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Torchwood: The Video Game is a video game based off the BBC TV series Torchwood. Torchwood: The Video Game is on the Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It is a single or two player third-person game, with puzzle, graphic adventure and action elements.

Torchwood Three

Torchwood: The Video Game's game modes are connected by an overworld. The overworld is Torchwood Three, the torchwood base in Cardiff, built around the Rift.


When you turn on the game, you are sent to the Torchwood Three Hub. You will be spawned by the entrance as the character you were last playing as.

Changing character

Torchwood Three's Holding cells contain every character you have unlocked, minus the character you are playing as. To switch character, you must open a cell and walk into it, and you will change into the character that was in that cell. Once you complete a level, you will unlock both of the playable characters. But, there are some playable characters you need to unlock to play as. To unlock these characters, you must go to Tosh's computer, where characters, alternate costumes and minigames are purchasable through the rift.

Starting gamemodes

Free-play mode is a mode where you can play through any level of Story Mode that you have completed, as any character you have unlocked. Episode mode is a game where you play through every episode of the Torchwood TV series. You can access this mode by reading Ianto's Diary in Jack's office. Story mode is accessed by using the invisible lift.

Story Mode

Story mode is the game's main gamemode containing an all new story. Its' specific place in the Torchwood storyline is unknown, but it is known that the story is set somewhere during season 2, after "Dead Man Walking" and before "Exit Wounds". The game's genre is action shooter, and plays similarly to Dynasty Warriors, with characters facing against waves of monsters, while protecting bases from falling.

The story mode focuses on The Trickster's attack on Torchwood Three, who has fallen through the rift and is now summoning enemies from Torchwood's past and future to destroy Cardiff and the Torchwood Institute.

Playable Characters

You unlock each character after their first playable mission. After they are unlocked, you can play as them in any mission in Free-Play Mode.




Story Missions

Gwen cooper


Gwen police

Gwen Cooper Gwen Cooper is a former Police Officer working at Torchwood Three. She is married to Rhys Williams throughout story mode, and after "Something Borrowed" in Episode Mode.
Andy d Andy Davidson Andy Davidson is a Police Officer, who formerly worked with Gwen Cooper, until she joined Torchwood Three. He sometimes helps Torchwood with cases, however is unaware of what Torchwood does, or aliens' existence.

Owen harper

Dr owen harper

Adam's owen

Dr. Owen Harper
Ianto jones Ianto Jones

Cap jack

Jack no coat

Captain Jack Harkness


Tosh who

Toshiko Sato

Episode Mode

Episode Mode is a graphic adventure gamemode, based on the Torchwood TV series. Each level is based on one Torchwood episode. The player makes choices during the gamemode, which end up affecting the game's story. Read Episode Mode's story here.

Other Game Modes

Free-Play Mode

Free-play mode is a mode where you can play through each level of story mode, as any character you have unlocked, in any skin.

Hoard Mode

A gamemode for up to four players (five on Wii U) where hoards of monsters attack the players. This mode's gameplay is different to Story mode's, as it does not contain bases, and continues until the players die, with score counted by hoards of monsters killed. Every hoard is a group of the same monsters, but the species in each hoard changes after every hoard.


In the Wii U port of the game, the game has compatibility with Amiibo. The game has its' own line of Amiibo, and is compatible with certain Amiibos in the Super Smash Bros. series. Each Amiibo can be used in Story, Hoard and Free-Play modes. When the Amiibo is placed on the gamepad, that character will assist you in battle. They each have two attacks, and will fight on your side until they are killed. After an Amiibo is killed, you cannot use the same specific Amiibo on the gamepad until you have completed the level, or reset to a point in the game before the Amiibo died. You can use another Amiibo of the same character, but not the same exact figure. You cannot place an Amiibo of the character you are playing as.

Torchwood Series



Assist moves

Jack amiibo Captain Jack Harkness
Gwen amiibo Gwen Cooper
Ianto amiibo Ianto Jones
Owen amiibo Doctor Owen Harper Owen's main attack is perfume ("Everything Changes"). When Owen sprays the perfume, close enemies will drop their weapons and run towards him. This gives the player and other team members an opportunity to attack the enemy. If Owen has the chance to attack an enemy that is lying down, he will explode the enemy's heart with the singularity scalpel ("Reset").
Tosh amiibo Toshiko Sato
Martha amiibo Martha Jones
Capt john amiibo Captain John Hart Captain John has two moves. His main attack is kissing the opponent, paralysing them. If you are on a building, he can sometimes chuck enemies off the roof.



Assist moves


Dead Owen Torchwood
Suzy Costello Suzy's main attack is her handgun ("Everything Changes"). If she gets behind an enemy, she will attack with the Life Knife ("They Keep Killing Suzie") Torchwood
Rhys Williams Torchwood
Rex Matheson Torchwood
Oswald Danes Oswald's main attack is melee punching ("The End of the Road"). Once Oswald is low on health, he will strap explosives to his chest and explode them ("The Blood Line"), resulting in his death. Torchwood
Lois Habiba Torchwood
Vera Juarez Torchwood

Super Smash Bros. series



Assist moves

Amiibo Link

Amiibo ToonLink



Link's main attack is his Master Sword. His secondary attack is bombs.
Amiibo Samus Samus
250px Marth
Amiibo WiiFitTrainer Wii Fit Trainer
Amiibo Zelda Zelda
Amiibo LittleMac Little Mac
Amiibo Ike Ike
Amiibo Shulk Shulk
Amiibo Sheik Sheik
Amiibo Lucina Lucina


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