A Topman is a spinning top-like enemy and a member of the Topmen Tribe. They inhabit galaxies such as the Battlerock and Dreadnought Galaxies. Their leader is Topmaniac.

A dizzy Topman!


Topmen make their debut appearance in Super Mario Galaxy. Here, they are very common enemies. There are Red Topmen who don spikes, and Yellow Topmen who can bounce Mario skyward with their springs. In this game, Topmaniac leads the Topmen Tribe, and acts as a recurring rival to Mario throughout the game.

The Topman Tribe returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2. However, despite every species of Topman appearing in the game, Topmaniac is suspiciously absent. In this game, their base of operations is Topman's Tower.

A Red Topman also appears in Mario Kart Wii as one of the two bosses in the game. He was involved in a worldwide contest where players had to beat him.



Topmaniac is absent from the second Mario Galaxy.

  • "Topman" is a pun on "top man", usually meaning someone who has been picked to be the top operative of a project, and "spinning top."
  • Despite spinning tops being popular childrens' toys, Topmen are mysteriously absent from Toy Time Galaxy.
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