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A group of Toads from Super Mario Run.
Species Origin N/A
Rarity Common
Alignment Good
Average Behavior Kind
Habitat(s) Mushroom Kingdom
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Cosmic Toad
Baby Toad
Captain Toad
Toad Mary
Blue Toad
Yellow Toad
Green Toad
Dr. Toadley
Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach

Toads are a race native to the Mushroom Kingdom. They appear to be the dominant race despite the fact that their monarch is a Human. They also seem to be native to almost every major city in the Mushroom Kingdom including Rogue Port and Shroom City but predominantly in Toad Town, which is either named after the race or the character. There are many colors of toads including green, blue, and red.

Many Toads serve Princess Peach as retainers (except one of the Blue Toads, as confirmed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he serves Princess Daisy) or guards in her castle. They appear to be very good at mundane activities. Whenever Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopa Troop attempt to kidnap the Princess, more often than not, they'll panic.

Toad first appeared in Super Mario Bros. In this game, they are known as Mushroom Retainers. In Super Mario Bros. 2, Toad makes his playable debut alongside Peach; in this game, Toad wears a blue cap. This blue Toad is also playable in Super Mario 3D World.

Notable members include Toad himself, Toadette and Toadsworth.


Toads appear to be keen athletes who are very good at many sports such as kart racing, tennis, baseball, golf, hockey, soccer and the rugby league. Despite their keen physical fitness, they are rarely seen as the heroes of games, and are often depicted as victims.

Mushroom Caps

The Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Fuchsia Toads.

All Toads have special mushroom caps on top of their heads (just like actual mushrooms). It is debatable whether these mushroom caps are actually parts of the Toads or sorts of hats. It should be noted that the movements of Toads' mushroom caps in Super Mario Strikers suggest that they are more like hats than parts of the Toads.

However, Super Mario Odyssey suggests that these mushroom caps are part of the Toad and cannot be taken off, given that Bonnetors can be found on top of their caps. Likewise, dialogue in the Mushroom Kingdom suggests that hats are some kind of new thing for Toads, implying that the bulbs aren't hats. If the Mushroom Caps are part of the Toad, it is possible that different 2-color combinations on the cap represent the Toad's gender, as mushrooms in real life have a lot of genders (in the quintuple digits). 

The coloring of the spots on any respective Toad's mushroom cap reveals intimate details about their personality, especially in the Paper Mario series and the games that follow it. In fact, if Mario or another character talks to any Toad, they will behave like other Toads with the same colored cap as them. Some say that the different colors are genders, as mushroom genders do not function like animal ones and are much more numerous. The rarest Toad gender, if that is true, the rarest gender is the Permanent Geranium Lake Toad with only 21 known instances. Thankfully, Toads reproduce by themselves.

  • Red Toads: The most common coloration of Toad; very subservient. An example is Toad.
  • Green Toads: Shy and always happy to talk to Mario. Second-most common coloration.
  • Blue Toads: The smartest or youngest Toads have blue spotted caps. An example is Toadbert.
  • Yellow Toads: Cowardly, sleepy, and love to tell jokes. This coloration first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Purple Toads: This coloration likes to give Mario hints, and most deliver mail. First appearance was Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Cyan Toads: Like to swim or sail. Can hold their breath underwater for a long time.
  • Orange Toads: Very brave. First appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Pink Toads: Most of the time, those are female. Male ones, however, like to be rough and tough. Toadette seems to be one of the Pink Toads, but has a pink cap and white spots.
  • Indigo Toads: Explore the whole wide world.
  • Brown Toads: Either Toads who like to dig and have a passion for caves, or elderly male Toads. A possible example is Toadsworth.
  • Lavender Toads: Toads who like to invent or learn alchemy. Elderly female Toads usually have this coloration.
  • Navy Toads: They like to draw.
  • Lime Toads: These love to eat, drink, sleep, and eat. Quite lazy.
  • White Toads: These Toads are very unfair to each other.
  • Black Toads: A little mischievous.

There are special kinds of Toads that aren't marked by their cap color, but rather through other details on their body.

  • Tail Toads and Tanooki Toads: Toads powered up by a Super Leaf.
  • Bomb Toads: Like to explode. Their black caps turn red when they're about to blow.
  • Glowing Red Toads: Their caps can glow. So far, they only appear in New Super Mario Bros. 8.
  • Wrath Toads: Toads that were locked away under the Mushroom Kingdom millions of years ago by Peach's predecessors. They have unstoppable rage, thunder powers, and are enhanced with a Metal Box.
  • Sarasalandian Toad: These Toad types originated from Sarasaland, living under the rule of Princess Daisy. They do not have spots; their caps are giant and brown, and they wear light blue vests with golden yellow trims.

Types of Toads

There are very few variations of Toads, as they seem to be a very basic species. However, there are also some sub-species. There's an extraterrestrial variant known as Cosmic Toads, which have stars on their caps instead of circular spots. They were set to appear in Super Mario Galaxy, only to be replaced by the Toad Brigade and the Lumas at the last second. However, promotional artwork for a new Paper Partners game shows a Cosmic Toad. Another desert variant are the Dryites, which have turbans instead of Mushroom Caps. Their only appearance was in the N64 game Paper Mario.


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