Three Strikes, You're Out is the tenth episode in season two of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in August 2016.


Krystal and Laura go out on a double date with Eliza, Krystal's mentor of sorts. Anna, Amy, Nikolai and Hitomi go out to a baseball game.


The episode starts with Jess sprawled out on the couch, with an unopened beer can in hand. Eliza walks through and notices the can.

Eliza: Why'd she just take a can and fall asleep without opening it?

Eliza takes the can out of Jess's hand carefully, trying not to wake her. She gets the can out of Jess's grip entirely and opens it, as it makes a fizz sound. Eliza freezes up as Jess's eyes are seen opening.

Eliza: Shit.
Jess: Give that fucking beer here right fucking now.
Eliza: You weren't drinking it!

Jess gives Eliza a stare. Eliza freezes up again as Jess swipes the can. Krystal and Laura are seen walking through as Jess finishes off the beer.

Krystal: Eliza, you alright?

Krystal waves her hand in front of Eliza's face, who snaps back into reality quickly.

Eliza: Ugh, sorry, Jess frightened the shit outta me.
Krystal: Never expected you, a demon, to be intimidated.
Eliza: You'd be surprised.
Krystal: Anyway, do you want to go on a double date with me and Laura?
Eliza: Uh, alright, I guess.

Eliza slaps herself as she goes to get ready.

Anna is seen in her room, studying some paper as she notices a portal forming in the groound. Hitomi comes out of it.

Hitomi: Heyy, science chick!
Anna: My name's Anna.
Hitomi: That's it. What's the paper for?
Anna: It's for something I've been studying since before I even got my PhD.
Hitomi: Cool. Hey, I'm going out to a baseball game tonight with Amy and Nikolai. You wanna come?
Anna: Is your boyfriend coming along?
Hitomi: Nick?

Anna nods.

Hitomi: Nah, we've broke up on good terms.
Anna: Ah. Can my husband come along, if he's up for it?
Hitomi: Yeah, alright. It'd be nice to finally meet him.
Anna: Alright.

Anna calls her husband as Hitomi goes back through the portal, where Nikolai and Amy are.

Hitomi: Anna's husband might come along.
Amy: Okay.

Hitomi makes another portal for Anna to go through. Anna goes through eventually.

Anna: He said no. He's not all that interested in baseball.
Hitomi: Fair enough.
Amy: So, should we head off to the stadium?
Nikolai: Alright.

The four go out to Amy's car as they go to the stadium.

Blaze is seen with a fan next to her, trying to cool down as Tayshaun walks past her.

Tayshaun: Hey, you alright?
Blaze: Yeah, just really hot, that's all.
Tayshaun: Come on, it's not that bad.
Blaze: Maybe not for you, you're from Arizona. It's hotter than hell down there. I'm from the Czech Republic and it never gets this hot there.
Tayshaun: True. So has much gone on for you recently?
Blaze: I got a call back from the FBI...
Tayshaun': And...?
Blaze: I work for them now! I have to go out to DC to get my badge and all that on Thursday.
Tayshaun: That's great news!

Blaze nods.

Blaze: So, have you and Etinésa set a date for the wedding yet?
Tayshaun: Yeah. The 30th.
Blaze: Cool. So it's two weeks from now?

Tayshaun nods.

Blaze: Awesome.

The room gets cold as Tayshaun and Blaze start shivering. Skye is then seen entering the room, with sunglasses on and sipping an orange juice carton.

Blaze: Skye, you need to control your powers. Seriously.
Skye: I know. I just need to figure out how to.

Blaze sighs.

Amy, Nikolai, Anna and Hitomi are seen outside the Angels Stadium.

Amy: Who's ready to watch some baseball?
Hitomi: I am!
Anna: Alright.
Nikolai: Yeah, let's go.

They get tickets and go into the stadium.

Hitomi: I love baseball, my stepdad used to take me out to games during the summer. Kinda feels like that again, just with friends.
Amy: Nice.

Amy looks down at the tickets and looks at a door, which says "D".

Amy: This is where we are.

The four walk through as they sit down, about halfway up the stands. Hitomi jumps up and down in excitement as she waits for the game to start, before Nikolai taps her on her head and calms her down.

