Tomodachi New Life
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Series Tomodachi Series

Tomodachi New Life (トモダチコレクション:新しいライフ: Tomodachi Collection: Newer Life) is the third sequel in the Tomodachi Collection Series. It is a life simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS and the third direct sequel of The Nintendo 3DS Game: Tomodachi Life and The Nintendo DS Game: Tomodachi Collection.


The gameplay bears similarity to the previous titles of the Tomodachi Series, where you can own a island and solve the islander's problems in game, but it now features same-sex marriages, it can be enabled or disabled, if it is disabled, Mii's will fall in love with Mii's with a different gender, and now you will have extra control to the game, as you can decide who the Mii of your choice will befriend, who the Mii of your choice will interact to and how the interaction will be, who the Mii will fall in love with and you decide how it will end up, and how good or bad their relationships are, you can also decide what place the Mii will go to and what they will do and who will be included.

And Mii Characters are also used in this game, you can create your own Mii from scratch or import your Mii from the Mii Maker, or you can transfer your Mii from Tomodachi Life if it's updated, and you will choose what for age options the Mii will have, Child, Teenager or Adult, and you can decide what Mii is a relative to it, and you can choose what relative of the Mii it is, a Sibling, Parent, Son/Daughter, Grandparent, Aunt/Uncle, Cousin or a Nephew/Niece, the game will automatically treat it as the relative, to prevent someone falling in love with their relative.

Friendship Interactions

The game also features friendship interactions, where you can help the other to make friends, and solve fights, there is a relationship list and how the status is, it has dark green (highest), green, light green, yellow, red, purple, dark blue (lowest), you can edit the statuses by yourself.

  • Dark green, green and light green are positively.
  • Yellow and red are neutral
  • Purple and Dark Blue are negatively


Miis can fight with each other after a argument, you can edit who the Mii will fight with as you have much control over the game, you can make the Mii apologize, it could fail and complete, if failed, the Mii that attempted to apologize will gain sadness, later, the Mii that denied the other Mii's apology will have enough of fighting with the other Mii, then the Mii will apologize to the other Mii.

There is also a event where a huge/hostile fight can occur, neither Miis that are fighting with each other would apologize, you have to ignore them until a Mii wants to stop the fight, if they continue fighting, they will no longer be friends, if it completes, the Miis will stop fighting.


Whenever you want, you can make Miis fall in love with another Mii, and you can decide how it will end up, make other rivaling Miis show up and try to steal the Confessor's Lover away from the confessor, and if you want one rivaling Mii to show up or two rivaling Miis, or you can decide if the confessor's lover will reject the confessor or agree with the relationship or choose the rivaling Mii or reject all of the 3 confessors, you decide, but the confessor can gain sadness if you make the lover reject the confessor, the confessor can also give a second try, when rejected again, the sadness will be gone, when the Mii's lover didn't show up or another Mii will show up, the confessor will gain even more sadness.

As stated above, rivaling Miis can pop up in hilarious ways.

Interventions at the Beach

  • The first rivaling Mii will show up after leaving the fancy restaurant and run to the lover.
  • The second rivaling Mii will show up to the surface at the sea and run to the lover

Interventions at the Park

  • The first rivaling Mii will show theirselves after hiding in a bush.
  • The second rivaling Mii will be seen on a tree and will climb down and run to the lover.

Interventions at the Cafè

  • The first rivaling Mii sitting at a seat behind the confessor will look at the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii dressed as a barista will look at the event.

Interventions at the Observation Tower

  • The first rivaling Mii will close the door that the rivaling Mii is behind it and run to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will turn to the event when lying on a bench and run to the event.

Interventions at the Fountain

  • The first rivaling Mii will show theirselves after hiding behind the fountain and run to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will land to the event with the parachute.

Interventions at the School

  • The first rivaling Mii will sit at the Teacher's Desk and will run to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will open the locker and will get out the locker and will run to the event.

Interventions at the Music Hall

  • The first rivaling Mii will enter the hall and will run to the stage where the event takes place.
  • The second rivaling Mii is on a string flying and then run to the event.

