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Thwomps are floating rock-like enemies in the Mario Series. Their way of attacking is smashing things beneath them. They fall down from the ceiling or the sky and try to crush anyone who goes under them or near them. A subspecies of Thwomps called Grindels move horizontally and they first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. Thwomps can be defeated with a Star, or Mario can throw Hammers at them as Hammer Mario. Most Thwomps appear in castles and fortresses but sometimes the can be found in deserts and underground areas. Some say that Thwomps are born in the Thwomp Volcano. Due to their rock-like nature, they are often categorized along with Chain Chomps and Bob-Ombs.


Super Mario MHL

In the game Super Mario MHL,Thwomps appear in the Yoshi Desert arena, serving as obstacles along with Pokeys.

Super Mario 3D World

In Super Mario 3D World Thwomps appear in many levels. The can be found in Bowser's levels, Thwomp Desert and Piranha Sewers. Other species like Whomps and Wallops appear.  Tail Thwomps are also introduced but they are very rare.

Mario Super Party

Thwomp appears in Mario Super Party as an Ally.

Super Mario Bros.: Fury Combined!

A Thwomp known as Sick Thwomp is a boss in World 4: Cold Caves.

Smash Tactics

The Thwomp is playable with the Mushroom faction. It appears late in the game, attacking multiple enemies at once by bumping down into the ground.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

Thwomps return in Super Mario: Elemental Journey, returning with a more bluish color scheme that they had in Super Mario 64. Five brand new Thwomps types are introduced (Magma, Ocean, Freezy, Cloud, and Sand), each with their own unique effects.

Super Mario Moose

Thwomps appear in Super Mario Moose as enemies that typically appear in castles. As usual, they will smash down when a player draws near.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe

Thwomps appear again in Super Mario Moose Deluxe. They act the same as in the previous game.

Super Mario Maker Chi

Thwomps appear again in Super Mario Maker Chi with multiple new variations that can be created by giving them flowers of different elemental alignments to alter their behaviors.

  • Flaming Thwomp - A fast moving Thwomp able to move in all cardinal directions so long as Mario is in their line of sight. They don't return to their original position until they hit a wall, ceiling, or ground.
  • Frosty Thwomp - A slow moving Thwomp that can move in any direction. They can be walked across in any style and are slippery to stand on, but can be used as elevators in levels, provided you leave before they meet a surface. They don't return to their original position until they hit a wall, ceiling, or ground.
  • Super Thwomp - A Thwomp that can move in any direction. Unlike Flaming or Frosty Thwomps, there's no gimmick attached to these. They move as fast as a normal Thwomp and don't have special properties. They don't return to their original position until they hit a wall, ceiling, or ground.
  • Dirt Thwomp - A Thwomp that can move in any direction. They can also have Grass attached to them and can be walked across. They go at a normal speed. They don't return to their original position until they hit a wall, ceiling, or ground.
  • Bolt Thwomp - A Thwomp that can move in any direction. They are extremely fast and release a electric charge when they slam into a surface, activating gizmos in the nearby area. They don't return to their original position until they hit a wall, ceiling, or ground.

Paper Mario and the Elemental Sages

Thwomps are involved in puzzles in Bully Mines. One is fought as a miniboss. 




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