Toad's Time to Shine
The Boxart for the game.(credits to Nerdude or LegendaryIce)
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer RPG
Series Mario
Media Included Game
Toad's Time to Shine is Poisonshot's new game. It is centered about Toad.


It all started in a normal day. Toad was sleeping, like normally, in his house in Mushroom Gorge. He then looks around for her sister, Toadette. He doesn't notice her in her room, through. "She must've areadly waken up", through Toad. He looked around in the kitchen, but she wasn't there either. After looking all around his house, Toad concludes that Toadette must have exited the house to take a walk. When he looks outside, he sees the trace of a car. Following it, he got into the gorge's cave, and found Toadette's mushroom cap. Toad realise she's been kidnapped, because no toad would remove his or her cap normally. He travels through the cave, and finds a tower. He enters it, only to find out it is overrun with Bowser's minions. At the tower's top, he finds the Reznor Bros. He fights them, but the Reznor Bros beats him in no time before they laugh and say he'll never be able to save his sister, before kicking him out of the castle. He goes in Blue Toad and Yellow Toad's house, knowing that he might get help from here. The two toads teach the red toad how to battle enemies, and give him a spear. Toad then goes back to Reznor Tower, and this time he beats the Reznor Bros. They say they'll be back before running away. Toad looks around, and realise they didn't kidnap Toadette.

He decides to go in Bowser's new "Neo" Castle. He has to travel through the maze that is the Neo Bowser City before entering Bowser's training room. He gets attacked by Bowser's troops, so he goes in the castle's sewer, and find out there was a bunch of Piranha Plants into it. After managing to escape the sewers, he ends up in the worst place he could be: Bowser's Throne. Toad fights Bowser, because he through Bowser kidnapped Toadette. After defeating him, it ends up Bowser didn't kidnap Toadette: In fact, Bowser Jr. got kidnapped too! Bowser decides to support him in his quest, and gives him the neoPhone. The koopa then shows to him an escape out of Neo Bowser Castle.

It leads to Moon Desert. As Toad goes in it, he thinks it looks suspiciously familiar, untill he get to the landfill, that doesn't looks familiar. Deep down the landfill was an entrace to a Pyramid. Toad goes in the pyramid, and in the center of it, he finds a portal to subcon. Just before he goes in it, the Reznor Bros block him and fight him again. They explain they now work for the evil Wart, and that they're boosted with "Nightmare Power". Despite beign much stronger, they lose, and Toad proceeds to enter Subcon.

He is in a mase of clouds. He then gets hit by a Ninji, who escapes to a tall, golden castle. Toad chases him because he knows he stole something until the Ninji is out of view, but luckily, he got out of the cloud maze. He is, instead, in a temple full of traps and holes leading to who-knows-where. Despite how dangerous the temple was, Toad managed to pass it, and then discovered an ENORMOUS army of Shy Guys, Pokeys, Snifits, ect. Despite how enormous the army was, Toad managed to get past it, and entered the gold castle. He finds the Ninji from before, giving Wart Toadette's Mushroom Cap, seemigly beign the thing he stolen. Wart simply rips it in half, making Toadette, who is in a cage, cry. Toad calls him a monster before fighting Wart. After seemingly beating him, he tries recuing Toadette, but Wart uses the last of his power to kick him out of the castle, accidently breaking a cage Bowser Jr. was in.

Toad falls in Peach Beach. He looks around and finds a secret pipe apparently even Mario didn't knew about. He enters it, and finds out an entire town of Poison Toad lives in it. Toad explains what happened and why he is there. Believing him, a Poison Toad gives him a Poison Mushroom. Toad finds another pipe. He ends up in the sky and falls out of the clouds, crashing into Mario's house's chimney. Toad explains that Toadette got kidnapped by Wart. Before he could tell him anything, Mario rushes to Bowser's Castle. Toad then calls Bowser through the neoPhone to tell him he told Mario about Toadette beign kidnapped, and that he is going to attack him. Bowser then leaves the Castle. Shortly after calling Bowser, Toad goes to Peach's Castle. Peach tells him that an alien race, the Topman, have been spotted through the castle. She ask him to examinate the Galactic Hill, the place where Topmans are seen the most. He goes at the top of it(no pun intended), and finds out Topmaniac was here with a Monolith spawning Topmans and Topminis. Tomaniac fights him, and luckily enough, Toad wins. Topmaniac apologises for the troubles and leaves the planet along with the other minions.

