Toontown Mobile
Developer(s) Disney Canada
Publisher(s) Disney Mobile
Platform(s) iOS/Android
Genre(s) MMO
Series Disney's Toontown
Predecessor Toontown Online (2003)
Successor Toontown World (2021)
Release Date(s) March 2018
Toontown Mobile is an MMO meant to be the sequel to the 2003 closed MMO known as Toontown Online by the developers of Club Penguin Island.

The game has gotten mixed to negative reception on it's launch, noting performance issues such as server errors, and for recycling old material from the old game, making it look unoriginal, and the use of a full-on membership to be able to actually do anything, including more expensive memberships compared to Toontown/Club Penguin, etc. 


The game plays more like an MMO with similar elements to Club Penguin, where the trolley games are back, the gags are back, and features new types of Cogs to battle. As usual, the fights run on an invasion-style, where toons team up with many toons to take on never-ending waves of Cogs.

The game as usual runs on a monthly membership like in Club Penguin Island, which players can still play the game for free, but they'll be limited access.

Trolley Games

Game Name Description
Ring Game Swim while collecting rings
Tag game Tag people to win!
Match Minnie Dance to the rhythm the fastest!
Race Game Get to the end to win!





Cogs are returning to Toontown so the Toons will fight back to fight against evil businesses!





When the first trailer for Toontown Mobile was released; it got a 5 to 3 dislike ratio, and within a few days comments and ratings were disabled, as the dislike meter reached 50k compared to 30k likes. Screenshots show the following comments;

  • "10/10 best sequel ever"
  • "Definitely looks worse than Club Penguin Island"
  • "Definitely not playing this. Thank you."

Players noted the low-quality graphics (at a chibi 3D level of graphics) for a mobile game title even though it was meant to be played in all devices, and the graphical performance issues from within the gameplay at launch as well, such as stuttering and all sorts of bugs as well.


Toontown Mobile has gotten mixed reception, garnishing 50's on Metacritic. Criticism includes unstable servers on launch (at around Pokemon Go level), bugs that can crash the game, and a rushed development on the game. Jim Sterling gave the game a 4/10, stating it does nothing better than it's predecessor, and all it does it milk players for more as he criticized the increased prices for memberships.

Fans on the chat have been noted to mostly COMPLAIN that this is not the successor to Toontown Online that they wanted, and that they rather go play the Rewritten version and it's sisters (which have successfully engineered the game to add more species, gags, cogs, etc) #NotMyToontown

The biggest thing YouTubers criticized (Smirky, Megasnoop, Loopy) is that Disney Canada (the developer of Club Penguin Island) learnt nothing from their past mistakes with the game, which proves how they knew the game was going to be such a flop to the playerbase. Jesse Schell (Schell Games) re-tweeted the complaints, saying that he was right from Club Penguin Island, but not only that they never cared about their playbase nor mistakes in Toontown Mobile, which explains a lot. #SchellWasRight

QuackityHQ's Raid

QuackityHQ, on January 2019 decided to stream a raid of the game, which had players come in and protest a raid called "Bring Back Faith for Schell". It accumulated 10k raiders, and at one point servers crashed and 30 minutes in player started getting banned. 

This raid, has been regarded as a protest for not having Schell tag along for the Toontown Mobile game, which Schell would later respond that the next Toontown game (Toontown World) will have Schell along for the ride, and the future Astralitz Games would develop it. 

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