Topline's 4-in-1 Collection for Nintendo VR (or Simply Topline's 4-in-1 Collection) is a collection featuring four Topline games for Nintendo VR, it's only released in North America and Japan. A 3DS and Wii Version game is made for Europe, but this version only contains Kirby VR 10th Anniversary (Wii Version) and The Legend of Zelda : Anniversary Edition (3DS Version).



Silver the Hedgehog

  • Amy is a playable character in she's sidequests.
  • The Mowrd (symbol of Topline) is a secret cameo
  • New achievement , TopHero , you won this achievements after find the Mowrd.
  • Bossplayer Mode , a multiplaye rmode , in this multiplaye rmode one player control Silver or Blaze and the other control a boss of game (except Iblis)

Kirby VR 10th Anniversary

  • Plasma and Sword Kirby added.
  • Meta Knight playable after completing the game once.
  • King Dedede playable after completing the game with Meta Knight.
  • New enemy , the Mowrd Flower
  • New ability , Mowrd Kirby , Kirby transforms into a flower like the Mowrd and shoots petals.

The Legend of Zelda - Anniversary Edition

  • The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past added
  • New artworks for the three games
  • New item , the Mowrd Flower
  • With the Mowrd Flower :
  1. In the original Zelda , give petal arrows.
  2. In the second Zelda , give more health
  3. In the a Link to the Past , give you more damage in spin attack.
  • Sound Test added.

Olie World

  • New abilities for Olie
  • Elio and Golied is playable after complete the game once.
  • Battle Mode (Local and Online)
  • The Mowrd Spell added for all three characters (The Mowrd Spell make a giant energy ball with petals.)

Other Versions


The 3DS version is not a 4-in-1 , is a eShop downloadble update for The Legend of Zelda - Anniversary Edition. This update added A Link to the Past , new artworks and Sound Test. The Mowrd Flower is not added.


The Wii Version like the 3DS Version , is a update of Kirby Wii 10th Anniversary , added Plasma , Sword and Mowrd Kirby , and also playable Meta Knight and King Dedede.

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