Tidalsand Resort
Theme Desert and Oasis
Required Jiggy-1 6 (Activation: 25)
Surf-Foam Fracas is the fifth level of Banjo-Kazooie: Gruntopolis, requiring 25 Jiggies to activate the Puzzle with 6 blank spaces on it. In the opposite direction of The Docks, by climbing up the hill at the end of Main Street, Banjo and Kazooie will come across a much more developed area of Gruntopolis, dubbed Uptown, containing not only a Cul-De-Sac, but a Photographer's Shop as well, within which this level stands.

Points of Interest


The Puzzle to Tidalsand Resort can be found underneath The Long Pier, requiring Underwater Egg Aiming to flip the switch.


Tidalsand Resort is layed out quite similarly to Hailfire Peaks in Banjo-Tooie, with half of the level occupied by an arid desert while the other half is a tropical oasis. The level entrance is a tunnel constructed of Sandstone, running into a rather large dune which may be scaled. Dunes border the world, which cannot be scaled, while the area between them is relatively flat with only slight changes in altitude. There are a number of crumbling, ancient ruins lying about.


  • Level Entrance
    • Large Dune
  • Open Desert
    • Rocky Path
    • Ancient Ruins
    • Giant Pyramid
  • Inside the Pyramid
    • Throne Room
    • Sandstone Tunnels
  • Oasis Area
    • Light Foliage
    • Small Lake
  • Under the Lake
  • Hidden Grove
    • Waterfall


  • There are _ Warp Pads in this level
  • The Mumbo Pad 
  • Using 2 Glowbos will allow the player to transform into a 

Abilities Learned

  • Beak Barge -  (30 Notes)
  • Wing Surge -  (40 Notes)
  • Turbo Trainers -  (30 Notes)




  1. Collect all 4 Jinjos
  2. Defeat 


Mumbo Tokens


Empty Honeycombs

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