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Tommy Djekovic is a hero from the RTAverse who is part of the Journey team. An orphan from Greenland, Tommy migrated to the portal to the Fantendoverse to find a new life for himself.

Tommy is a main character of Fantendo - Journey. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Journey

Physical Appearance

Tommy is an 18-year old white male with a nice build, pale skin, sapphire blue eyes, and curly black hair. He wears a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath, old dark blue jeans, and muddy white sneakers.


Tommy is a human lacking any superpowers or combat training. Instead, he built up a strong fighting style from years on the streets spent defending himself. He strikes hard and fast, using punches to take down opponents. He's also good with improvising, and can use various objects as weapons.

Tommy is also street smart and skilled at reading people, being able to detect a liar or someone looking to manipulate him or his friends.


Tommy is anti-social, very quiet, and doesn't make friends easily due to his rough childhood that taught him to trust nobody but himself. He would prefer to be alone, but does see the value in teaming up with others to do the right thing.

Despite his nature, he does want to help people out out of compassion birthed from his sad childhood where no one helped him out. He also has a sense of humor, but it's pretty dry and snarky. He's witty when he rarely tells jokes. Although he is usually quiet, he'll speak up when he has to.




  • Tommy was originally a pretty different character who was a silent protagonist that headed through the portal for fun. Once Sr.Wario took over the project, he built on the character.

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