to tan.

After a couple days of watching the doll, the nervous energy on Team Vampire is at an all time high. Now that they don't want anyone on their team to go home, they are desperate not to lose the challenge. Anne Maria decides to try sabotaging one of the other teams. It backfires, and ends up making her own team stop looking at the doll. Team Vampire are frightened at going to elimination. However after many failed sabotages, Amy has managed to trick Cameron into looking away from the doll first. She reveals to Cameron that she has been the cause of their team's bad luck all season. When the team members look back at the dolls, they have disappeared. All that is left is an odd message.

Team Fairy go to the castle's tower for elimination. After hearing Amy's confession, Cameron tries to warn his team that Amy is the cause of all the bad luck in challenges, and they need to vote Samey out. However, they don't listen to him, simply thinking he is trying to cover himself for losing the challenge. Cameron is eliminated.

Jasmine won the challenge for Team Zombie, and Shawn starts to warm up to her again just a little bit. Amy cannot believe that Samey survived another elimination, she thinks it is ridiculous that her team didn't vote her out first. She decides that she needs to start getting more personal to break Samey down. 

Twelve contestants remain.


The Masked Tone-Deaf Person

Amy is hiding in Team Fairy's wing, eavesdropping on their conversation. She tries to use bird calls and noises to manipulate Samey into telling her secrets. It doesn't work. Shawn and Jasmine are hanging out, trying to make up for lost time. However, Shawn just can't seem to feel right.

In the first part of today's challenge, each team watches three different people perform a song. The singers are dressed up in monster costumes, and the teams have to guess who is inside the costume. Team Vampire figure out Jacques and Josee who are both stuffed inside a Seagull. Team Fairy figure out Lindsay is inside the Sasquatch costume. This leaves Team Zombie left with Sugar who was inside the Serpent costume.

Chris reveals that for the second half of the challenge, the team's have to use the costume to make contact with the monster's mother. Team Zombie feel like they are absolutely stuffed, as no one knows if the Serpent monster in the loch exists. They head down to the loch, but Jasmine and Shawn butt heads over how they should find the monster. Dakota asks where Amy has gone.

Team Fairy head into the Howling Woods to find the Sasquatch monster, with Amy following behind them. Amy manages to steal the costume and pin the blame on Samey. Samey goes looking for the costume and finds Amy. They have a fight, which Team Fairy overhears. Amy tries to get Samey to tell her secret, but it doesn't work.

Team Vampire end up winning the challenge when they find the Monster Seagull after being thrown around the mountain a bit. Samey gets the Sasquatch costume back and they end up scaring the Sasquatch monster. Team Zombie's fighting has lead caused them to miss the opportunity to see the Serpent monster. Dakota is the only one that catches a glimpse of it.

With Team Zombie up for elimination, it seems like either Jasmine or Shawn are on the chopping block. This makes them realise what really matters, being with each other. Shawn decides to go to B to convince him to change his vote.

Now unified, Jasmine and Shawn are able to sway the vote from away themselves. In the end, Dakota is the one eliminated after she saw the monster and didn't make contact with it.

Eleven contestants remain.


Sounds About Right

Scott thinks Dawn is playing pranks on him to make him question reality, so Scott decides to play a prank on her. Unfortunately, Jo and Brick get in the way of the prank, making Dawn laugh at Scott. Jo and Brick continue to joke around with each other and have competitions to see which of the two of them are better. Jasmine and Shawn are once again happy in their relationship. 

Chris announces that today's challenge is a reward challenge. The reward for winning the challenge is that one of your team members will get to make a phone call home. Amy jumps at this opportunity, and starts to fake cry. She says that she misses her family so much, but really just wants to use the phone call to get blackmail on Samey.

Chris plays a series of sounds to the contestants. Today's mystery is to figure out what thing makes that noise, and then bring it back to Chris. The team that brings back the most correct objects, wins.