A cutscene is shown in which Mario is in Bowser's Neo Castle, but find out he's not here and Toadette's not in it, making him think maybe someone else kidnapped Toadette.

Toad decides to go back to Subcon soon after. Sadly, he sees on the news that most of Moon Desert was destroyed. Thus, he needs to find another entrance. Mario, apparently going back from "saving" Toadette, tells him that he didn't find Toadette, before Toad asked him if he knew an entrance to Moon Pyramid that's not in the Moonview Landfill. Mario tells him that there's one in Lunar Mountain, that is part of the Earthquake Mountain Chain. He goes in it. He travels the tall Mt. Beanchain, braves the hotness of Grumble Volcano, survive the coldness of Avalanche Mountain and goes through the inner parts of his own factory before meeting Wario in his Gold Mountain. He doesn't let him pass to Lunar Mountain because he planned to extract the treasure of it and Moon Pyramid. The two fight, but little did Toad know that Wario was accompagned by his trusty brother, Waluigi. Despite how hard it was to beat the two, he manages to beat them. Wario decides to let him go in Moon Pyramid first.

Toad explores Lunar Mountain. He finds, in a small cave, a slide leading to the portal room. Little did he know that entering the slide awakes the guardian of the pyramid, Squizzard! He has to fight him in a tough fight, but ends up winning and goes through the portal.

When he entered Subcon once again, he felt like something definitely wasn't right. The clouds were there, the sky was the same; yet, he still felt something was wrong. It was until he realise the awkward complete lack of enemies. Upon entering the temple of the clouds, it was completely broken down, and, obviously, there were no enemies. Upon passing the place, he entered a looooooooong road. As he progressed, the sky started becoming a dark red color, and Phantom masks with sad faces were lying around. He then saw a dark, imposing castle. He entered it, and found a machine emmiting dark energy. He powered it down, before seeing in front of him Wart...But he was giant! He was also black with a red cape and eyes. His necklace and crown were purple. Wart was in the form known as Nightmare Wart. The fight seemed nearly impossible to Toad to win. His attacks were all really powerful, and he had so high resistance that even the strongest of moves barely scratched him. He then through about what is Wart's weakness. He then had a flashback of the fight with him on Super Mario Bros 2. He got the answer: Vegetables. After a fight that seemed to take hours, he finally managed to beat Wart. His castle started to crumble, as a pillar felt on Toadette's cage, freeing her. Toad grabs Toadette and quickly escapes the castle...but sadly, two familiar foes, on a wheel with sharp spikes, were chasing him. Despite this, Toad ran behind a pillar, stopping the Reznor duo. He then saw a big opening. He knew he was gonna fall on Peach Beach along with Toadette, but it would be better than simply beign crushed by a pillar.

In the ending of the game, Toad and Toadette are back to their house. They see they have mail. It was an invitation to Yoshi's Island. Thinking that could be a nice vacation trip for them, they decided to go to Yoshi's Island, foreshadowing a sequel to the game. Little did they know that the one who sent the letter was, out of all things, Wart!


The game is an RPG and a platformer in the same time; You have to travel through platforming sections, like platforming game, while fighting enemies in the overworld with different moves. You can also equip different items, like armor or weapons. There is a level up system as well, allowing Toad to go faster, learn new moves, ect.


As said in the text above, Toad have different moves, like:

  • Jump: Jump on the enemy. Is the starting move.
  • Endure: Removes half of the damage got when used. Is another starting move.
  • Spores: Throws spores at the enemies, parasiting them. Learned at level 5.
  • Spin: Spins at the enemy, sometimes knocking them over or making them confused. Learned at level 10.
  • Spinjump: Jump on the enemy while spining, making huge damage and making them confused most of the time. Learned at level 15.
  • Spore Storm: Releases a storm of spores, dealing quite huge damage and draining some life from enemies. Learned at level 20.

