Thwomp snake

Thwomp Snake is the boss of Chapter 5 in Paper Princess Peach. It is a giant snake, hence the name. It resides in Thwomp Cellar, where Peach had to go to get the next Crystal Heart. In Thwomp Cellar the place is hot and it even has lava in it. At the middle of the cellar, is a dead end. Peach wondered why there was a dead end. Then, out of the lava, came a giant serpent like creature. It hissed at Peach, and she could see that he was guarding a Crystal Heart. Peach had to fight this snake to get the next world.

Tattle Log and stats

  • Max HP: 50
  • Max Attack: 7
  • Max Defense: 5
  • Tattle: WHOAH! It's a Thwomp Snake! Max HP is 50, Max Attack is 7, and Max Defense is 5! Holly- OHMIGOSH! Do you know how rare these things are Peach? It can attack you by throwing its body at you, spitting out Thwizz (Enemy) at you, and biting you. And this thing has HIGH Attack, and HIGH defense! We HAVE to defeat this thing Peach!