Toad Town
Toad Town
Mario and Parakarry, traveling through Toad Town.
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Capital N/A
Current Ruler Princess Peach
Current Inhabitant(s)
Toads, Humans
Location Type City

Toad Town is the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom and it is situated just south of Princess Peach's Castle and surrounding villages include Goomba Village and Koopa Village. It was originally called Mushroom Kingdom same as the country however it was renamed Toad Town. The territory of town is 250 millions of square kilometers.


  • Downtown Zone
  • East Zone
  • West Zone
  • North Zone
  • South Zone

Main Avenues:

  • Mushroom Ave - 600 mi (1200 km)
  • Koopa Ave - 52 mi (104 km)


Diaper Duty 2: The Eggs

In Diaper Duty 2: The Eggs under the orders of Baby Bowser Kammy Koopa the Magikoopa attacked the city trying to destroy it only to be stopped by Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, it was much larger here when they rebuilt the city it must have been made smaller, to suit the nature of the peaceful Toad population.

Super Paper Dimentio

The city is seen briefly in Super Paper Dimentio, the player needed to travel here to unlock the secret character Blopper the Blooper.

Paper Bleck

The city appears in Paper Bleck where the town cook is Swee T.

Coco Burger

Toad Town appears as one of the cities in Coco Burger where Toads are your main customers, the city is rather quiet for business but the customers are easy to handle, they love Mushrooms and once they have a strong loyalty basis they will try anything that you serve them, they are good at spreading a positive reputation.

Super Mario Nation

Although not directly called Toad Town, the first area in Super Mario Nation is called Toad Square. At the start of the game, Mario fights R.O.B.O.O.T., a giant Wrecking Crane with a Wrecking Ball that is really a boot with a face. After defeating it, Bowser escapes with Princess Peach and goes after her.

Mario & Luigi: Virtual Quest

At the beginning of the game, when Mario, Luigi, and Bowser enter Toad Town, it had been abandoned because of the evil Shamrock, except for two little shacks side-by-side. The only residents remaining are 2 Red Toads, a Blue Toad, a Yellow Toad, two female Pink Toads, Toadsworth, and Toad. At the end of the game, the town is back to normal.

Super Mario Revival series

Toad Town is the most featured location in the Super Mario Revival series. Many of the episodes take place here, and Mario and his friends are shown hanging out here more often than any other area in the Mushroom Kingdom. While it is normally a peaceful place, it has been under attack on a number of occasions.

In this series, Toad Town uses its design from the Super Mario Galaxy games.

Friendly rivalry opening scene

Daisy and Waluigi running in Toad Town in the opening of season 1.

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