Hyper Mode

This mode is unlocked after you finish the game once. It makes the game much harder, by having stronger enemies replacing weaker ones.(Example:Blue Shy Guys replace normal Shy Guys). The music is faster. Finally, the bosses have 2x HP and attack, making them much harder.


Around the game are various shops where you can buy items. Here is a list of them:

  • Clothing Shop: Most mushroom hats and vests are found here.
  • Neo Bowser Shop: Sells "Enemy Data", allowing you to get enemy stats.
  • Poison Toad Shop: Found in Peach's Kingdom's sewer, it sells Poison items such as Poison Mushrooms.
  • Beanish Shop: Sells all Healing Items.


Various statuses can be aflicted to Toad and Enemies, like:

  • Burning: Damages the enemy/player slightly each turn. It can't stack.
  • Poisoning: Same as burning, but it stacks unlike it.
  • Parasiting: A much weaker version of Burning, it drains health and give it to the thing that inflicted it.
  • Cursing: Lowers all stats. Can only be used by enemies.


  • Toad123456Toad: The usually easy to scare Toad decides to brave and save his sister at all costs!
  • Toadette MPNLToadette: Toad's sister, she's been by kidnapped by Bowser...Or someone else?
  • ReznorReznorSMWReznor Bros:Two Reznors who commonly mock Toad. They're usually in towers and castle.
  • Bowser SSB4Bowser: The presumed kidnapper of Toadette, he says he didn't kidnap her, but nobody believes him.
  • Bowser Jr MP9 3Bowser Jr.: He was kidnapped, like Toadette. Nobody knows who kidnapped him through.
  • 250px-Mario SSB4Mario: He through Bowser kidnapped Toadette, but found out he didn't. He later tells Toad about a secret entrance to Moon Pyramid.
  • Wart SLWart: The king of Subcon and an old enemy of Toad, he decide to fight him again after many years! He is the main antagonist.


Toad can use various items in the game, through he doesn't use any powerups. He can also equip various different shroom hats and vests. Here is a list of them, in different classes:

Platforming Items

These items are (usually) grabbable and help Toad in his adventure.

  • Giant glow blockGlowing Block: Can be thrown at enemies to damage them. It also lights up caves.
  • Propeller Block 5-StarPropeller Block: Can propel Toad in the sky.
  • Green Baby YoshiBaby Yoshi: Eats some enemies on the overworld.
  • Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldCoin: Allows Toad to buy items such as the Blue Mushroom Cap.

Healing Items

Despite the name, these items don't only heal! They're just any items that Toad eats, like Super Mushrooms.

  • 170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mushroom: Heals 10 HP
  • 120px-1upmushroomNSMB21UP: Revives the player if it faints.
  • 180px-Super Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Leaf: Heals Poisoning, Burning, Cursing, ect.
  • StatueLeaf LTLStatue Leaf: Heals Poisoning, Burning, ect and doubles defense.
  • 200px-SMG2 DashpepperDash Pepper: Makes the player faster and stronger, but inflicts the Burning status.
  • Acorn MushroomSuper Acorn: Gives Toad more chance to avoid attacks.


These items serve as weapons in the battles. Some are one-use items, while some don't, like Toad Spear and Mushroom Shield.

  • Toad Spear: Works like a sword.
  • 482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldFire Flower: Releases Fireballs.
  • Mushroom Shield: Shields Toad, can be used to bash enemies.
  • Ice Flower SM3DWIce Flower: Can freeze enemies.
  • PoisonMushroomPoison Mushroom: Poisons enemies.
  • 50pxHammer Suit: Throws hammers at foes.


Gives Toad boosts, like more defense.


They upgrade a single stat, with a few exceptions.

