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Tiera, Mother of all Creation Female
Infinite years old Goddess
FULL NAME Tiera, Mother of all Creation
POWERS Flight, reality warping, force projection, mind control, heavy physical resistance
BIRTHDAY January 1st
OCCUPATION(S) Creator of the Pyroverse

Peace, order, creative expression


Disobedience, her inevitable demise


Tiera is the primary antagonist of the first arc of the Pyroverse, being the universe's creator and effective ruler. A godlike being who has exhausted her supply of power, resulting in a realm growing far outside her control, Tiera seeks to regain her strength and bring the universe back to what she sees as its ideal state- one perfectly crafted and tailored to suit her vision of a perfect world.


Tiera sees herself as a motherly figure, hoping to guide and shepherd existence until it grows naturally into the state she deems ideal and perfect. This leads her into often using the term "children" to refer to her creations, and proves that deep down, she does care for every single living being that exists. She is not what one might call a very good mother, however, as rather than trying to correct or rectify mistakes made by her creations to try to lead them back onto the correct path, she is much more liable to wipe the slate clean, destroying the offending planet and starting from scratch.

Tiera has showcased herself to be a being obsessed with creation, always in search of creating a perfect and peaceful world and using her ability to create and inspire life to act as a form of creative outlet. While this act of creation is something that makes her genuinely happy, her slow loss of power and deterioration into a weakened state have deprived her of this joy, making her desperate to reclaim her power and letting her express herself once more. In her spare time, she often creates nebula-like murals in order to let her mind relax, focusing her power.

Tiera, despite her role as an antagonist figure, tries to see the good in everything, sharing an offering to her enemies in nearly every encounter to attempt to get them to join her rather than killing them. This is in stark contrast to how she behaves towards the human and Coronid races in general, seeing them as nothing more than parasites that infest her perfect world.


Tiera's appearance resembles that of a slender, eight-foot-tall woman wearing deep blue armor, her body inlaid with glowing runic lines. The joints of this armor are filled with some form of pitch-black void-like substance, which makes up the majority of Tiera's actual body. The space between her breast and pelvis consists of a strange, starry expanse which leaks from her body, with spikes on the top and bottom of this area creating a frightening mouth-like appendage. Tiera possesses strange auxillary eyes on her palms, often used to project energy attacks, and her fingers float off of the palms and take on a claw-like form. Her head is lined with a mane of glowing blue tendrils, and her face itself is merely a void with two blue eyes; upon absorbing Katarina's Drive, an overlay of her face can occasionally be seen in Tiera's, mimicking her speech. Lastly, Tiera's back projects four large wings made from purple light, resembling an aurora.

When seen drained of her power, Tiera lacks her wings, and her entire color palette is less saturated as a whole. Notable cracks are visible in her armor, and her eyes seem to be bleeding blue energy. When she appears in the end of Collision Course, nearly drained of all her power, Tiera appears as little more than a stick figure of void smoke, little remaining but a few armor chunks and her tendril hair.


As a goddess, Tiera is effectively immortal provided she possesses Drive of any sort, which she now obtains through the use of her Host, Katarina. Tiera has proved effectively immune to all forms of physical attack, save for Bynde's Blade of the Seeker, though she only resists energy-based or magical attacks as opposed to shrugging them off entirely.

Tiera has the basic powers of flight and energy projection, capable of summoning godly force as a myriad number of projectiles, and has also gained some of Katarina's nuclear-based abilities as well through absorbing her. Her most dangerous abilities, however, stem from her ability to weave her wings together into a halo-like sigil, taking on a multitude of possible formations. Through the use of this sigil, Tiera can cast powerful techniques capable of altering reality on a whim.

Tiera is also capable of creating and granting sentience to life, bestowing a tiny portion of her Drive in order to do so. Certain creatures, including the fairies she uses as servants, are filled with Feyblood, a divine substance that runs through Tiera's veins. Anything with enough Feyblood in its system is compelled to serve Tiera's will, though the effects can be negated if the user has enough Drive to counteract it.


Heroforce: Heart of Iron

Tiera makes a minor appearance in the story's ending, revealing her prior plan to capture Fera for use as a host body. This plan having failed, she consumes her servant Corona as punishment for her failure, electing to use the backup plan of Katarina Omegance instead.

Pyroverse: Collision Course

After the events of Heart of Iron, Tiera sends San-Sokeh a telepathic message, instructing him to return to Earth's past in order to infuse Katarina with massive amounts of Feyblood to enhance her power. Despite interference from the Iliad Organization and Lucius's party, Tiera arrives in the past, consuming Katarina's enhanced body and regaining a portion of her former powers. Nigh unstoppable, she proceeds to begin conquering the planet, the heroes forced to retreat.

Pyroverse: Breach

Looking to regain 100% of her power, Tiera acts as the main antagonist of this game.



  • Tiera's name was inspired by a corruption of the word tear, which was chosen to counter the fire theming of both the Pyroverse as a whole and her rival Inversim, being associated with water.
  • Originally, Tiera had a much simpler humanoid design, featuring a dress and hair with a stellar backdrop. The design was overhauled for the purposes of story, as well as thoughts that her existing design was too simple and did not sell Tiera as a credible threat.