Tomodachi World
Developer(s) Bean Players Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan September 21, 2018
25px-Flag of USA August 30, 2019
25px-Flag of Europe August 30, 2019
25px-Flag of Australia September 1, 2019
Media Included 3DS cartridge, Nintendo Switch cartridge

Tomodachi World is the third game in the Tomodachi series of games.

New Features

  • A married couple can have two or three babies.
  • Missions make their first appearance here.
  • Super Huge Fights and Triple Fights are introduced.
  • More personality traits.
  • Amiibo clothing is introduced. Scan an amiibo and you'll get clothing (only works in the Clothing Shop)! Example: Scan a Mario amiibo and you'll get a Mario costume.
  • More song types are available in the Concert Hall, such as Jazz, Tango, Samba, Blues, etc.
  • The Toy Shop, the Haunted House, the Movie Theater, the Mission Center, the Arcade, the Library and the Shoes Shop make their first appearance here.
  • More level-up gifts, such as the Nintendo Switch.
  • More treasures, such as Trumpet, Treasure Chest, Violin and others.
  • More clothing, hats, etc.
  • Players can bring over Miitopia Miis to Tomodachi World.

Island Locations

All locations from the previous game return, with Job Diagnosis and Question Hall returning from Tomodachi Collection. There are 9 new locations (2 are hidden locations shown in Tomodachi Life).


  • Mii Apartments (Info: Your Miis live here. Feel free to pop in at any time!)
  • Mii Homes (Info: Home sweet home! Couples move here after their marriage (but you can still call them over).)
  • Concert Hall (Info: Enjoy live performances from your islanders at this rockin' music venue!)
  • Fountain (Info: This place is a great place to relax, isn't it?)
  • Beach (Info: See the oceans and ride the waves at this beach.)
  • Compatibility Tester (Info: This high-tech device tests how much your islanders get along!)
  • Park (Info: The park is the perfect place to stroll in the summer or spring.)
  • Food Mart (Info: Your one-stop food store. New food and drinks every day!)
  • Clothing Shop (Info: Want costumes? If you buy clothing in the Daily Specials, it will stay in the shop's catalog forever!)
  • Pawn Shop (Info: You can sell treasure here at the Pawn Shop.)
  • Observation Tower (Info: What a view! You can see the entire island from here.)
  • Mii News (Info: Your source for the latest island news, with reports at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily!)
  • Hats Shop (Info: Need a stylish hat? Come, here at the Hats Shop.)
  • Café (Info: Is there any place better with just a cup of coffee?)
  • Dock (Info: Travelers from all over the world come here and stay for a visit.)
  • Campground (Info: Travelers come here to camp on your island. You can peep in whenever you like!)
  • Amusement Park (Info: This fun-filled place is open 24 hours a day!)
  • Rankings Board
  • Question Hall (Info: Play Quirky Questions right here at the Question Hall.)
  • Job Diagnosis
  • Interiors
  • Import Wear
  • Town Hall
  • Plane/Nintendo 3DS Image Share
  • Photo Studio


^ means that the location is a hidden location in Tomodachi Life.

  • Movie Theater (Make exciting movies for your islanders to watch!)
  • Train Station^
  • Arcade (Play arcade games such as Donkey Kong here.)
  • Island Center^
  • Mission Center
  • Haunted House (Ooh, spooky. Creep past ghosts in this haunted house.)
  • Library
  • Toy Shop (Kids love this shop, so come along and get some toys for your islanders!)
  • Shoes Shop


Like all other Tomodachi games, you can start from scratch, scan QR codes or copy from Mii Maker to bring Miis into Tomodachi World. You can feed them, give them clothing, etc.


See Problems for more info.

Problems return in this game, with a new type of problem: Anger, which its icon (a red color with a red flame in the speech bubble) pops up when a fight happens instead of the Friendship problem icon.


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