Amy is the most serious person in the challenge. She has to win that phone call, but she has to make sure her team pick her to win the phone call. Throughout the challenge, she acts very aggressive, but will then soften up and cry about how much she misses her family. Team Fairy don't buy Amy's tears at all. After seeing how she acted to Samey in the last challenge, Team Fairy want to win so Samey gets to call home. Team Vampire don't get too invested in the challenge, but Jo and Brick use it as a way to test which of the two of them is smarter.

The four different sounds made come from the Bats underneath the castle, the Seagull monster, a grandfather clock deep inside Castle Vavoushka, and Chef's spatula. The teams end up tied at one all. Amy's determination makes Team Zombie win when they get Chef's spatula first.

Amy breaks down again to manipulate her team into giving her the phone call. Over the phone, Amy instead rings one of her friends. Amy's friend decides to post a letter to the castle which contains Samey's big secret.

Eleven contestants still remain.


You Wake Up, Flawed

Amy returns to her team's wing, keeping up her fake sad act. Jasmine feels sympathetic for her, but not completely sympathetic because she remembers how she made Samey feel back in their first season together. B gives her a big hug to make her feel better, but she screams at him to let him go, before going back to her sad character.

In Team Fairy's wing, Samey is sad that Amy got to call home and she didn't. Zoey and Dawn comfort her, saying that they are her family now. Over on Team Vampire, Anne Maria and Scott are trying to analyse Jo and Brick's behavior, as they sense something is not right between them.

Everyone goes to sleep with a lot of thoughts on their mind. When they wake up, everyone finds themselves in a strange dark room. Chris calls in from an expensive drone he bought with the old prize money. He reveals that today's mystery is to figure out where he has kidnapped the contestants and taken them too.

When the teams get outside, they find out that they have been taken to a strange, ancient village that is underground. Team Vampire tries to find a route back to the surface. Team Fairy starts to look around the village to see if they can find any clues. Amy tails Team Fairy, while the rest of Team Zombie head towards the tallest building in the village.

Amy is furious as she couldn't get the letter containing Samey's big secret before the challenge started, but she threatens to reveal it infront of her team. They have an intense fight that seems to help out Team Fairy, but actually leads them into a trap. All of them get stuck inside an inescapable room. Team Zombie find a clue inside the tall building, that starts to reveal to them where they are. Unfortunately, Team Vampire's plan works first after they dig through the rock ceiling. It turns out the city is built underneath the loch near the castle.

The city begins to flood, and every contestant escapes through the hole Team Vampire created. Chris declares Team Fairy the losers after they were all trapped. On the way back to the castle, Amy finds the letter has been posted.

At elimination, Amy reveals the letter in front of everyone. Samey's big secret turns out to be that Amy and Samey happened to switch places when they were young. Samey was the one that bullied Amy throughout their whole childhood, which is why Amy now hates her sister. After revealing the secret, Samey snaps and shows off her evil side. After seeing her evil side, Dawn and Zoey decide to vote Samey out.

Ten contestants remain.


Ship, Spark, Swore

Amy is ecstatic that she has finally managed to get Samey eliminated. It took her far too long, but now that she has gotten her out, she doesn't know what to do with herself. She decides to keep up the nice, sad girl act to manipulate her own team members. Jasmine is wary of her.

Dawn and Zoey are the only two team members remaining from Team Fairy. Dawn is disappointed in herself for not realising that the cause of their bad luck was Samey. She thinks that maybe her connection to the spirits is weakening. Right after second guessing herself, Scott finally manages to land a prank on her for the first time.

Chris takes the teams down to the loch where they find a ghost ship has suddenly appeared on the water. He tasks each team to figure out where the ship came from.

All the contestants swim on deck and get right away to figuring out where the ghost ship came from. Over on Team Zombie, Amy for the first time realises that she hates everyone on her team. She was so caught up in getting Samey eliminated, that she didn't realise how much she dislikes everyone. She tries to keep up her sad girl act to manipulate the team, but has to restrain very hard not to break it.

Team Vampire run into many ghosts and goblins along their way. Anne Maria is unafraid, but Jo and Brick seem to become scared very easily. Scott tries to convince himself that all the ghosts and goblins are just Dawn playing a joke on him. Something has come over the two of them, and they aren't in competitive mode right now.

