Time Keepers
A Time Keeper.
First Appearance Teardrop: Broken Clock
Notable Members
The Forgotten One

The Time Keepers are a peaceful, clever and controlling species that rule over all of time and space in the Fantendoverse. Their leader and creator was The Forgotten One, who, after growing tired of his daily routine, went to the Corridors In-Between, found the remnants of a spaceship and created the Time Keepers out of himself and the essence of time itself.

Social Pyramid

The Time Keepers' society is divided in three classes.

The Council

All members of The Council are upper-class individuals, who often have slaves, and are the ones who have the power to write the destiny of all living persons in the Fantendoverse. They meet every day to discuss the future and the past, try to identify any paradoxes and tell the citizens to teleport and try to stop them from growing bigger.

The Citizens

The Citizens act both as a warrior and working class, being the ones who are sent to fix holes in time and stop paradoxes. They live in the inner cities of the ship, and live their lives. Most of them are quite condescending and, while not being as powerful as The Council, still are considered as deities to normal citizens of the Fantendoverse.

The Slaves

Time Keepers become slaves when they do something wrong: when a Time Keeper, be it someone from the Council or the Citizens, breaks a hole in time or creates a paradox, they are time-locked to be slaves and serve The Council.

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