Timour Kuznetsov Male
180 lbs
48 years old Human
FULL NAME Timour Kuznetsov
BIRTHDAY October 8th, 1972
ALIGNMENT Self-interest
OCCUPATION(S) Meteorologist (currently), weatherman (occasionally), storm chaser (occasionally)
BIRTH LOCATION Ivanovo, Russia

Nyoto, chasing down storms, studying the weather, Islam, Allah, good wine, borshch, pirozhkis


Remembering the past, "butt rock", pork


Timour Kuznetsov is a somewhat popular meteorologist that originates from Ivanovo, Russia, having taken care of his wheelchair-bound father for years. He is a very devoted Muslim that is very thankful for all that Allah has done for him and his family, and believes he and his father are safe as long as he's with them. They currently live together in Topeka, Kansas, where Timour handles his meteorology work and notably pursues storms.


Timour Kuznetsov used to live in a small and frail wooden house with his father Gayvn, his mother Klementina, and his sister Iskra. He was an excellent student and a very devoted Islam follower even back then, praying feverishly to Allah. He didn't have the best temper though, quickly becoming angered if someone were to insult Allah or act condescending to Timour in particular, and would sometimes get violent if pushed enough. However, he was a good kid and would apologize as soon as he realized he had gone too far, especially if he really liked that person. He excelled in mathematics particularly, and had a huge stuffed animal collection that his grandmother provided for him. He also wanted to become a dentist like his father.

He lived a rather average life up until he reached the age of eleven, when he had to endure his first encounter with a tornado. This one, a monstrous F5 tornado, spawned during the June 1984 outbreak and was heading straight for his neighborhood. Gayvn and Klementina, having little time to spare, pinned down Timour and Iskra respectively and balled themselves around them as the tornado made its arrival. It didn't make direct contact, but its heavy winds still partially destroyed their home, and flying debris would come rushing through. Gayvn survived albeit with severe injuries from getting sliced up with flying glass, but his wife and daughter would get fatally crushed by a vehicle that came rolling through. With Gayvn on the verge of death, Timour called an ambulance as the two were rushed into instant care.

Timour declined to attend the funerals of his mother and sister, feeling too miserable about his losses to feel comfortable arriving there. He stayed with his father's friend Vasilissa, who had taken a liking to him and offered him and his father to stay in her home until they could afford to move elsewhere. Timour had trouble concentrating in school from this point forth, unable to focus on his tasks as well he could before, and dealt with the ensuing depression from these losses. Though still doing well in school, he became less talkative and wouldn't pipe up as much. With the anti-Islam bullying brought upon by his friends, he became rather introverted and closed off. He tried to come up with a bunch of hobbies to keep himself occupied, but wouldn't continue doing these hobbies for long before losing interest.

As he dealt with puberty, his dying faith in Allah, and his academic difficulties, things become gradually worse over time back home. With an arm and some fingers and toes forced to be amputated from the tornado incident, Gayvn couldn't continue his dentist profession, so Vasilissa would have to provide for them and herself through her low-wage job. Through the sixteen years Timour would spend living with her, they dealt with a lot of food shortages and inadequate temperature controls during the summer and winter. She would also prevent him from making connections with Allah (as she was atheist and didn't like religious practices) and would heavily restrict what he can do. Ignoring that she made him do much of the housework (reasonable considering it's not his place), she had set curfews on when he can go out and forbidden access to music.

Things would drastically change as he came of age to graduate. When he read through books about the United States, he discovered the place known as Tornado Alley, where much of the country's tornadoes touch upon. He changed his career plans to become a meteorologist that occasionally does some storm tracking, and wanted Vasilissa to help save a bit of money so that he and his father could move to America. While Gayvn was open to the plan, only wanting the best for his son, Vasilissa had fallen in love with his youthful body and only allowed this promise if he would begin dating her. Knowing that he had little choice, as Vasilissa's home situation was becoming rather unbearable, he reluctantly agreed but tried to make his agreement genuine.

Moving to the United States from the Soviet Union (now Russia by that point) wasn't so tough for 20-year-old Timour, as Vasilissa was more than willing to handle the necessary work. However, Vasilissa was a very taxing partner on Timour, who didn't really have any relationship experience and let her push him around. As he aimed to get his Bachelor of Science degree so he could become a meteorologist and start taking control of his life, she would be very demanding of his attention and would call him over for her own satisfaction needs. He would end up impregnating her multiple times, which led her to abort almost every baby. These abortions weren't the only thing that drove Timour mad, it was also that Vasilissa refused to use any protection. It didn't help that college was immensely stressful, especially as he still had trouble focusing.

When hard work and unbelievable patience worn off at long last, Timour managed to get his 5-year citizenship and would eventually become hired as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Feeling like he's reached success, he began to thank Allah for his services and would begin following Islam again after feeling his faith was restored. His co-workers were friendly with him and gave him some healthy communication that he hasn't had in over a decade, and he began eating healthier and got to slowly build a stuffed animal collection. However, Vasilissa became increasingly demanding especially as Timour stayed home less and less, and her starting to give birth to kids (having managed to produce three) started to place strain on his life. Knowing he had to move on, he knew he had to ask for Gayvn's help.