Team Fairy win the challenge after Dawn follows her connection to the spirits. At first she doesn't trust her connection since it couldn't pick up that Samey was the cause of their bad luck. Once she learns to trust it again, it leads her and Zoey to the answer. Chris bought the boat with some of the old prize money.

Team Vampire quickly solve the mystery after Dawn, sending Team Zombie to elimination. Shawn, Jasmine and B are all very close friends now, so it seems inevitable that Amy is going home. However, Amy goes to Shawn and Jasmine in tears with a melodramatic story about her childhood. Shawn and Jasmine think Amy is being honest about her trauma, and have trouble voting for her.

At elimination, Amy has convinced Jasmine to vote for B. Jasmine also convinces Shawn to vote B, his best friend in the competition. As B heads to the Flight of Shame, Shawn tries to apologise for backstabbing his best friend. For the first time in the season, B speaks. All he does is swear at Shawn, which is censored out.

Nine contestants remain.


Make Up or Break Up

Dawn and Zoey are becoming quite good friends as they are the only remaining members of Team Fairy. Zoey is still wary of making friends after what Sky did to her. Things are tense for Team Zombie, as Shawn feels terrible that he voted out B, his best friend in the competition. Jasmine tells him to suck it up around Amy, as she doesn't want to hurt her feelings. The four remaining members of Team Vampire think the merge must be coming soon. If they get one more person to join their alliance, they will have a majority of votes. They discuss who they should let join.

Chris announces that as of today, there are officially no teams. It is everyone for themselves. Team Vampire decide to become the Vamps alliance. They are happy to hear about the merge, as well as Amy who can finally give up the sad girl act.

In today's challenge, Chris wants to test the remaining contestants, by handcuffing them to previously eliminated contestants. Jasmine, Shawn, Amy, and Zoey instantly groan, as they know where this challenge is going. Chris decides to choose the pairs based on who is the most opposite from each other.

Amy is paired with Samey. Jasmine is paired with Lightning. Scott is paired with B. Zoey is paired with Sky. Dawn is paired with Dakota. Anne Maria is paired with Mike. Jo is paired with Sam. Brick is paired with Dave. Scott is paired with Cameron. Chris decides to pair Staci up with Chef, as he thinks it would be unfair to give her to anyone.

The mystery for today is to see if you can mend your burnt bridges, and reveal your deepest secret to each other. The pairs get some alone time, but also have to do some obstacle course where they need to work together.

Cameron ends up figuring out Scott's insecurities and why he feels the need to bully others, while Scott just bullies Cameron. Brick opens up to Dave that he thinks he has feelings for Jo, Dave gives him some bad advice. Jo also reveals her feelings to Sam, whose advice works a bit better. Anne Maria wants Mike to turn into Vito, but instead Mike uses the opportunity to scold Cameron for judging his multiple personality disorder in the first episode, which led to his elimination.

Dakota decides to give Dawn a makeover. Dawn opens up to Dakota that she has never felt pretty before, and Dakota gives her a motivational talk. Zoey and Sky butt heads the entire time, which is only worsened once Commando Zoey comes out. Scott tries to mend his friendship with B after he eliminated him in the last episode.

However, the winner of the challenge suprisingly ends up being Jasmine and Lightning. Their rivalry is reignited again when they are together, and they reveal all of their darkest secrets in an attempt to one up each other. After they win the challenge, Amy blows up in front of everyone, and the game she has been playing to get sympathy for her is over. Everyone sees her for who she truly is.

With Jasmine being the winner, Chris reveals that this was actually a non-elimination challenge. Instead, the eliminated contestant on the winning pair will return to the game. When Jasmine realises what she has done, she is furious. Shawn is too after he finds out that Lightning is back in the game, knowing that it will test his relationship with Jasmine once again. The game between Jasmine and Lightning is back on.

Ten contestants now remain.