Hitomi: Sorry.

Amy, Anna, Nikolai and Hitomi wait as the national anthem is sung and the game starts.

Amy: This'll be fun.

The first pitch is shown, as the batter hits it for a home run. The ball heads in the direction of Amy, Anna, Nikolai and Hitomi, but is too high for them to catch. Hitomi then creates a portal to where the ball is going and catches it, before taking her hand back through and closing the portal.

Anna: You like using your powers for personal stuff, don't you?

Hitomi nods as she squeezes the ball in her hand in excitement.

Amy: You'll get used to it. Although she's used her powers for some... disturbing things, to say the least.
Nikolai: Like what?
Hitomi: Pranks and sex.

Anna and Nikolai stare at Hitomi as she shrugs and Amy stares straight ahead as her brain is shown, erasing the memory of what Hitomi said as the four continue watching the game.

Aminu and Flynn are seen hanging around a couch as Krystal is heard approaching.

Aminu: I think Krystal's coming.

They turn around as the camera shown a pair of combat boots walking across the living room floor, and pans up to show Krystal in a different jacket and a dress.

Flynn: Holy shit, you look hot!
Krystal: Thanks.
Aminu: You look sexy.
Krystal: Y'know, that's the first time someone's used sexy to describe how I look.
Aminu: Really?

Krystal nods as Laura walks through.

Aminu: Are you guys going on a date or something?
Krystal: Double date, yeah.
Flynn: Nice. Who's the other duo?
Krystal: Eliza and her boyfriend.
Flynn: Eliza?
Krystal: The chick in all red leather. She's my mentor of sorts
Flynn: Oh, her. How did you meet her, exactly?
Krystal: I was walking through the city one night because I couldn't sleep, and I saw Eliza creating a huge fire. I don't know why though. She came up to me and told me she was a devil that wasn't evil and that she was up for helping me get over all my fears and shit.
Aminu: Cool.
Krystal: Anyway, me and Laura are going out to pick Eliza and her boyfriend up.
Aminu: See ya tonight, then.

Krystal nods as she and Laura go out.

Flynn: She's so beautiful...
Aminu: Yup. Neither of us are getting her, probably.
Flynn: Sad but true.

Aminu nods as he turns around and turns the TV on.

Anna and Nikolai are seen sat in the stands, while Hitomi and Amy are elsewhere in the stadium.

Anna: This is nice.
Nikolai: Yeah. Hey, if you don't mind my asking, what's your husband like?
Anna: He's great. He's usually up for what I have to say.
Nikolai: What does he do?
Anna: He's a climatologist. Got his degree last year and he's usually off on expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic areas. His office is located in L.A.
Nikolai: Huh. How'd you meet?
Anna: We went to the same high school. It was kind of like the cliche "love at first sight" stuff. We dated through high school and before I started studying on my PhD, we got married.
Nikolai: Cool. Any kids?
Anna: No. At least not right now, anyway.
Nikolai: Ah. I have a son, but he's in Huntsville with his mom.
Anna: You're a father?

Nikolai nods.

Anna: What's your son like?
Nikolai: I haven't seen that much of him, to be honest. Been too busy saving the world, hiking and running the shop I own with Nina.
Anna: Oh. Did you and the mother break up?
Nikolai: Nah, it was a one night stand. I was 22, I was stupid and drunk, I found her attractive and we got it on in the back room of the store. She went back to Huntsville and called me about 4 weeks later saying she was pregnant.
Anna: Hmm. How does it feel finally having your arm out of that sling?
Nikolai: So much better.

Anna laughs as Hitomi and Amy return.

Nikolai: Where were you guys?
Amy: Hitomi found a hot dog stand and dragged me along to it.

Hitomi adjusts her glasses and shrugs, slowly pulling out a hot dog and eating it underneath her jacket.

Leah and Kirsti are seen in their room, staring deep into each other's eyes.

Leah: You're beautiful...
Kirsti: So are you...

The two lean in for a kiss as they hear a loud crash and a scream of agony.

Leah: What was that?
Kirsti: I don't know, but it didn't sound good...

