Thomas Tenebris
Tom Experimental Art Edited
AGE 17
BIRTHDAY July 12th
ZODIAC ♋ Cancer

Thomas Tenebris (pronounced Tènebry), usually referred to as just Tom, is the main character of the Boy in Blue series. He's a 17 year old boy and the titular character of the series. His zodiac sign is Cancer, which is related to a stag.  


In Boy in Blue, Tom and his friends set out on a journey to fulfill the final wish of a deceased friend, but unexpectedly open a gate to Cromar, a land seperated from Earth due to its dangerousness to the planet. Tom is amazed by the beauty of Cromar and its species, but soon learns about the war that's been going on. He, sort of against his will, gets dragged into it first. After the gate back to Earth is destroyed, his friends agree to join in too.

Tom sees this as an opportunity to prove himself and to be a hero. His first mission is to obtain his token, which partly protects him from various dangers in Cromar. He can't help but feel special and almost invincible when he succeeds. He later saves Runar Praedo from commiting suicide, but puts himself and Stanley in great danger. Both barely survive, and Tom gets lost all by himself, eventually leading to him getting cursed by a White Widow, permanently setting his left arm ablaze (as if it's under the effect of an Igni). As his arm is no longer protected from this effect due to the loss of Tom's token, this comes with massive pain and slowly burns off his skin. 

After overcoming various hindrances by himself, he finally reunites with the group. He gets his arm treated and sets out to find his token, not knowing this will only make it worse. 

to be continued...


Tom has always believed in and waited for his time to shine, to give his life a direction and make it meaningful. Though not religious, he believes that every decision is already decided and therefore for the best. He thinks that everything in life is already planned out, and because of this he's very stubborn and careless in making important decisions himself. He often follows his heart way too much, instead of rationally thinking the situation through. Since nothing majorly bad ever happened to him, he's very optimistic about his destiny, and has always believed that his life would turn out right without too much trouble. When getting in trouble during his journey to Cromar, he realizes he has to fight for his destiny. This development leads to him having anxiety attacks, as he has to completely reset his view on life.

Tom has known his friends for years, his best friend being Jessica. He's willing to make great sacrifices for them, as it's a way to prove himself to be a good friend, but (sometimes unfairly) expects his friends to do the same for him. Even though he doesn't have much experience in developing his social skills, he claims to know a lot about humans and human behaviour, which is why his friends usually come to him for advice and often trust him with secrets. He also holds a strong urge to complete things as fast as possible, which sometimes brings out the worst in him. Tom knows about most of his bad sides and usually hides these pretty well, as it's important to him what his friends think of him.   

to be continued...


Boy in Blue


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