"This is agent Toad reporting. I've acquired a Goomba costume and I'm going into Bowser's Castle. Tell agents Stevenson, Looker, and Hyde I don't need their assistance. This mission is too difficult to risk the live of more than agent. Well, I must go. Toad reporting out.."

Toad had a mission. It was to sneak into Bowser's Castle and find out about Bowser's star powers(since he is a Star Child). This is how he did his mission. Toad was walking on Vista Hill. "All right." he said and put on his Gommba costume. He walked up to the Koopa Troopa guards. "Identification?" they asked. "Goomba #347" Toad replied. But the Koopas said "Goomba #347 died bravely in Dinosaur Land. You are an impostor!" Toad took off the costume and shot the 2 Koopas with his Super Scope. Toad was very sneaky. But he ran into some Fire Bros. His close-range Zapper knocked them out cold. He got to Bowser's chamber. Bowser wasmaking black stars appear from his hands. Dark Magic! Bowser saw Toad and called Mecha-Bowser. Fortunately, Toad's FBI-Class F.L.U.D.D. shotgun was the trick against Mecha-Bowser. Bowser escaped. But Toad was able to report that Bowser's star power was dark magic. Now it is in the files of the FBI.

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