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Toon Mario
Developer(s) MidGame Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo Logo Orange
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Media Included Wii Disk
DS Card

Toon Mario is a fictional RPG game series featuring Mario as the main hero. The first game features Shroomboss. Toon Mario 2 is on hold.


  1. Intro Story
  2. Bowser Kidnapped Peach
  3. Mr Dark Got Six Toads
  4. Bzzit Scary Wiggler
  5. Wiggler Is Saved
  6. Mostiko Bros Scary Toadit
  7. Toadit Is Saved
  8. Mr Sax Scary Toadlette
  9. Toadletta Is Saved
  10. Koopa Lost A Grandpa Koopa
  11. Grandpa Koopa Is Saved
  12. Space Mama Scary Mr Bulllegs
  13. Mr Bulllegs is Saved
  14. Mr Skop Scary Mr Koopa
  15. Mr Koopa Is Saved
  16. Bowser Sit On Bowser's Chair
  17. Bowser Final Battle
  18. Princess Peach Is Saved


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3'

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 5

Level 6

Boss Bzzit

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 12

Level 13

Boss Mostiko

Sud Boss Evil Mostiko

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Mini Boss Bowser Jr.

Level 20

Level 21

Boss Mr Sax

Level 23

Level 24

Level 25

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 27

Level 28

Boss Mr Stone

Level 30

Level 31

Level 32

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 34

Level 35

Boss Vikiing Space Mommy

Sud Boss Space Mama

Level 39

Level 40

Level 41

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 44

Level 45

Boss Mr Skops

Level 47

Level 48

Level 49

Mini Boss Bowser Jr

Level 51

Level 52

Final Boss Bowser and Mr Dark

Final Level



The game's enemies mostly focus on new ones, but there are a few classic enemies. Click here to see with pictures.


Name HP Location
  1. Bowser Jr.
  2. Bzzit
  3. Mostiko and Evil Mostiko
  4. Mr Sax
  5. Mr Stone
  6. Space Mama
  7. Mr Skops
  8. Bowser
  9. Mr Dark
  10. Skops the Stone
  11. Space Mommy the Bzzit Bros
  12. Mr Sax the Mostiko

Mushroom Kingdom

Dream Forsert

Music Tunes


Fairy Tale Show


Bowser's Candy Lair


Mushroom Transforms Mario into Super Mario
Fire Flower Transforms into Fire Mario
Shell Transforms into Shell Mario
1-Up Mushroom Inreases Mario's life by 1