SSB Mario Series
Toad's placeholder art, from Nintendo Kids Club (Europe).
Series Super Mario
Debut Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Weight Light
Size Small
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Default
Final Smash (default) Super Pickaxe
Final Smash (custom) Giant Tanooki Statue

SSB Mario Series
MP7 Toadette
Toadette's placeholder art, from Mario Party 7.
Series Super Mario
Debut Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (2003)
Weight Light
Size Small
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Default
Final Smash (default) Super Pickaxe
Final Smash (custom) Giant Tanooki Statue

Toad finally joins the fray! He's light but fast, and he knows how to use the items he stocks at the many Toad Houses.
Description for Toad

Toadette is an extra alt for Toad. While mostly bein in spinoff titles, Toadette has ventured with Captain Toad once.
Description for Toadette

Toad is one of the default characters in Super Smash Bros. Zenith. He's one of the staple Mario characters, usually aiding Mario on his quest by giving away items and power-ups.

Despite his importance, this is the first time Toad actually participates as a fighter. Before Zenith, Toad was the Standard Special move of Peach.

Toadette is an alternate character choice for Toad. She is usually Toad's partner in the Spinoff Mario titles, but has recently made an appearance in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and also made a cameo in Super Mario Galaxy.



Standard/Tilted Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Attack Toad jabs with one fist, then pounces with two.
Side Attack Toad headbutts the opponent.
Up Attack Toad swipes upward with a Turnip.
Down Attack Toad attacks with two fists while crouching
Dash Attack Toad makes a small jump and then kicks the opponent.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Side Smash Attack Toad releases damaging spores from one side
Up Smash Attack Toad releases damaging spores upwards.
Down Smash Attack Toad releases damaging spores on both sides.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Aerial Attack Toad spins in the air with a Raccoon Tail.
Front Aerial Attack Toad throws a Turnip.
Back Aerial Attack Toad kicks a Turnip behind him.
Up Aerial Attack Toad smashes the opponent with a Brick Block.
Down Aerial Attack Toad drops a Grab Block downwards.

Floor/Edge Attack

Move Description
Floor Attack (Front) Gets up and then headbutts.
Floor Attack (Back) Gets up and then headbutts.
Floor Attack (Trip) Headbutts while getting up.
Edge Attack Gets up and releases a few spores.


Move Description
Grab Toad has a very short grab.
Pummel Toad releases spores to damage the opponent
Frontward Throw Toad throws the opponent a la Super Mario Bros. 2.
Backward Throw Toad uses a Hammer to smack the opponent to the opposite direction
Upward Throw Toad headbutts the opponent upwards.
Downward Throw Toad Ground Pounds the opponent to the ground.

