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Tomelle Female
Unknown lbs
∞ years old Secretverse God
Secretverse Tomelle

Tomelle, the grandiose godess-witch.

POWERS All sort of magic
  • Water Magic as her primary magic
  • Seal and unseal others' magical abilities
  • Revival Spell
BIRTHDAY Billions years ago
OCCUPATION(S) Goddess of All Magic

Unknown at the moment


Flirting and teasing
Being called cute
Doing experiments


Being lied to
Irresponsible people
Being interrupted too many times
Having her talents questioned
Excessive idiocy





You sure know magic... but do you know or even care about the drawbacks when misused or overdone? I bet that you do not. At all.

The Secretverse version of Tomelle is the Goddess of All Magic, whom master (almost) every one of types of magic and is highly knowledgeable about everyone of them.

Physical Description

The Secretverse Tomelle have similar physical features of the Story Break counterpart, most notably the blue eyelashes, the blue glasses and the pink dress. However, she also wears a short coat, a purple fanged pattern on her dress (similar to Morgen's hair) and two orange hairlocks with a purple star patterned on each one.


Tomelle is shown to be smug toward mortals, but quite shy toward other gods and wary toward beings that is a danger of even gods. She also likes to slip a wisecracking remark or two, albeit in a lower tone, when talking to a mortal. That is to say, Tomelle prefer to simply tease the mortals rather than outright harming them, and is reluctant to fight unless if the threat proves to be capable to kill at least one mortal.

Tomelle is also vigorously studious, reading books by books in her library when she had nothing important or fun to do. She will drop her study in emergency or when someone or something will threaten the Secretverse, or when having to deal with intruders (be it just teasing them if they proves harmless, throw them away regardless of their threat level, or let them in if they proved themselves) or to have time with visitors.

She have a tendency to flirt with males regardless of their size, resulting in either awkward situation (especially when she ended up hugging a much smaller male character) or just plain cute, but prefer to maintain a healthy relationship and does not want to have too much control on the male partner, and is perfectly fine if the male in question doesn't want to be in relationship with her. She is only open to be friends with those who were consistently honest with her however.

She have a huge dislike of irresponsible people, especially those who are very reckless and egoistic about it. When she sees one, she refuses to listen, thinking that they may try to manipulate or mislead her, and will go all out shall one try to harm or control her. This can make her dangerous toward even other gods, as her all-out attacks can be fatal to mortals.


Tomelle is capable to use (almost) all sort of magic and is very capable to master a new type of magic she never tried with relative ease, but there are a very, very few kind of magic that she doesn't or cannot use, either out of fear that the harsh negative side-effects will badly inflict even her, or that she either simply just can't or outright refuse to use it for various reasons.

As a Secretverse Goddess, she is capable of detecting truth and lies by sensing their brain. Shall they lie, her eyes blinks red thus allows her to detect liars, making it impossible to dupe her. Like the other Secretverse Gods, she can also completely weakens and shrink anyone who managed to be more powerful than her from either an hour to permanent, but this does not work against other Secretverse Gods and anyone who is using EX Energy, as well as other gods when she is away from the Secretverse.

She is also immune to power sealing, regardless of who is using such power sealing, and she can unseal any seals with ease. That said, the most powerful seals can retain her for up to an hour. She can also revive people, but this take time (up to ten minutes) when reviving a fellow god.

She is even capable to create water, ice and mist on the spot, which can fill even an entirely deserted planet, and the water she create is capable to heal and even create new organic beings, albeit those beings only start as very small and takes millions of years to evolve into something else.










  • The Secretverse Tomelle's status as an immortal is inspired by the New Fantendoverse's Palutena and the Zaxinian Lifts' Ike and Infinite. The key difference is that Tomelle is a "fan" character instead of being an "official" character.
    • She also have composite designs taken from Samtendo09 (tbc)'s characters; Guramina's coat, Seafear's frontal long hair with a star mark and the fanged pattern from Morgen, an acolyte of the original Tomelle.
    • The reason why she is selected by her user is that not only she is a fan favorite among Samtendo's characters, but this is also to get around of the original Tomelle being restricted to the Story Break world which makes it difficult to use the original Tomelle without causing shoehorns, with crossovers being exceptions.
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