Jo, Anne Maria, Brick, and Scott are still working together as the Vamps alliance. They decide to make a move to get the majority of votes. Jo approaches Shawn, forcing him into voting with the Vamps. After getting sick of dealing with Jasmine's rivalry, Shawn agrees. Jo informs him that he has to keep it a secret from Jasmine, or they will turn on him. Jo goes back to the alliance to inform them that she has convinced Shawn. They are frustrated that Jo decided to take matters into her own hands. At breakfast, Jasmine and Lightning hurl insults at each other across the room.

Chris takes the ten remaining contestants to the Howling Woods. For today's challenge, they have to find the cryptid of the woods, known as Littlehand. The first person to bring back a lock of hair from Littlehand will win immunity. Now that Amy can let her true colors out again, she threatens everyone by saying she will win every challenge until the very end. The Vamps alliance are tossing up between voting Amy or Zoey. They still dislike Zoey from when she was on there team, but they decide to go for Amy after her threats. They just can't let her win this challenge.

Amy quickly becomes a strong contender for winning the challenge, something which the Vamps do not want to happen. Anne Maria, Jo and Amy bump heads throughout the entire challenge. Scott watches from the sidelines laughing, teaching Shawn how to deal with competitive girls. Jasmine has completely forgot about Shawn now that she his hell-bent on beating Lightning in the challenge.

Lost in the middle of the Howling Woods, Jo and Brick run into each other. After getting a pep talk from Sam and Dave in the previous episode, Jo and Brick admit their feelings and kiss. Unfortunately, the kiss makes them realise that they don't really like each other like that.

Dawn and Zoey decide to continue working together after they did well as Team Fairy. Zoey is still trying to keep Dawn at arms-length, as she doesn't want to trust anyone again. Dawn senses her discomfort, but they work together well. They find Littlehand and get two locks of hair first.

Jo decides to stop gunning for Amy for a moment to steal Dawn's lock and win the challenge. Jo is ecstatic she can vote out Amy since she didn't win immunity. Before elimination, Jasmine and Lightning approach the contestants and try to get them to vote for each other. No one really listens to him. Jasmine talks to Shawn about how she has no idea who will get eliminated tonight. Shawn manages to keep the secret of the Vamps alliance away from her. Jo is starting to act as if she owns the castle now that she won immunity and has the majority of votes.

At elimination, Amy is voted out. The five members of the Vamps alliance had the power to control the vote. Afterwards, Jasmine is shocked, as she had no idea the way the vote would go. Shawn continues to keep the secret, but they can both sense the tension between the two of them. Their perfect relationship is in jeopardy again.

Nine contestants remain.


Capture the Knight

Since kissing each other yesterday, Jo and Brick are now very awkward around each other. Anne Maria and Scott pick up on it, and try to figure out what happened. Jo changes the conversation by going into a speech about how she is the leader of the Vamps alliance. Jasmine and Shawn are also acting very awkward around each other. Jasmine continues to complain about Lightning, while Shawn wishes that he didn't have to go through this again. Dawn plays a prank on Scott.

Chris reveals that during the medieval days, a knight that protected the castle once died, and he now haunts the halls of Castle Vavoushka. Chris wants to solve the mystery of who is inside the knights armor.

Jasmine drags Shawn along, still unaware the Shawn is unhappy. She tries to get Shawn's secret out of him, but he still doesn't reveal that he is on the Vamps alliance. Lightning nearly wins immunity, but the Black Knight smacks him away.

Jo and Brick continue acting uncomfortable around each other throughout the challenge. This leads to them messing up the challenge for the Vamps alliance. Despite this, Jo still acts as the leader of the alliance, bossing people around and acting better than everyone else.

Dawn comes up with a great idea. She decides to give herself a makeover again just like Dakota did. Once all dolled up, she is able to guide the Black Knight into a trap, capturing him. Dawn wins the challenge. After getting into her makeover look again, she realises that she doesn't like looking like that, and starts to see her normal self as beautiful too. The identity of the Black Knight is revealed to be, no one. As Dawn removes the helmet, the inside of the armor is empty. What could have been making it walk around?

Before elimination, Jasmine tails Shawn to find out his secret. She sees him meeting up with the Vamps alliance, and feels very betrayed. The Vamps alliance decide it is time to eliminate Zoey. During the elimination, Jasmine notices that Shawn knows exactly the way the vote was going to go. Shawn has been lying to her. After elimination, all the power Jo has is going to her head and starting to annoy the rest of the Vamps alliance.