Special Moves

Move Name Description
Neutral Special Move Default Boomerang Throw Toad tosses a Boomerang. It will return to Toad and can hit its opponent twice.
Custom 1 Hammer Throw Toad tosses a Hammer. It does more damage, but isn't thrown straight nor does it return.
Custom 2 Shell Throw Toad throws a Green Shell. It does slightly more damage but can also hit Toad himself. Toad can only use this move again if the Shell disappears.
Custom 3 Superball Throw Toad tosses a Superball, which will bounce on a 45 degree angle three times.
Side Special Move Default Double Counter This is a counter move. If an opponent hits Toad while using this, Toad will use a Double Cherry to multiply behind the opponent as both Toads kick them before the cloned Toad disappears.
Custom 1 Frog Counter If an opponent hits Toad while using this move, Toad will kick the opponent from above and leap over him with a Frog Suit.
Custom 2 Double Shield Regardless if an opponent hits him, Toad uses a Double Cherry to multiply himself, in order to use the clone Toad as a shield. This is not a counter move.
Custom 3 Double Sneak Holding on this move and a shadow will move forward while Toad is standing still. Release the button, and Toad uses a Double cherry to create his clone on the same spot as the shadow, which will promptly kick before disappearance.
Up Special Move Default Propeller Block Toad twirls high in the air with a Propeller block, doing little damage but multiple hits. Then Toad will descent slowly, but can do a second attack by spinning immediately to the ground.
Custom 1 Powerful Propeller Block Toad's Propeller Block will do more damage, but won't go as high in the air.
Custom 2 Horizontal Propeller Block Toad's block won't go as high in the air, but get much more horizontal coverage in return.
Custom 3 Propeller Hitch Toad will twirl in the air, but will release the block, as the Propeller block spins upward on its own. Toad won't be able to descent slowly or do a second attack.
Down Special Move Default Tanooki Statue Toad transforms into a statue version of himself to drop downwards. Toad won't be knocked back in this state either.
Custom 1 Golden Cat Statue Toad Transforms into a gold statue version. Releases Coins that heal Toad for 1% per coin until he hits the ground, but opponents can hit him more easily.
Custom 2 Slanted Tanooki Statue Toad's Statue will drop while lying on its side, but doesn't do very much damage.
Custom 3 Tanooki Counter Toad's Statue will drop down, but when it hits an attacking opponents, Toad turns back in its normal self and releases powerful spores that sends opponents flying. Toad will turn back immediately without attacking if it hits the ground or a non-attacking opponent.
Final Smash Default Super Pickaxe Toad picks up a Super Pickaxe, and swings with it like it's a Hammer. Unlike with the Hammer item, Toad can do a few jumps, but still cannot use any special moves.
Custom Giant Tanooki Statue Toad pulls an enormous Tanooki Statue out of the ground and then throws it. All opponents being hit get KO'd. The Tanooki Statue will only do damage in the original throw.


Subject Description
On-screen Appearance Toad appears from a Toad House, as it yells "Let's go!"
Taunts Up Taunt Toad will show a random Power-up (Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower, Super Star or Cape Feather)
Side Taunt Toad looks around in an awing manner.
Down Taunt Toad gets trapped in a sack, but then jumps out of it.
Victory Poses Pose #1 Toad gets a Power Star and clumsily dances around it.
Pose #2 Toad jumps upwards wile making the letter V with his fingers.
Pose #3 Toad pulls a 1-Up Mushroom out of a sack while gleefully laughing.
Boxing Ring Title (US) World's Most Loyal Subject
Boxing Ring Title (UK) Power-Up Collector
Victory Fanfare Victory! Super Mario Orchestral remix of the Course Clear fanfare from Super Mario Bros. The Brawl version is used.
Credits Theme in All-Star Captain Toad's Theme
Home Stage 3D Land


Smash Trophies

Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Toad (Super Mario) Toad is an individual of an entire species of mushroom retainers, also called Toads. Often, they are kidnapped alongside Peach, but they stay in their cozy Toad Houses just as often, waiting for Mario so they can give him something useful. Toad has been alongside Mario for many years, and even got to venture alongside him, too. Toad has always been a loyal friend! NES Super Mario Bros. (1985) Clear Straight Classic as Toad
NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
Toad (Alt) This is the first time Toad actually joins Smash as an individual fighter, rather than a part of Peach's moves. A bunch of his Special Moves are from Power-ups that Toad has given Mario on his quest, including a Tanooki Suit and a Boomerang Flower. His Up move allows a massive recovery from a Propeller Block, which is nice since Toad can't jump that high on his own. And he might just use a Super Leaf when he's in the air. NES Super Mario Bros. (1985) Clear Multipath Classic as Toad
NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
Super Pickaxe (Final Smash) Toad's Final Smash. Toad will get access to a Super Pickaxe, which is just like a Hammer, only a bit more powerful, and allows a second jump. You still need to watch out to not get knocked off the stage, that will be really disappointing. To be bluntly frank, it isn't per say Toad that has used this thing before, but Captain Toad! But don't worry, Captain Toad doesn't mind - he's already busy on his next adventure, anyways. Wii U Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014) Clear Regular All-Star as Toad
Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-)
Giant Tanooki Statue Toad's Custom Final Smash. Toad will pluck a tuft of grass, and then this ancient thing pops out! Thought Toad's Tanooki Statue was already troublesome? Then you won't like this humongous Tanooki Statue, representing... uhm... something religious, I guess. As you might expect, Toad will toss it, and will hit with guaranteed KOs about anyone in its way, but only once. It's a hefty thing, so don't waste it! Wii U Super Smash Bros. Zenith (-) Clear Random All-Star as Toad
Toadette This is a good friend of Toad, but their exact relation is unknown. Are they a couple, or just siblings? Or neither? Whatever. Anyway, Toadette may replace, or fight alongside Toad in Smash. She has the exact same moves as Toad, so don't fret. Toadette hasn't been in any mayor Mario titles besides spinoffs, but she has traveled alongside Captain Toad in an adventure just before Mario and pals went to the Sprixie Kingdom. NGC Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (2003) Random Trophy
Wii U Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)


