Timber's Island
Timber's Island
Developer(s) Vined Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s) May 3 2008 (Japan)
May 19 2008 (North America)
May 21 2008 (Europe)
May 20 2008(Australia)
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Wii Disc

Timber's Island is a Nintendo Wii platformer by Vined Inc. starring Timber of Diddy Kong Racing fame. It also features Pipsy and Bumper as supporting characters and as such is seen as a spiritual successor to Timber 64 the cancelled Nintendo 64 game.


Moving the joypad around controls Timber while A gets him to jump and speak to other characters. B gets him to attack. The directional pad changes the camera angles. Z gets him to use one of his stored weapons and C allows him to rotate through the weapons. + opens up the main menu while - opens up the seperated options menu. 1 gets Timber to pick things up and throw them while 2 gets him to duck and crawl. The motion sensitivity is used for a variety of different things through out the game such as controlling where things are thrown.


Timber is relaxing on his island home with his friends Bumper and Pipsy after Wizpig has been rampaging through. Timber and his friends are bored after Wizpig left Diddy, Dixie and Tiny went back to Donkey Kong Island and are on vacation at Sun Sun Island or something, Tiptup has headed back to his swamp, Drumstick is back at his farm and Taj and T.T. seemed to have disappeared.

All is quiet on the island until it's attacked by Pirates! A ferocious Captain Blackeye. As he pulls up on shore he tells the Tiger, Badger and Mouse that he has just defeated a young boy named Edison and they should surrender now and save themselves the humiliation. They don't back down and he sets up his base and gets ready to invade the island.

Timber must progress through and defeat Captain Blackeye with his move tutoring pal Bumper and his Car hiring friend Pipsy and save Timber Island and all of it's residents. Timber goes through the many beaches around the island and the deep forests to places even he has never been and the island is named after him! Until finally he has his face down with the wickedly drunk pirate Blackeye and defeats him saving his island, his home.


  • Timber - Timber is the main character of the game and is a tiger. His Island is being invaded by the evil Captain Blackeye and he must defend it and protect his home.
  • Pipsy - The pink mouse and friend of Timbers. She decided to stay behind on the tropical island after WizPig was defeated and she moved in. She gave Timber Karts, Planes and Boats when he needed them.
  • Bumper - Is a badger and a good friend of Timbers. He too decided to stay behind on Timber's Island with him. He taught Timber moves to help him defend his new found home against Captain Blackeye.
  • Captain Blackeye - A notorious pirate who claims to have come from the land of Dreams where he has crushed a boy named Edison and his silly rabbit. He sets up base to destroy Timber's peacful island.
  • Blubard - The dopey walrus sidekick of Captain Blackeye, he attack Timber while he's in a boat to take him out of his element however Blubard is very dumb and loses even with a large advantage.
  • Timothy Tiger - The father of Timber who is kidnapped by Captain Blackeye. He thanks his son at the end of the game whole heartedly.
  • Thalia Tiger' - The mother of Timber who is kidnapped by Captain Blackeye. She thanks her son at the end of the game with a big kiss and cuddle, which embarrases him in front of his friends.



  • Captain Blackeye is from Banjo-Tooie and he was supposed to be the main villain in the SNES "Project Dream"
  • Edison and the Silly Rabbit that Captain Blackeye was supposed to have defeated were the main characters of "Project Dream" along with Banjo and a dog.
  • The land of Dreams is a refrence to "Project Dream"
  • Timber, Pipsy and Bumper were supposed to be the main characters in the scrapped Timber 64
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