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Tomodachi Life DX Boxcover Art

For the Nintendo Switch, Tomodachi Life DX (Deluxe) is the second game in the Tomodachi Life series for North America and all other countries beyond Japan; being the third game in the series. This game takes place in a similar island layout, following many similar ideas and concepts of the fan favorite 3DS title "Tomodachi Life". Although, a fresh take on the game helps bring it back to life in an all new way. Coming 2021
The island of Tomodachi Life DX will look quite similar to that of it's predecessor. However, noticable changes will include the following :
The island will not be comprised of two seperate islands, but one larger scale island to accomodate to the larger screen of the Nintendo Switch. The beach (shore) will visibly be larger, surrounding slightly more of the island than in Tomodachi Life. The water plane that once occupied a space next to the pier will be replaced with a boat; more reasonably, a small scale cruise ship. The building layout of the island will be changed as well. The Cafe will be located on the island, now sitting in the bottom right corner where the ‘Compatibility Tester’ was. The ‘Compatibility Tester’ will be moved to the left of the ‘Concert Hall’. As well, the photo booth will be scaled much smaller, and will sit below the ‘Town Hall’. The ‘News Tower’ will be placed straight behind the ‘Apartment’, on the top of the hill. The ‘Hat Shop’ will be removed and merged with the clothing shop as a separate tab. The ‘Specialty Store’ will be removed, due to the lack of StreetPass on Switch.

Tomodachi Island Map


Tomodachi Life DX Concept Video (Nintendo Switch)

Apartment View Inside

New Additions and Exclusives

First and foremost, the ‘Specialty Store’ will be replaced with a theater, in similar concept towards the ‘Concert Hall’. This theater, called the Miivie Theater, will play movies at 9 AM, and 8 PM, subsequently showing different movies at each time. Each day, two themes will be randomly picked to be viewed. These themes will consist of | Action, Adventure, Suspense, Romance, Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi | These themes will all come with 2 separate and different story plots. The residents of the island will fill up the cast members (actors) of the movie. This won’t account for anything further than entertainment, as it won’t offer any obtainable items for watching.

Miivie Theater First Opening

Pawn Shop Changes

The ‘Pawn Shop’ will now sell items, as well as buy them from you. You can buy any of the items that residents can give you, but will cost a heightened price. However, any exclusive items sold to the Pawn Shop are not retrievable once transaction has occured.

Concert Hall

The ‘Concert Hall’ will also now allow true “concerts”, having the residents play actual music that can be composed by the player. These songs will be very short, but the instruments can be chosen separately for each member of the band. There will also be a ‘Random’ option in the Concert menu, generating a completely random song for the residents to play. Ultimately, the editable songs and the bands will still be in the game, nearly completely unchanged. Additional genres of music will be added, including: Jazz, Country, and Alt Rock.

Concert Hall Music Creator

Mini Games

New mini-games will also be present. Juggling will be one such game, having the resident who initiated the game try and distract the player as they juggle strange and absurd objects. Card Stack will be based after the idea of the player attempting to build a tower of cards as the resident tries to blow it down. The player must react and block the breathe with their hand, depending on the side it comes from (left or right). But, move too quickly and you may knock your tower down. Brush Up is also a new game where the player must try to paint the resident (on an easel) who initiated the game as quickly as possible. Score will be based on color, shape, and size. Foosball, working similarly to the real life game, will be added. The player must beat the resident in a “one-point” match. As well, it utilize the “HD Rumble” in the Joy-Cons. All other previous mini games will also be present too, also utilizing the HD Rumble feature.

Tomodachi Life DX New Minigames

Online Functions

You will now be able to view other people’s islands, indirectly. To elaborate, there will be two different options supported for viewing other islands. Friends and Random. Simply put, you can either view islands that belong to your friends, or have an island randomly selected from someone within your country (set to your console). Now, the “indirect” tag refers to the fact that all stores will be closed, and only the apartment will be open to guests. As well, you will not be able to help residents or effect them in anyway, you will only be able to talk to them and play games with them. However, you will get a special item for visiting an island, although that item is limited to one per day. That means even if you visit 5 islands in one day, only one of them will give you a special item.

Rankings Board

There will now be an Online Leaderboard that will show the highest rated Island’s in the world. It will be a section added upon the ‘Rankings’ board. As well, a "Happiness" section will be added, showing the player the happiest Miis on the island.

New Items/Concepts

Over 40 new clothing items for both men and women will be added, following suit with over 70 (overall) new food dishes/drinks, and a couple new items obtainable from residents. These include - Telescope, Sketch Pad, Stress Ball, Bicycle, Puzzle, Hot/Cold Pack, and Bandage.
Islanders can now suffer from different ailments, such as the following: Headache, stuffy nose (which is where tissues come in handy), scratches, and allergies.


Weather will now be added to the island, and will be random. These new features will include : Rain, Thunderstorm, (Falling) Snow, Wind, Overtly Cloudy. This also means that ‘Mii News’ will give updated weather reports for that current day, and for the upcoming week.



  • Parents have random option of giving birth to twins.
  • Certain days will increase the chance of Mii's falling in love. (Valentine's, Christmas)
  • Friendships can now affect the stability of relationships between residents.
  • Homosexuality is now included, set as an option in the "Character Creation" tab. In order for a relationship between same-sex characters, both members must have the option "Homosexual" turned on. Normally, this option is set to off.

Mii Creation

  • Internal Mii Maker now updated to match the Nintendo Switch Mii Maker.
  • More options for voices are now available, and you can choose what accent you want your Mii to have.
  • Personality traits have been updated, and new personalities have been added.
  • Voice engine has been updated to sound better.


  • "Map" music has been slightly updated for both Day and Night cycles.
  • Music in Cafe has been revised.
  • New theme has been added to the Miivie Theater.

Easter Eggs and Hidden Content

  • On certain holidays, there is a small chance to see something on the Map relating to that holiday. (Example - Christmas : Santa may fly by, New Years : The Aurora Borealis may be present, Halloween : Pumpkins may line the island.)
  • If you name your islander "Mario", there is a small chance that the islander will greet you with Mario's voice.
  • At midnight on Halloween, the store will carry Majora's Mask as a buyable item.