Interventions at the Train Station

  • The first rivaling Mii will stop reading the newspaper and run to the event.
  • The train where the second rivaling Mii is in it will reach it's destination and run to the event.

Interventions at Mount [island name]

  • The first rivaling Mii will climb up the Mountain and run to the event
  • The second rivaling Mii will show up with flying with a glider and lands to the event.

Interventions at [island name] Forest

  • The first rivaling Mii will show up dressed as a bear and removes the bear mask and runs to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will leave their tent and run to the event.

Interventions at the Harbor

  • The first rivaling Mii will open a container where they are hiding and run to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will look at the event while fishing and will run to the event.

Interventions at the Fancy Restaurant

  • The first rivaling Mii will show up as a waiter/waitress and will run to the event.
  • The second rivaling Mii will come out of the table they are hiding and will run to the event.


A Mii will want to set up a Mii with another Mii, if you disagree, you can change who you want or cancel the set-up, if a set-up goes well, the Miis being setted up will become sweethearts of each other, if it fails, they will thank each other for the hangout.


If you decide to make a couple break up, it will take place at the Cafè and the Miis will break up, they will both gain sadness, and you can also decide for them to come back together, also attempting, when the reconcilation fails, the Mii that attempted to get his/her ex back will gain sadness.


Some places does have some events, it starts at various times, all events from Tomodachi Life returns to this game, along with the new events for the new places, the Cafè's events have changed, you can host a Hangout 24/7 and which Miis will be in the hangout.

Train Station Events

  • Dance Battle - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Staring Contest - 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Hide and Seek - 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Mount [island name] Events

  • Parachuting - 3:00 PM to 4:10 PM
  • Joke Battle - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Shooting Star Catcher - 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM

[island name] Forest Events

  • Searching for Bigfoot - 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM
  • Scary Story Tellers - 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Desert Events

  • Treasure Discovery - 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Harbor Events

  • Abnormal Quiz - 24/7

Island Center Events

  • Wedding - When a proposal went well

School Events

  • Lessons - 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Kids, Week 5-7 Babies and Teenagers only)
  • Lessons (Wednesday) - 8:00 AM to 12:30 AM

(Schools will close on Holidays and Full Summer)

[island name] Town Events

  • Festival - Random Times

Cafè Events

  • Mii Hangouts - 24/7

Fancy Restaurant Events

  • Mii Hangouts - 24/7

Underground Events

  • Solve the Mystery - 24/7

New Features

  • Teenager added at the age option for the Mii
  • Gay marriages are allowed, but in order to, you have to enable same-sex marriages in the options and you have to set the sex settings of the Mii in same-gender so the Mii can fall in love with the other Mii with the same settings. (Except in Muslim Countries) (Because most people are dissapointed when it got restricted on Tomodachi life)
  • Enka is added to all Regional Versions
  • Few muslim translations added (Arabic, Turkish, Egypt, Afghanistanic)
  • Amiibo can be used to get the costume of the Amiibo Character, because there are also costumes for Nintendo Characters that doesn't have a respective amiibo, you can also unlock costumes of Nintendo Characters by participating in the Nintendo Character Quiz, when completed, the costume of the Nintendo Character will be in the Clothing Shop.
  • Mii Apartments can hold up to 300 rooms
  • New Song Style Added: Enka (Only New for EU, NA and AF), Jazz, Country, Reggae, R&B, Blues and Tribal.
  • You can now see Miis walking to Places while traveling
  • [island name] Forest, [island name] Town, Mount [island name], the Desert, School, Train Station, Island Center, Harbor, Underground and Movie Studio added
  • Train Station, the Fancy Restaurant, [island name] Forest, Harbor, Mount [island name] and the Fountain Added at Places for Confessing their love, and only Teenagers and Kids will confess their loves at school because it would be weird if an adult confesses their love at school.
  • You can now import Interiors from other islands at The Import Shop which is found in the mall
  • When you're Choosing a Song Style, you are able to choose these options of the Song Style Version, Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. If you choose Tomodachi Collection or Tomodachi Life, it will be sung with the same instrument and same singing pitch (This feature is not available when you choose Jazz, Country, Reggae, R&B, Blues and Tribal)
  • You can visit other islands with the mii you choose, but you can come back to your own island with the mii you chose to travel to other islands
  • You can RP, chat with others Worldwide at the Online Island but it requires a Nintendo Network ID and an internet connection.
  • You can create your own Custom Mii News and Clothing.
  • You can import Mii Characters from Tomodachi Life, if Tomodachi Life is updated.
  • You can now host a Guys/Gals' Hangout or a hangout at the Cafè or the Fancy Restaurant with both females and males, and choose your Mii's who will be included in the hangout
  • All Kids, Teenagers and Babies Week 5-7 can go to school at 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, school is closed at the Weekends, 12:30 AM at Wednesdays, Holidays and Full Summer
  • The Clothing Shop, Supermarket, Hat Shop, Pawn Shop, Interior Shop and Import Shop are now combined as a mall, you can visit the mall and choose the shops you want to visit.