  • Red Mushroom: Gives Toad no boosts.
  • Blue Mushroom: Makes Toad faster.
  • Yellow Mushroom: Makes Toad stronger.
  • Green Mushroom: Gives Toad more health.
  • Purple Mushroom: Gives Toad more EXP after battles.
  • Pink Mushroom: Gives Toad more defense.
  • Orange Mushroom: Makes Toad jump higher.
  • Black Mushroom: Gives Toad more evading chance.
  • White Mushroom: Gives Toad more chance to do critical hits.
  • Poison Mushroom Cap: Lowers all of Toad's stats. He can poison enemies in battle, through. In fact, when combined with Poison Vest, it has the strongest Poison in the entire game!
  • Golden Mushroom: Gives all of the above(excluding Poison Mushroom), through it is extremely rare.


They upgrade two stats, but the boosts are less powerful then those of caps, with exceptions.

  • Blue Vest: Gives Toad no boost and no boost.
  • Red Vest: Gives Toad more speed and makes him jump higher.
  • Yellow Vest: Gives Toad more attack and more defense.
  • Green Vest: Gives Toad more EXP after battles and more HP.
  • Poison Vest: Lowers Toad's stats, but give him a chance to poison. In fact, when combined with Poison Mushroom, it has the strongest Poison in the entire game!
  • Grey Vest: Gives Toad more evading chance and more critical hit chance.
  • Diamond Vest: Gives all of the above, excluding Poison Vest of course. It's really rare, and is along with Golden Mushroom the rarest item.

Key Items

These items usually can't be removed from the inventory. They usually have an important role in the plot.

  • Toadette's Mushroom Cap: Can be wore for fun, it is stolen by a Ninji later in the game.
  • neoPhone: Can be used to communicate to Bowser from his castle.


Each area in the game is split into different sections(usually 5 sections).

Mushroom Gorge

This is the place where Toad and his sister live. Occasionally, kart races are made here.

Theme: MKWii Mushroom Gorge


  • Toad's House: The starting area, this is Toad's and Toadette's house.
  • Mushroom Road: A road to various places, for example the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Gorge Cave: A kinda dark cave with glowing mushrooms.
  • Reznor Tower: The tower where Toad fights Reznor Bros. for the first time.
  • Shroom Village: A village where some Toad live, like Blue Toad and Yellow Toad.

Neo Bowser Castle

This is Bowser's new castle. Near it is a big and technologic town with Koopas researching for way to beat the Marios.

Theme: MK7 Neo Bowser City


  • Neo Bowser City: The city near Neo Bowser Castle.
  • Neo Castle Entrace: The place where Bowser's minion train, and the entrace to the castle.
  • Neo Bowser Sewers: The sewers of the technologic castle is infested by Piranha Plants. Some remains from Bowser's first castle are found here.
  • Bowser's Golden Throne: Bowser's throne. Toad fights Bowser here.
  • Secret Exit: A secret, emergency exit from Neo Bowser Castle. Only Bowser's family knew it before Toad found it.

Moon Desert

A desert, where the Moon almost always shine in the night. Despite the name, it is very cold.

Theme: MKWii Moonview Highway


  • Moonview Canyon: It used to be a town, but it got destroyed by Bomb Cars. A few kart racers were, strangely, happy about it.
  • Lunar Landfill: The landfill is full of slippery oil. The oil is so slippery that it actually makes you so fast that it's hard to regain control again.
  • Moon Pyramid: A pyramid that seems to have statues of a moon god, including giant moon statues.
  • Portal Room: A portal leading to Subcon. It is guarded by Reznor Bros, who now are troops controled by Wart. It is one of the only sections visited two times, along with the Subcon area as a whole.
  • Lunar Mountain: This mountain is an alternate entrace to the Portal Room, accessed from the Earthquake Mountain Chain.


The land of was invaded by Wart once, but now he's back!