Eight contestants remain.


Eight Different Blindsides at Once

The Vamps alliance decide that the next person they are going to eliminate is Dawn. After their official meeting, Jo calls another meeting without Brick. She reveals that she wants to blindside Brick now that they don't need his vote to have a majority (but secretly its because she hates having him around after they kissed). Anne Maria is getting well and truly sick of Jo now that she's getting a big head, and decides that she will blindside Jo. While all these meetings are happening, Dawn and Lightning are the only ones not in the know. They question where everyone has gone.

Chris announces today's challenge is to swim into the loch and steal a relic from the sunken ship. Scott laughs that Chris's ghost ship sunk, but he tells them it is a different ship that no one knows how it sunk. Each contestant gets scuba gear to dive into the water.

During the challenge, Jasmine and Shawn continue to have an awkward tension from what they have been doing in the competition. Their conversation is interrupted when Lightning starts to mock them. He now loves getting the opportunity to drive a wedge between their relationship.

Jo continues to annoy the rest of the Vamps alliance with her over confidence. Anne Maria has truly had it with her, but she has to keep her annoyance a secret otherwise the blindside won't work. Throughout the challenge, Anne Maria tries to convince other contestants to vote for Jo. Brick admits to Scott what happened between her and Jo, and Scott fails at comforting him. Dawn and Scott run into each other, and make a joke that they should work together. They also catch a glimpse of the monster that has been spotted many times throughout the season.

Many of the contestants find the ship, but struggle to swim while holding the heavy relics. Lightning is the first one to swim off with his relic. When Jo gets her relic, Anne Maria works even harder to not let her win immunity. She uses her hairspray to create an air bubble that lifts her relic to the surface. Anne Maria wins the challenge.

At elimination, Anne Maria is hoping her work in talking to everyone throughout the challenge has paid off. Chris reveals that today the elimination will be a little different. He is going to show who everyone voted for.

Brick is shocked when he gets four votes against him. Jo is even more shocked when she gets three votes against her. The final vote that could bring it to a tiebreaker, ends up being Brick's vote for Dawn. Brick is eliminated, and walks off with his head held low. Most of the other contestants show Brick off with a salute, lifting his spirits.

Now that Anne Maria's plan has been outed, Jo is furious at her. They get into a brawl, declaring that the Vamps alliance is dead. Scott admits it lasted far longer than he thought it would, and he is glad to be free of it.

Seven contestants remain.


A Vote for You, A Vote for Me

At the start of the day, Anne Maria and Jo are trying to score votes against one another by talking to every remaining contestant. Scott and Dawn's prank war comes to a head when they both seem to spot a monster in the loch. Finally, Dawn understands why Scott has been struggling to tell whats real and whats not throughout the competition since he first saw the monster during The Bruise-Muda Triangle challenge.

Chris announces that he has bought a special VR game with the prize money. For today's challenge, the contestants have to go inside the supposedly cursed VR game, that is said to kill anyone who enters it. The first to win the game will be crowned with immunity.

Before Chris can finish explaining the challenge and the special condition for the challenge today, Anne Maria and Jo are already running inside the game. Jasmine and Lightning chase them down, determined to finally get a win of their own. Dawn, Shawn and Scott follow behind them. Chris is frustrated as they don't know the whole challenge, but excited to see the drama that will now play out that they don't know.

Inside the game, Anne Maria and Jo continue trying to convince the others to vote their enemy off. All the contestants are transported to weird and colourful worlds that couldn't be replicated in real life. They worlds range from bright and cheerful to some dark and scary places. They are all be chased down by a monster. 

Anne Maria and Jo are constantly trying to one-up each other to claim the win. Jasmine snaps out of her competitive state against Lightning when she sees Shawn in danger against the monster. She realises the way she has been playing is wrong, and manages to save Shawn and win the game.