The Island

The game takes place in a oridinary island, you are the owner of the island and you can choose your own custom name for the island, and you will take control of the islanders or solve their problems, you can tap on the icon of the place to visit the place.

Tomodachi New Life Map

Gold/Dark Yellow

  • Mii Apartments
  • Mii Homes


  • The Mall


  • Online Island
  • Camping Site
  • Traveler Port


  • Town Hall
  • Mii News HQ
  • Music Hall
  • Movie Studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Compability Tester
  • Island Rankings Board


  • The Fountain
  • The Beach
  • The Park
  • The Observation Tower
  • The Cafè
  • The Amusement Park
  • The Fancy Restaurant
  • The Train Station
  • The Island Center
  • The Harbor
  • School
  • Desert
  • Mount [island name]
  • [island name] Forest
  • [island name] Town
  • Underground Caves


Problems is the main interaction of a Mii in the game, you are the one who has to solve these problems, it's possible that it may fail.

Problem Tomodachi Life

Normal Problems

Type Description What the Mii says Solution
Hunger A Mii will say something such as "I'm hungry" or "I need to eat something. ANYTHING!" whenever their hunger gets low. Sometimes they will ask for something specific, ("I kind of want Italian food.") (A high pitched tone version of the regular, non-problem music will play, which sounds like singing cats)

"I'm hungry!"

"I'm thirsty!"

"I'm starving!"

"I need to eat something. ANYTHING!"

Feed the Mii.
Interior decorator A Mii will request that the style of their apartment be changed. "I'd like a new look for my apartment." Give the Mii a new interior.
Fashionista A Mii will want a new piece of clothing, whether it be a hat, outfit, or something in a certain style.

"I'd like some new clothes."

"I'd like a new hat."

Give the Mii what they ask for (head items/clothing item).
Sickness Sometimes a Mii will get sick. This is shown by a raincloud above their head, and them saying that they do not feel well. The Mii can tell the player what's wrong, or the player can check their head (for a cold) or their stomach (for a stomachache). A low pitched, growly version of the non-problem song will play.

"I caught a cold. I don't feel so good..."

"My tummy feels rumbly."

Give cold medicine or stomach medicine, depending on the ailment.
Lost item A Mii will state that they lost an item, and will ask the player to find it. Another Mii, who will display the black icon as well, will say they found an item with the Mii's name on it and ask the player to return it. "I lost something really important... Can you see if anyone's found it?" Agree or refuse. If agreed, find the Mii that found the lost item.
Found item The Mii will hold out an item he/she has found with the name of the owner on the back of the item. He/she asks the player to return the item.

after "lost item" is accepted

"Look what I found! Hey, it has the name [Mii] written on the back... Would you mind returning this to [Mii] for me?" Return the item to the owner.
Funny faces A Mii will ask the player to see a funny face he/she has been working on. "Would you like to see a funny face I've been working on?" Agree or refuse. If agreed, watch as the Mii shows their funny face.
Voice actor A Mii will ask the player to hear their impression of another Mii (saying the catchphrase of that Mii in their voice). "Hey! You wanna hear my impression of [Mii]?" Listen to the impression.
Personal questions Sometimes a Mii will ask the player a question that may seem random that he/she wants to hear the player's opinion on such "If the world went dark, what would be the first thing you would do?" Various Answer his/her question based on opinion.
The sneeze Sometimes a Mii will say that he/she needs to sneeze, but wouldn't come out. "I need to sneeze, but it won't come out!" Ignore or help them sneeze by rubbing a feather on their nose
X-ray vision Sometimes a Mii will ask the player to look inside their head/stomach.

