We waste no time producing or executing, beat the clock to ship our games on time, and work to make sure we're not wasting your time. We strike time- that's why we're called TimeStrike.
Zeus Panacea, company founder

New timestrike logo
Founder(s) Zeus Panacea
Founded at/in March 10th, 1993 in Los Angeles, CA
Defunct at/in N/A
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) Athena Panacea (currently)
No. of Employee(s) 100+
TimeStrike is an American video game company based in Los Angeles of California, founded by Zeus Panacea on March 10th of 1993. They are best known for their classic-styled games, which usually are known for their high curve of difficulty and philosophy of being "easy to learn, but hard to master". They're also well known for their recent hit success, COLD❄BLOOD. Their policy is to always ship out their products out on time without delaying them, to always make sure everything is working and functioning well, and to never ever waste their consumers' time. The company is managed by Athena Panacea, who's been in control of the company's creative direction since 2005's The Reaper's Lament.

The company's mascot is Chronia, but Silver Zin and Bowie the Teddy Bear see plenty of usage for advertisements and sponsorships as well. TimeStrike has a review service by the name of Duck Soup Reviews III. Although the company doesn't have an official server, there is a server dedicated to the company's main project, COLD❄BLOOD. You can check it out here if you're interested in that game!

It is unknown if the company plans on producing anything beyond what's shown off here.


BowieQuest New Logo
BowieQuest, 1995 release for the Sega Genesis
(Finished! Featured & Sysop Approved)
Crescent Kicker logo
Crescent Kicker, 1995 release for the Sega Genesis
(Finished! Featured & Sysop Approved)
Aftershock Logo
Aftershock, 1995 release for the Sega Genesis
(Finished! Sysop Approved)
Reaper's lament logo
The Reaper's Lament, 2005 release for the Nintendo GameCube
(On hiatus!)
New Immortals Logo
IMMORTALS, 2009 release for the Nintendo Wii
(Finished! Sysop Approved)
COLD❄BLOOD, 2021 release for The V²
(In progress! Sysop Approved)


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  • TimeStrike was chosen as a name to reflect the company's policies and to also "catch on" with the public.
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