All the contestants are pulled out of the game, narrowly avoiding death by the monster in the game. Jasmine, realising her wrong ways, gives a speech of dedication and love to Shawn. She wants to prove that he loves her, so gives him the immunity to prove that she is done with fighting.

At the elimination ceremony, Jo loses the majority vote and is eliminated. However, Chris reveals that as part of today's twist that he didn't get to explain earlier, tonight will be a double elimination. In the end, Anne Maria and Jo are voted out.

Five contestants remain.


Seeing Double

With Jo and Anne Maria gone, Castle Vavoushka is suprisingly much more quieter now. Each other contestants wake up to peace, without having either of them screaming at each other as they get up and get ready for the day.

Shawn and Jasmine apologise to each other for their behaviour throughout the competition. Now that they have made up, Lightning once again tries to drive a wedge inbetween the two, but it only works to strengthen their connection. Dawn tries to help Scott get over his irrational fears that have become present since he saw the monster in the loch. However, Scott seems to be not quite himself in his behaviour.

For today's challenge, Chris announces that he has made clones of all the remaining contestants. Dawn soon learns that the Scott she was talking to was his poorly made clone. Each contestant has to try and destroy their opponents clones whilst protecting their own one. The last clone standing will be declared the winner.

All the contestants want to know how Chris managed to clone all of them, but instead of getting an answer, they get grabbed by their clones and dragged into opposite parts of the castle.

Shawn attempts to hide with his clone, and is nearly spotted and eliminated. Fortunately, the one finding him is Jasmine, and they decide to work together to take down Lightning. They find Lightning giving training to his clone to make him as good as he is. Their alliance allows them to take down Lightning's clone.

Dawn struggles as she gets bullied by her clone for turning soft. Scott is able to ambush Dawn in the middle of this, and repurposes one of his pranks to take out her clone.

Jasmine and Shawn are confident they can win with their combined strength. However Scott, decides to take a different approach. He manages to find the room in the castle where Chris made the clones. Scott learns that Chris made the clones by using the DNA on their sporks from breakfast. In the control room, Scott pulls a lever to disable the clones, making him the winner of the challenge.

At elimination, Lightning ends up with the most votes after Jasmine and Shawn convince Dawn to vote for him. Jasmine once again rubs it in Lightning's face that she won the war against the two of them.

Four contestants remain.


Room 237

Its a new day and Shawn and Jasmine's relationship is stronger than ever. They are inseperable, and are determined to squash Dawn and Scott in the next two challenges to make it to the final together. Scott decides to approach Dawn to set their differences aside so they can beat Shawn and Jasmine. He knows that the only way they have a chance of beating the lovebirds is if they work together. Dawn, knowing that Scott is true in his intentions, agrees to work with him.

Chris takes the remaining for contestants up one of the crumbling towers of Castle Vavoushka to Room 237. Chris tells them that long ago Princess Vavoushka vanished from her heavily-guarded room one night, and was never seen again. Today's mystery is to solve the disappearance of Princess Vavoushka.

All four of them scan the room from top to bottom. Scott makes snide remarks to Jasmine and Shawn, while Dawn speaks down to the two of them, but her remarks go over their head. Jasmine goes into her competitive mode, but this time Shawn is right there with her.

Finally, Jasmine finds a clue. A lock of hair. They decide to go to the library to look at it under a microscope. Once they leave, Dawn can finally reveal that she found a trap door a long time ago, but didn't want the others to know. Dawn and Scott jump down the trap door.

Shawn looks through the microscope to find a message written in the strand of hair that says 'EAST WING'.

Shawn and Jasmine continue to follow their string of clues, while Dawn and Scott traverse through the secret chambers of the castle. Eventually, both teams end up in the same room underneath the castle. Scott rushes ahead to find that Princess Vavoushka is actually just Ezekiel who Chris has put in a wig.

With Scott having won the challenge, he gets to decide to send home. He deliberates by himself for a minute, and listens to each of the other contestants plead their case. Scott decides that he wants to eliminate Dawn, as it would be the perfect revenge to get rid of her for toying with her all season.

