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Tobias Andrew James
Tobias James, agent of F.A.N.T.
AGE 28 (in 2018)
BIRTHPLACE Washington, D.C.

Tobias James is an agent of F.A.N.T. After a rough childhood, Tobias became a skilled New York City police officer with the help of his best friend Hayley. A traumatic incident that he caused changed his entire life, and prompted him to move to the capital where he became a solo F.A.N.T agent. Upon being assigned to a case in the city he came from, Tobias was forced to confront his demons and literal demons in the form of the Devil and his army.

Tobias was created by Inora. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Tobias is a tall and skinny man in his late 20s. He has curly black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, a stubble, and he's usually smiling. When at work he wears a black business suit with a bright red tie and a F.A.N.T badge pinned to his chest, with matching pants and dark brown boots.


Early History

Tobias was born in New York City to a kind father and a mother who abandoned them both when he was young. As a child, Tobias' father was a boxer who frequently took up different jobs to support them. While attending first grade, Tobias befriended Hayley, a little girl who he would become best friends with over the years. Due to his awkward personality and being skinny, Tobias was often bullied, but his father taught him how to fight.

As a young man, Tobias' father was killed by a mugger when he tried to stop a crime. This motivated him to join the NYPD with the help of Hayley, who had become an officer. His wit and experience with fighting allowed him to easily get in, and the two became partners. One night, while on a stakeout, Tobias rushed into danger, which resulted in her being killed.

This traumatized Tobias and gave him PTSD as well as an aversion to working with others. Refusing to get help and running from his problems, Tobias moved to Washington, D.C. Unwilling to stop helping people, Tobias signed up for F.A.N.T, where he passed every exam with ease. The organization's director at the time, Helen Rizzo, saw his potential but was concerned by his inability to work with others. Deciding to make him a solo agent, Rizzo vowed to keep her eye on him, but died before she could learn everything. She was replaced by her close friend Eric Sinn.

Devilish (Volume 1)

Director Sinn took notice of Arial appearing in New York City, and assigned Tobias the job of tracking her down and learning her intentions. He happily accepted this case and flew out to the city, where he relaxed and enjoyed the sights. Upon seeing her on a news broadcast after she exposed a trafficking ring, Tobias tracked her down to the Luxury Apartments building.

He conducted his interview and found that the two were both running from their problems rather than confronting them. Deciding that she was helpful rather than harmful, the two parted as he headed home. This was interrupted by the Devil's invasion, which closed the city off from the rest of the world and created mayhem. As NYPD officers attempted to control the situation, they were outmatched by the demons.

Afraid of trying to help them due to his PTSD, Tobias had a crippling panic attack. Remembering something Hayley once said to him, Tobias fought through the panic attack and used experimental ice grenades provided by F.A.N.T's engineers to assist them. He found that these were incredibly effective against the demons, but found himself running low on them as demon after demon attacked.

When things were looking grim, Arial came to the rescue alongside her new friend Amanda, an angel. He introduced the grenades to her, which she kept in mind, before they decided to strategize in her apartment alongside her roommate Jack. She explained the situation and the three headed out, with Arial locking Jack in the apartment to protect him. After searching and fighting, things seemed grim for the trio.

Luckily, Jack came to their rescue, and used his car to get them much closer to the Devil. They teamed up with demons Gethen and Tatsu to fight the villain, but he easily defeated the four and trapped them before confronting Arial. Although it seemed as if they had lost, Arial created two of the ice grenades and used them to freeze him for an eternity, releasing her friends.

Inspired by Arial's courage, Tobias decided to finally get help. She created a car for him so he could drive to the F.A.N.T airfield, and he set off after thanking her. After getting back to Washington, Tobias got a therapist to work through his issues while continuing to work for the organization.


Tobias is a pretty friendly person. He gets along with most people he meets and makes friends easily, willing to talk and listen to their problems and try to help. Always the optimist, Tobias tries to get people to look at things as he does, and often jokes around in almost any situation. This kind of earnest charm makes him popular with people and perfect for cases where he needs to learn information.