"Take a look inside my head!"

"Please look inside my belly!"

Do what the Mii asks.
Phrases Sometimes a Mii will ask the player to tell them what they should say when they're happy, mad, sad, or worried. "What should I say when [I'm happy/I'm mad/I'm worried/I feel down]?" Write down something the Mii will say when they are in that specific mood.
Catchphrase review Sometimes a Mii will tell the player their respective mood phrase and ask how they feel about it. "Okay, I'm going to say [phrase] when I'm [feeling happy/feeling down/feeling mad/worried about something]. How does that sound?" Change the phrase or say it's great as it is.
Mysterious letter The Mii gets a mysterious letter from someone to meet him/her at the roof. The Mii asks if he/she should go or not. "I got a strange letter...someone wants to meet me up on the roof. I don't know who wrote it...should I go?" Tell if he/she should go. If yes, listen to what the islander with glasses and a mustache has to say.
Family Talk The Mii wants to talk about his/her sweetheart, spouse, or child.

"Can I tell you something impressive about my darling?"

"Wanna hear something cool about my wonderful [husband/wife]?"

"Mind if I talk about my beautiful baby real quick?"

Listen to what the Mii says.
Money On rare occasions, they will tell you how much they like you and you get money. Or they will ask for money. It does not subtract from your money. Various When given money: Either accept it or turn it down.

When asked for money: Either give money or refuse.

Disposable Camera Sometimes a Mii will request to have a disposable camera. "I'd like to have a disposable camera. I need to express myself!" Give the Mii a disposable camera.
Bath Sometimes a Mii will want to take a bath. "I'd love to take a bath." Give the Mii a bath set.
Hair color Sometimes a Mii would like to have its hair dyed a different color. "I'd love to try a new hair color." Give the Mii some hair color spray.
Age change Sometimes Miis will wish to either find out what it's like to be grown up (if they're kids) or to experience being a kid again (if they're adults).

"I wish I was all grown up..."

"I wish I could be a kid again..."

Give the Mii either an Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic, depending on the request.
Go to a place The Mii will get bored and will ask you where to go so he will get busy, this happens when you don't decide where the Mii will go.

"I'm bored, I would like to go to a place, please recommend me."

Choose between: Park, Beach, Cafè, Train Station, Mount [islandname], [islandname] Town, [islandname] Forest, Fountain, Observation Tower or Amusement Park.
Jokes The Mii would want you to hear their pun or riddle.

"Do you want to hear a joke I have been working on lately?"

Agree or refuse, if agreed, the Mii will tell their pun or riddle.
Time Travel The Mii will talk about the nostalgia they have saw and wants to see it again, then the Mii and you will visit the events of Tomodachi Life.

"I want to go back in time!"

Give the Mii a Time Remote
Nintendo Character Quiz The Mii will host a quiz for you related to a Nintendo Character and you have to choose between the Super Mario Series, The Legend of Zelda Series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series (Even though it's not Nintendo), Starfox Series, Kirby Series, Splatoon Series, Metroid Series and Animal Crossing Series.

"I have some costumes in my closet related to a Nintendo character! Maybe if you win this quiz, I will put it on the clothing shop."

Either participate or not participate.
Relationship Tomodachi Life

Frienship Problems

The problems are similar to the Normal Problems, except, they deal with interaction to other Miis, and their friendship

Type Description What the Mii says Solution
Wanting/Being friends A Mii will want to befriend a Mii or hear from another Mii that they want to be friends.

"I want to be friends with [Mii]."

"I heard that [Mii] wants to be friends."