At the elimination ceremony, Scott chokes up, and whispers Dawn's name. Chris asks if he said Dawn or Shawn, missing the start of the word. In the heat of the moment, Scott switches and says Shawn's name, sending him home.

Three contestants remain.


Elimination Table

Contestant M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Listed below are the reasons each contestant gets eliminated;

  • After bad luck strikes Team Fairy, Cameron accidentally throws Mike under the bus as he remarks that he hopes Mal isn't the one that gave them bad luck today. Because of this, the team decides to get rid of him as they don't really trust that Mike isn't Mal.
  • Staci brags about making it further in the competition that she did last time. Once again, her constant talking leads to annoying her team into eliminating her.
  • Dave's unwanted advances towards Sky make Sky plead to his team to eliminate him. Team Fairy end up deciding to eliminate Dave for being a creep.
  • After fixing his relationship with Dakota, Sam is voted out since he wants to leave the competition to be with Dakota.
  • In episode six, Zoey played the Chris McLean statue, meaning she could not be eliminated. Because she was unanimously voted for, Chris decided to move her to Team Fairy instead.
  • Lightning is eliminated after Jasmine and him desperately try to vote each other out because of their rivalry. Lightning draws the short stick in the tie-breaker, eliminating him.
  • Sky is eliminated as every other member of her team is in an alliance that want to get rid of her.
  • Because he lost the challenge for his team, Cameron is eliminated.
  • Dakota is eliminated after Jasmine and Shawn make up, and use their friendships to turn the vote on her.
  • In episode eleven, Team Zombie win a reward challenge, but the reward is only given to one person that the team chooses. Amy is the one chosen to recieve the reward.
  • Samey is eliminated after Amy reveals her big secret. They switched places when they were young, and Samey was the original evil twin that bullied Amy.
  • Amy manipulates Jasmine and Shawn into voting for B with a sob story about her past trauma, leading to B's elimination.
  • In episode fourteen, Jasmine and Lightning win the challenge together. For this, Lightning gets to return to the game.
  • Amy is targeted by the Vamps alliance who have a majority of votes. They decide to vote Amy out for being a strong competitor, and also threatening others and generally acting like a bully.
  • Zoey is targeted by the Vamps alliance who have a majority of votes. They also hold a resentment for her after they wanted her gone when she was on Team Vampire.
  • Brick is eliminated because Jo wants to blindside him and prove how powerful she is in the game. She mostly wants to blindside him because she feels uncomfortable having him around now that she had feelings for him, but those feelings lead to nothing.
  • Anne Maria and Jo are eliminated together when Chris reveals that episode 18 will be a double elimination. They were both trying to convince their competitors to vote one another out, leading to each of them getting all the votes.
  • Lightning is eliminated when Shawn and Jasmine mend their relationship and finally work together again to get rid of their common enemy.
  • Shawn is eliminated after Scott wins the challenge and gets the power to vote off whoever he wants. Initially, he chooses to eliminate Dawn, someone who he has had a sort of sibling rivalry with. However, he hesitates and switches to Shawn afterwards.


  • This is the first season in which second-generation contestants and third-generation contestants have competed alongside each other.
    • This is the second time contestants from different generations have competed alongside each other. The first time this happened was on Total Drama: All-Stars.
  • The plane taken on the Flight of Shame looks to be the one used during Total Drama World Tour.
  • This is the second time contestants have been split into three teams. The first time was on Total Drama World Tour.
  • The season was originally going to be called Total Drama Castle, but was changed during development.
  • The episode title Who Did You Call? is a reference to the Ghostbuster films. This relates back to the challenge where contestants have to prove the existance of ghosts.
  • The episode title Valley of the Dead Dolls is a reference to the 1967 film, Valley of the Dolls.
  • This season marks the first time in which an elimination vote has resulted in every single vote being null in void. This happens in episode nine when Zoey uses the Chris McLean statue to save herself, and has had every vote place against her.
  • The first part of episode ten's challenge parodies the reality competition show, The Masked Singer.
  • The black knight that captured Jo, Sam and Dakota in Valley of the Dead Dolls, becomes part of the main challenge eleven episodes later in Capture the Knight.
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