When he asked his father about her, Gayvn mentioned that she had been abused by her husband and his inability to be satisfied by her after a while made her rather needy and insecure. Nevertheless, he recommended breaking up the relationship, as she was obviously being a negative influence on Timour's life and she wasn't helping him with his problems. And in fact, she never did, the love was rather conditional. He'd eventually break the news to her, albeit rather clumsily, making her shriek and lose it. She'd gain full custody of the kids after promising to take care of them, but she would quickly murder them after moving out since they didn't mean anything to her without him, and would message Timour persistently as soon as online messaging gained traction. Her admitting to her murders led to her subsequent arrest.

He's still managed to become a meteorologist like he's been wanting to become for years now, and to this day continues to work as one as well as a weatherman. He's also taken it upon himself to go storm chasing, wanting to collect data that scientists can use to better their understanding about tornadoes and nature's deadliest forces. His father tried to deter him from storm chasing, but he gained particular fame for getting dangerously close to tornadoes and for his sarcastic, dry wit. He became rather successful over the years and is still continuing to enjoy his field of work. Timour regularly uses the money he earns to support himself, his father, and their new American home. He's still making a living to this day, even over twenty years since leaving Vasilissa, and couldn't be living a better career. He also lives with a German shepherd named Jack, which he considers himself to be ready for.


Timour is a rather pleasant individual that likes to strike up good conversation with friends and strangers alike, being an absolute gentleman whenever he possibly can. He dislikes coming across as rude or disrespectful and is prone to apologizing if he makes even a simple mistake. He makes sure to express his thanks and blessings for those who do anything for him, usually showing bless to Allah as well. Timour is something of a pushover and the odds can be very easily stacked against him if he's in an argument or a deep debate, and it doesn't take much to convince him anything. He does have common sense, so he's not going to believe bizarre conspiracy theories like the moon landings being faked or the earth being actually flat, but if it ain't common sense to him he might believe you. He's rather charming because he'd do anything if it meant helping people out, including pulling out first-aid kids or giving emotional support. He's also loved for his intense storm watcher commentary, which gave him something of a name in the media.

However, those that know Timour a bit better know that most of this is a masquerade he's placing up to hide his vulnerable side, and they especially know that he has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor and isn't afraid to make some rather sassy quips. He isn't exactly pessimistic, if anything he holds hope for the future, but sometimes he can feel a bit helpless and can panic rather easily if things begin heading south for him. Timour regularly falls into slumps of depression, especially when he's back home, because he doesn't know how to cope with the losses he's had to take over the years. Having seen the bloodied remains of his mother, sister, and children will hurt him forever, as well as Vasilissa's face when he broke up with her. He's had to deal with some pretty nasty suicidal urges from over the years and at one point tried to take his own life on the living room floor through ibuprofen overdose.

Timour practiced Islam every day up until he moved in with Vasilissa and practiced it again every day beginning from when he joined NOAA. He is very knowledgeable about his religion, is very open when it comes to talking about it, and expresses great loyalty to Allah and the Qur'an. He is very thankful for Allah and never likes to doubt him, and is hoping that his begs for forgiveness will be seen and recognized without fault. He does wonder a little bit about if Allah intends for certain things to happen, but is forgiving of his god and assures him that he won't ever break his faith in him. Unlike many Islam followers, he openly supports LGBTQ+ rights and considers himself to be a worthwhile ally to them, donating to certified LGBTQ+ organizations often. He is most likely supportive of these rights since his mother is transgender (and was birthed through her) and because his father was a closed bisexual.


Vasilissa Morozova

Probably the single worst person that Timour's ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was always very receptive of him because he was something of a pushover and didn't mind her being around at all, and they even shared a number of fun conversations while he was still a teenager. But when she began seeking a relationship out of him, she became so demanding and squeezed so much life out of him that he was finding it difficult to keep living. He eventually tried to take his own life, unable to bring himself to actually break up with her, something that she shockingly didn't really care about all that much as she vacuumed around him. What really angered Timour most about her was that she kept trying to do things when he wasn't ready to do them, including having children, and it angered him more to know that she contributed to the extra losses for him to deal with in his life.

Gayvn Kuznetsov

Gayvn was never really interested in becoming a dentist, but wanted to become somebody so his children had a good role model to look up to. Since losing his arm (and some family in the process), he's had to sit back in a wheelchair and rely on Timour to help him out with a ridiculous amount of tasks, but they get along really well. Timour relies on him much for advice while trying to nourish him and keep him from feeling lonely if Jack can't do it for him. In return, Gayvn asks Timour to help him do housework and handle bills. Though sometimes their relationship has slow moments, Gayvn does have breathing problems and struggles hearing at times, they get along so well that Timour plans on buying his father mechanical body limbs at some point so he can feel like a person again. He is very thankful for all the support Gayvn's given him, and Gayvn feels the same back about him.

Nyoto Huilang

They met up together on after they discovered that they liked Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Nirvana in common. When they learned that they each had a common goal together to help people, they set up a meet-up at Wyoming and feasted together at a Miners and Stockman's location in Hartville. They've been good friends for about seven years now and sometimes help each other out; Timour gives Nyoto weather warnings and Nyoto comes to save him from storm accidents if necessary. They're both super passionate about their positions, which is why they care for each other so much, because they know that either would bring their best to the table.


  • Timour Kuznetsov is one of the best drivers in the New Fantendoverse by far, he has good reactive instincts and he can actively control how reckless he wants to be while storm chasing. He's not invincible to making mistakes, but he makes them way less than others do.
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