Theme:MKDS Airship Fortress(First time)/MKWii Bowser's Castle(Second time)


  • Cloud Ruins: Accessed from the Moon Desert, this is Wart's Castle's first defense.
  • Sunlight Temple: The temple where Wart's Castle is.
  • Subcon Army: About 3/4 of Wart's army is here.
  • Wart's Castle: The castle where Wart lives.
  • Nightmare Castle: This castle is Wart's last resort. It is made of pure sadness, rage and fear.

Peach's Kingdom

The place where Princess Peach and the Mario Bros. live. It is also home to several toads.

Theme:MK7 Toad Circuit/Mario Circuit


  • Peach Beach: You fall here from Subcon.
  • Poison Sewers: The place where the Poison Toads live. They used to be mean, but they got exiled from Peach's Kingdom. They now live here.
  • Mario's Town: Mario lives here. Various Toads live here too.
  • Peach's Castle: A castle, it is guarded
  • Galactic Hill: It contains a mysterious monolith...

Earthquake Mountain Chain

A mountain chain made of five mountains, through one of them is considered part of Moon Desert.

Theme: MKWii Grumble Volcano


  • Mt. Beanchain: A bunch of grassy hills are found here, including a populaion of Beanish.
  • Grumble Volcano: An extinct volcano, it got turned into a racetrack with painted water to look like lava.
  • Avalanche Mountain: A very cold mountain. It is so cold that only a small part of it can be visited safely.
  • Toad's Factory: Toad once made a factory for Mario Kart tournaments. Items are mass-produced here.
  • Wario's Mountain of Gold: Wario is so rich that he made for himself a golden mountain. He also put a gold mine in it.



Mushroom Gorge

  • Shy Guy MPNLShy Guy: 3 HP. Moves: Slap.
  • Blue Shy Guy: 5 HP. Moves: Double Slap.
  • Snifit YG99Snifit: 5 HP. Moves: Bullets.
  • Bob-omb FallBob-Omb: 3 HP. Moves: Explode.

Neo Bowser City

  • Triple Bob-omb2Bob-Omb Pack: 2 HP each. Moves: Explode.
  • PokeyNSMBUPokey: 7 HP. Moves: Part Throw
  • Autobomb: 7 HP. Moves: Bombs.
  • Ninji: 3 HP. Moves: Item Steal.

Moon Desert

  • Pokey2NSMBUMega-Pokey: 10 HP. Moves: Part Throw.
  • PhantoSMWWiiPhantos: 8 HP. Moves: Harass.
  • Spark: 5 HP. Moves: Shock.
  • TweeterTweeter: 8 HP. Moves: Pluck.


Subcon has all of the enemies above, plus:

  • Beezos: 10 HP. Moves: Trident.
  • Pidgit: 10 HP. Moves: Magic Beam.
  • Albatoss: 10 HP. Moves: Bob-Omb
  • Ostro: 10 HP. Moves: Pluck.

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Topmini: 5 HP. Moves: Spin.
  • Topman: 10 HP. Moves: Spin.
  • Spring Topman: 15 HP. Moves: Fling.

Earthquake Mountain Chain

  • Panser: 15 HP. Moves: Parasite.
  • Cobrat: 15 HP. Moves: Fireball.
  • Flurry: 15 HP. Moves: Snowball
  • Yellow Shy Guy: 15 HP. Moves: Triple Slap.


Reznor Bros
  • Theme: Mario Kart Wii Boss Theme(Believe it or not, there's actually a boss theme in it)
  • HP: 190
  • Moves: Chainsaw Spin, Minion Call, Sky Drill.
Wario & Waluigi


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Avalanche Mountain: Extended

An extended version of Avalanche Mountain, letting you enter the rest of it(since only a small part is visited normally).


The mountain is divided into three sections(Theme: MK7 Rosalina's Ice World).

  • Ice Pass: The part visited in the game.
  • Avalanche Mountain: Most of the parts not visited in the game are here.
  • Palace Submit: The palace at the submit of the mountain. It contains the boss, Prince Snowy.


Avalanche Mountain contains Flurries and Autobombs as well as a boss, Prince Snowy. He is a flurry king in an Autobomb with four cannons.

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