Help them out with making friends with other Miis.
Introducing friends A Mii will want to introduce one of its friends to another one of theirs that isn't currently friends with the first friend yet. "I'd like to introduce [Mii 1] to somebody... How about [Mii 2]? Help the Mii out by befriending the Miis, reject, or ask it to think of another friend.
Friend opinions The Mii will ask the player about the relationship of another Mii, either one of their friends, best friend, sweetheart or spouse. Various Reply with what the player thinks of the relationship.
Relationships not working/Poor Relationships The Mii will tell the player that their current relationship is not working out. "The relationship with me and [Sweetheart/Spouses] could be falling in the sea..." The player can either tell the Mii to move on (breakup/divorce) or try to work things out.
Fight The Mii will have puffs of smoke around them and act angry/upset, stating they had a fight with another Mii. "Me and [Mii] had a fight! And now I'm angry!" Calm the Mii down. The Mii will attempt to resolve the fight afterward.
Hostile/huge fight The Mii will have a flaming aura around them and act furious, stating they got in a huge fight with another Mii. "I had a extreme fight with [Mii], and I am now furious!" Ignore the Mii. They will never forgive the other Mii. Find another Mii that has the Friend Icon that could help.
Intervention After two Miis get in a huge fight, a mutual friend of both Miis will tell the player that said Miis got in a fight and still haven't made up. "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] had a fight and wont apologize to each other..." Tell him/her to intervene.
Make up! The Mii expresses their desire to make up with a Mii that they have previously not forgiven for a fight.

after "Fight" fails

"I really had to forgive [Mii]! I want to make up with him." Reply with whatever option.
Making relationships The Mii will suggest a random male friend of theirs needs a sweetheart and decides to set them up on a date with another female friend. "I think [Male Mii] needs a sweetheart... How about setting him up with [Female Mii]?" Player can accept, decline or probably choose another female Mii that the asker knows that can make a relationship.
Suspected relationship The Mii will wonder why an attempt was made to set them up with another Mii.

after "Making relationships" fails with the result of "They didn't hit it off so great..."

"Why would [Mii 1]... want me to go out with [Mii 2]?" Reply with whatever option.
Date Sometimes a Mii will want to take its significant other on a date. "I'd like to take [sweetheart/spouse] on a date. Where should we go?" Choose where you want to send the two Miis.
Vacation Sometimes a Mii will request to go on a vacation with either their best friend, sweetheart, spouse, or their family (if they have a child).

"I'd like to get to know [best friend] better. Maybe we could travel together."

"I'd love to go on a romantic vacation with [sweetheart]."

"My darling and I would like to go on a trip somewhere. Just the two of us."

"A family vacation would be the best thing ever..."

Give the Mii a travel ticket.
Worrying about Relationships Sometimes Miis will state that they're worried about their relationship with their sweetheart/spouse and ask if they're sweetheart/spouse still likes them

"I've been a little worried about me and [sweetheart/spouse]... Do you think [sweetheart/spouse] really likes me?"

choose one of three options.
Reasons for dissaproving the relationship. When someone else gets chosen than the confessor you helped, and you say that the relationship will be a bad idea, the Mii that chose another lover than the lover you helped, will ask you why you dissaproved the relationship.after "Confession to a Mii" fails with the Mii's lover choosing someone else than him and chose "Bad Idea..."

"Why did you... Not want me to go out with [chosen lover]"

Either choose Not a great match or Because I wanted [lover you helped] to be your sweetheart, when the first option is chosen, the Mii's Friendship Level with the lover they chose will go down, when the second option is chosen, the Mii's Friendship Level with the lover you helped will raise.
Love Tomodachi Life

Love Problems


Sadness Tomodachi Life

Sadness Problems




  • This is the third game in the Tomodachi Collection series in Japan, but is the second in the Tomodachi Life series everywhere else.
  • The game is rated 12+ in Japan due to gay marriage.
  • In the Nintendo Characters Quiz, the costumes of characters from the Wario Series, Donkey Kong Series and Yoshi Series that haven't appeared in a single Mario Game yet fall in the Super Mario Series Category.
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