By boogity! Mario/Luigi, I have found Bowser's current location, but something is very odd; he seems to be the sky!
Toadbert to Mario/Luigi, Super Mario Exploit
AGE Unknown
CLASS Helper

Toadbert is a male Toad who debuted in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He seems to be good friends with Toadiko and has a tendency to say by boogity very often. He is easily one of the most recurring Toad characters throughout the Mario & Luigi series (others include Toad and Toadsworth). Toadbert is distinguished by his blue mushroom cap with white spots and thick glasses.

Toadbert appears to be on very good terms with Mario Bros. as seen by the help that he had provided for them throughout the series like in Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure.


Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Toadbert appears in various parts in the game and helps the Mario Bros. a few times.

Mario & Luigi: The New Saga of Trouble

Toadbert appears on this game with a minor role, he is the owner of the Toadbert's Lab and help Mario with the Virtual World things.

Super Mario Nation

Toadbert is confirmed to be playable (for his artwork only) in Super Mario Nation.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Toadbert appears briefly in Lets-a-go, Mario. He only appears in the intro, telling Mario and Luigi about Bowser's plan. He rarely appears anywhere else in the game.

Super Mario Bros. V

Toadbert appears in Super Mario Bros. V to give you the Holospeaker he also gives it major updates Blue Toad gives the minor updates


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