Torpedo Ted
A Torpedo Ted always seem to grin when they're emerged.
Species Origin Bullet Bill
First Appearance Super Mario World
Koopa Troop

Torpedo Teds are missile creatures of the Super Mario series, notable for being the underwater torpedo variants of Bullet Bills. Unlike Bullet Bills, who get shot out a Bill Blaster, Torpedo Ted get literally released by a hand, emerged from a Skull Box. In some games, they get shot out of them.


A Torpedo Ted looks like a Bullet Bill, but with some torpedo traits: they're longer than Bullet Bills and have a white propeller on their end. Unlike Bullet Bills, they don't have angry-looking eyes. Instead, they look like they're always in a good mood, sporting happy-squinting eyes and a big grin. Due to the big grin, the arms seem to be farther away from the face.

But in Super Mario Galaxy, they have the facial expression of a normal Bullet Bill but still have their grin on their face and a propeller on their end. In that game, they also seem silver-colored, unlike Bullet Bills.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Star Journey

Torpedo Teds appear in Super Mario Star Journey, in the level Giant Sunken Buoy. They appear most prominently in the first mission.

Koopa Kart Galaxy

Torpedo Teds appear as items in Koopa Kart Galaxy, replacing Bullet Bills, yet they have the same function.

Super Mario 3D World

In Super Mario 3D World Torpedo Teds act just like they did in the Super Mario Galaxy games. They only appear in a few levels such as Blooper Bay, Palm Tree Beach, and Koopa City.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds

Torpedo Teds appear as a surprisingly common foe in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds, appearing as early as World 3, Mermaid Moor. They function identically to how they did in Super Mario World.


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