Name Image Description Appears In How to Unlock
Toad and Wanda There was a game that starred Toad way before Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, but if you saw the title alone, you might've thought it was a Wario game instead! Wario's Woods was an NES title in which Toad has to align enemies with bombs of the same color, and Wanda, that blonde fairy in red, provided him with those bombs. However, Wario may show up once in a while to lock up Wanda, replacing her with a Pidgit and cause more havoc. NES Wario's Woods (1994) Random Trophy
Toad Brigade Five Toads with each a distinct spot and vest color may show up in Mario games since Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Galaxy introduced us to such a group, but unlike the one in Super Mario Sunshine, they were brave enough to search for treasure and aid Mario on his space quest. They are led by Captain Toad, a red Toad that eventually starred in his own game in search for Power Stars. Wii Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Random Trophy
Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Toad House If you come across one of these mushroom-shaped houses, please stop by! If you do, you'll be able to get a nifty Power-up from Toad or one of his friends, and those can really help upon your quest. Sometimes, however, you have to do minigames in order to get them, like a matching game. There are actually several Toad Houses: the red one gives you regular Power-ups, the green ones extra lives, and the yellow ones a Super Star. NES Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990) Random Trophy
Wii New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii (2009)
Blue Toad and Yellow Toad These Toads are NOT part of the Toad Brigade, don't make that mistake! These guys sometimes help Mario and Luigi on their princess-saving quest, because unlike most Toads, they have the courage and skills to catch up with Mario. Though, it is a bit weird to have these guys hanging around. They aren't sketchy or anything, but it seems like Mario never met these guys before. Where did they come from? Wii New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii (2009) Random Trophy
Wii U New SUPER MARIO BROS. U (2012)

Alternate Costumes

Color Image Description Notes
SSBZToadAltRed White cap with red spots, blue vest and white shorts This is Toad's appearance from Super Mario Bros. 2 (artwork-wise) onward.
Blue SSBZToadAltBlue White cap with blue spots, red vest and white shorts. Reference to Blue Toad, but with a red vest instead
Yellow SSBZToadAltYellow White cap with yellow spots, yellow vest and white shorts. Reference to Yellow Toad.
Green SSBZToadAltGreen White cap with green spots, green vest and white shorts. Reference to Green Toad.
Purple SSBZToadAltPurple White cap with magenta spots, magenta vest and white shorts. Reference to Purple Toad.

Color Image Description Notes
Pink cap with white spots, crimson vest and pink dress. Toadette's appearance since Mario Party 6.
Cyan Cyan cap with white spots, blue vest and cyan dress.
Chartreuse Chartreuse cap with white spots, green vest and chartreuse dress.
Orange Orange cap with white spots, brown vest and orange dress. Based on Toadette's original dress coloration from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
White White cap with pink spots, pink vest and white dress. Reverse coloration similar to other Toads.

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