Toads Vs Kongs Castle Jungle Warfare 2 is a third person shooting game parody of Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and is the sequel to Toads Vs Kongs Castle Jungle Warfare. Since the dawn of time, the Toads have protected the Mushroom Kingdom from the Kongs. But now, the world has changed. The Kongs have finally won, and have changed the Mushroom Kingdom into the Kong Kingdom. And now, for the very first time the Toads are now on the attack take back the Mushroom Kingdom.



New Toads:

  • Sorceress Toadette: She is a sorceress from the past who can turn Kongs into sheep.
  • Colonel Toad: He is an army commander with 2 rapid fire mushroom guns.
  • Future Toad: He is a gangster future who can spin on his head to take out Kongs.

Returning Toads:

  • Soldier Toad
  • Nurse Toad
  • Bagger Toad
  • Spiky Toad


New Kongs:

  • Crazy Kong: He is a future Kong who can call in his DK Mech to clear things in his way.
  • Captain Apebeard: He is a pirate captain Kong who can use his Super Squawks to zap Toads.
  • Super Ape: He is a superhero Kong who can fight with his hands.

Returning Kongs:

  • Foot Soldier Kong
  • Scientist Kong
  • Engineer Kong
  • All-Star Kong

Fortress Battleground

Fortress Battleground is a living Toad Vs Kong world with Toads and Kongs battling for the Mushroom Kingdom or the Kong Kingdom. On one side is Princess Peach's base and the remains of the Mushroom Kingdom and on the other side is Donkey Kong's base and the constructions of the Kong Kingdom. "More Coming Soon"

Spawnable Toads and Kongs

(Toad Warriors)

  • Toad Warrior
  • Pumpkin Toad
  • Terracotta Toad
  • Lily Pad Shield Toad
  • Wood Shield Toad
  • Log Toad
  • Stone Toad
  • Heal Toad
  • Exploding Toad
  • Flag Toad
  • Hypno Toad


  • Gatling KongBot
  • Rocket KongBot
  • Mr. Toasty
  • Orbital KongBot
  • Boxer KongBot
  • Mr. Toxic
  • Explody KongBot
  • Mr. Freezy
  • Loudmouth KongBot
  • Hide-n-Shoot KongBot

(Growable Toad)

  • Toad Cannon
  • Gatling Toad
  • Scardey Toad
  • TBA

(Spawnable Kongs)

  • Kong Monkey
  • Conehead Kong Monkey
  • Buckethead Kong Monkey
  • TBA

Game Modes



  • Castle Ops
  • Team Vanquish
  • Castles and Jungles
  • Bomb Base
  • TBA

"More Coming Soon"


Captain Apebeard

Captain Apebeard

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