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Tigzon the TigerStar Male
16 years old TigerStar

Zon Spirit

Tigzon the TigerStar - Character art (2019 design).png
FULL NAME Tigzon the TigerStar
POWERS Fire-type
  • Fighting
  • Super Speed
  • Parkour
BIRTHDAY May 7, 2030
OCCUPATION(S) Zon spirit transformer of Tai Z. Takara
  • Tigzon
  • Tigz
  • Tigzstar
  • TigerStar
  • Tai Z. Takara (friend and transformer)
  • Anna "Ani" Polar (friend)
  • Spinx (friend)
  • Noora Natzumi (Rivalry friend)
  • Nightless (Rival)
  • Majarr (Arch-Enemy)
BIRTH LOCATION Kaizo Village (The Zoniverse)
CURRENT LOCATION Azhara (Real world)

Fighting, Training, Food, Jokes, Racing  


Being beaten by others, Failures, Enemies, Majarr, Puffies, Being late

  • Tigzon (First appearance) 
  • Tigzon 2

Tigzon the TigerStar (or Tigzon) is an anthropomorphic tiger-fox hybrid character, created by Sohnix, and the titular protagonist of his own series. A fire-type Zon spirit and a transformation of Tai Z. Takara, he is highly recognized for his parkour, speed, and fighting skills.


Tigzon the TigerStar is an anthropomorphic tiger-fox hybrid with a muscular teenage-like appearance. He has a feline look with green eyes and orange and white color scheme for his fur. His hairstyle has a white strand and light orange bang. He highly equipped with long, green scarf, covering around his neck, which shows an outline of a white star attire and uses a pair of green, fingerless gloves. He wears Arabian-style light blue sweatpants with green attire and yellow star-like belt. His bare feet are shown.


Similar to Tai Z. Takara, Tigzon is extremely outgoing, selfish, trouble-maker but has a kind-hearted feeling with his friends, and allies.


Tigzon is a fire-type Zon spirit, which is highly skilled for his parkour, speed, and fighting combos. An excellent fighter and one that runs at high speeds, Tigzon has a unique gameplay style, utilizing fighting combo-esque skills to take down and smash apart enemies. Similar to Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, his high speed able to keep him running through loops and corkscrews. Aside from his speed, Tigzon can use fire to his advantage and can mix the two for some impressive attacks.

His trademark move is Fire Fist, which uses his fire to create a powerful punch to his enemies.


Main Series


Tigzon first appeared as an ancient Zon spirit transformation of Tai Z. Takara, in which he uses a mysterious artifact, known as The Zon Code. Highly equipped with his acrobatic moves, speed, and fighting combos, he takes his action against the ANTIX Corporations, an underground organization which was planning to use “Zonantix” as mind-controlled weapons.

Tigzon 2



Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality

Tigzon made his first crossover appearance as an unlockable playable character in the Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality. He can be unlocked by clearing 500 stocks via Donnybrook.

Disney vs. Fantendo: A Collision of Worlds!

Tigzon was set to appear as a starting fighter in the 2.5D crossover fighting game, Disney vs. Fantendo: A Collision of Worlds! His role in the game's story is currently unknown.

LEGO Fantendo (prototype name)

Tigzon (alongside with Tai Z. Takara) makes an appearance as a playable character in LEGO Fantendo (prototype name). His ha a LEGO Mini-Figure appearance which set in a parallel LEGO universe of the New Fantendoverse.

Other appearances

Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki

Tigzon the TigerStar appears as an unlockable playable character of Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki, also created by Sohnix.

Future Grinderz

Tigzon makes his appearance as an unlockable playable character in a hoverboard-based racing/RPG game, Future Grinderz, also created by Sohnix. Unlike his series, his personality and appearances are very different and do not have his human form. His real name is Tomy Z. Tigzon but he call his nickname as "Tigzon the TigerStar." He is the leader of the Team TigerStar, with three members; Uppercut, B-Punch, and Suzi.


Tigzon made his appearance as DLC playable character in Toonstalkers, also created by Sohnix.

Fortresses of Light

Tigzon and TigzonChuMon appear as Kingdom Cards in Fortresses of Light. Despite this small role, his card is powerful in that it can attack a whole deck from the bottom up, multiplying in power for each successful attack, which is determined by Tigzon's number needing to be bigger or equal to his opponent's number. TigzonChuMon's is a weaker, electrical variant of this that rapidly increases in power, tripling instead of Tigzon's original 2x multiplier, making him a lethal joke card.




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  • Tigzon is heavily inspired by Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Other inspirations for Tigzon are Red (from Solatorobo: Red the Hunter), Klonoa (from the Namco series), Flamemon (from Digimon Frontier) and Byakko no Kogenta (from Sunrise’s Onmyō Taisenki)
  • The transformation between Tai Z. Takara and Tigzon the TigerStar is very similar to the ones from DC Comics' Shazam, and Cartoon Network's Ben 10 series. Coincidentally, the idea is somewhat similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog manga where a character Nicky can turn himself into his alter-ego Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Tigzon was created as a Sonic the Hedgehog original character called "Alex the Fox" but he was later changed to Flash. Flash was a character introduced in one of the creator's old home-made comic book called Dak and made his series of unreleased comic books. Flash was later changed his design into a tiger named Tigzon. He was then redesigned into an anthro-type character to avoid people criticizing for being a Sonic OC.
  • Tigzon was also formerly a character in a Sploder game of the same name. Click the link here

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