Despite this happy and warm exterior, there's a very insecure and solemn person underneath it. Having lost his family and his best friend, Tobias covers up his sadness with jokes and struggles to face grief head on. This ends up making his issues even worse, giving him PTSD and a deeply rooted guilt inside his heart. Although he's working to solve these issues now, he was only able to after working with others and seeing real courage.

Loyal to the government and F.A.N.T, Tobias has a great respect for law enforcement, but does see the value in having vigilantes around. Although usually charming in situations like parties, Tobias can be rather awkward and dorky around people he finds attractive or idolizes. Around the latter he tends to be a bit of a fanboy, doing research and being in awe upon meeting them.


Tobias is a regular human. This means he has all the strengths and weaknesses of the species, although he's stronger and more athletic than the average human due to a combination of exercise and F.A.N.T combat training. He also has a college level education and attended police academy. He's skilled at interacting with others and learning information.

In combat, Tobias is a skilled fighter, using his wits to take down enemies. His fighting style resembles that of a boxer's due to how he learned to fight. This means that he often relies on jabs and brute force rather than graceful techniques. Usually taking on creatures stronger than him, this means he has to use his brain and size to defeat his opponents.

As one would expect, Tobias is armed with a standard issue pistol for F.A.N.T agents. While not an exceptional marksman, years of training and experience have made him rather proficient. He can also use other weapons due to training, and is often equipped with special weapons developed by the organization's engineering division. Tobias' weaknesses are nothing surprising, he's only human, which means one good shot could bring him down.



Tobias and Hayley were best friends since childhood. She often looked out for him while he brightened her life up with his sense of humor and kindness. Upon becoming an officer, Hayley vouched for her close friend due to his skill at fighting and good heart, though he suspects this was influenced by their friendship. It's implied that Tobias might've had a crush on her and she might've reciprocated this, but she died before anything could happen.

Responsible for her death, Tobias was crushed and quit the NYPD before moving to another city. This incident influenced his choices, with him being incapable of working with others without having a panic attack. Even in death though, Hayley helped him out as he remembered that she told him once that people had a duty to help others if they could. This is what inspired him to work through his issues and fight the demons alongside Arial and the others.


Arial and Tobias met through circumstance, with him being sent to investigate if she was a positive force on Earth or a negative one. He quickly realized that she was a hero while she appreciated that he was reasonable and kind, the two bonding over the fact that they were both running from their problems. They turned from allies to friends in the battle against the Devil, with Arial's bravery inspiring Tobias to deal with his issues and his bravery in confronting the demons impressing her. As a parting gift for his assistance, she created a car for him to return home with.

Eric Sinn

Tobias greatly respects Sinn, who values his skills even if he finds the agent a bit quirky and eccentric. Sinn personally chose Tobias for the case given how discreet he is.

Helen Rizzo

Rizzo saw Tobias' potential but found him somewhat awkward and strange. She made him an agent, though she was curious about how his anxieties would affect him. She unfortunately died before she could learn.

The Devil

Tobias viewed the Devil as any mortal would, a terrifying being of evil, but decided to confront him anyways. The Devil merely viewed him as another weak mortal.


Tobias and Amanda rarely interacted, with them trusting each other because of their friendships with Arial. He seemed in awe of her being an angel, while she was impressed with his courage. Despite this, they didn't know each other very well, making their brief meetings somewhat awkward.


Gethen and Tobias fought together against the Devil and his demons, but it's unknown how they feel about each other.


Tatsu and Tobias fought together against the Devil and his demons, but it's unknown how they feel about each other.


While Tobias was uninterested in Jack and he found the agent rather strange, the two gained mutual respect for each other during the fight against the demons.



  • Tobias was named after Arial's human host back when she was a dream demon. His middle name comes from .scatteredreams, her creator.