They look out the window to see a wrecked motorcycle and someone on the road in pain.

Kirsti: Uh oh.

The two run down to the motorcyclist.

Leah: Are you okay?

The motorcyclist is unable to reply. Leah takes their helmet off as they are revealed to be Chris Thomas.

Kirsti: She looks hurt.
Leah: I'm gonna get her off to the hospital. Love you, honey...
Kirsti: Love you too...

The two kiss as Leah takes Chris to the hospital. A car goes around the corner, and stops in front of Kirsti. Connie Webster and Helen Willis are seen getting out of the car as Helen runs over to the motorcycle.

Helen: Shit!
Connie: Hey, have you seen a chick come down here at all? Head to toe in leathers?
Kirsti: Yeah, she flew off that bike. She's been taken to the hospital.
Helen: Damn it, damn it, damn it!
Kirsti: What's up with you?
Helen: What's up with you?!
Connie: Helen, cool it...
Helen: Fine.
Kirsti: ...Do you want to come in?
Connie: Alright.

Connie, Helen and Kirsti go into the house as Leah is seen in her car, with Chris knocked out in the back.

Leah: I'm getting a weird sense of deja vu...

Krystal and Laura are seen in a car with Eliza and her date in the back.

Krystal: So, what's your name?
Eliza's date: Nate.
Krystal: Cool.
Nate: What's with the old-ass car, anyway?
Laura: It used to be my parents' car.
Nate: What made them give it up?
Laura: Their deaths.
Nate: Oh... I'm so sorry, I didn-
Laura: It's fine, don't worry.
Eliza: So, where we going?
Krystal: A steakhouse a bit further up here.
Eliza: Oh.
Laura: They have vegetarian stuff, right?
Krystal: Yeah.
Laura: Thank god.

Eliza looks out the window as Anna, Nikolai, Hitomi and Amy are seen in the stadium, waiting for the next innings.

Hitomi: Come on already!!!!!
Nikolai: Hitomi, calm down, seriously.
Hitomi: But I wanna see baseball!!!

A kiss cam comes on, showing Anna and Nikolai.

Amy: Hey, look!

Anna looks at the kiss camera, and rather annoyed, holds the hand with her wedding ring up. The camera then goes and focuses on another two people, which makes Amy laugh, Hitomi smirk and presumably offends Nikolai.

Kirsti is seen with Skye on a couch, with Connie opposite them as Helen walks in with a can of beer.

Kirsti: Wait, where'd you get that can?
Helen: The fridge in the kitchen.
Kirsti: The white one or the silver one?
Helen: White one.
Kirsti: Uh oh.
Helen: What?
Kirsti: Get one out of the silver fridge. If Jess sees someone's been in her beer she'll explode.
Connie: Who's Jess?
Kirsti: The person who owns this house. Me and Skye work with her.
Helen: And I should be scared because...?

Jess is heard screaming as she storms through to where the four are sat. She notices the beer in Helen's hand.

Jess: Why the fuck did you take one of my fucking beers?!
Helen: Get a fucking mini-fridge or something, I got this fi-

Jess cocks her arm back to punch Helen.

Skye: Jess, no!

Kirsti tackles Jess and pins her down.

Jess: Fucking let me fucking go!
Kirsti: Once you've calmed down.

Jess sighs in frustration as she gets Kirsti off her and goes upstairs.

Connie: And I thought Helen was bad...
Skye: Anyway, where are you guys from?
Connie: New York.
Helen: England.
Skye: Cool. You got any powers?
Helen: I can make metal stuff.
Connie: Poison power. What about you guys?
Kirsti: I'm able to control water.
Skye: Cryokinesis.

Connie nods, impressed.

Kirsti: Just curious, what made your friend think flying through Anaheim on a motorcycle was a good idea?
Connie: She's an adrenaline junkie. She loves doing stuff for the thrill. She's almost died a few times because of it.
Kirsti: Oh.
Connie: She can be idiotic sometimes, but she's like our strategist.
Skye: What's your team like?
Connie: It's good. We have a tough guy, a telekinetic chick, an obnoxious athlete and so on.
Skye: Cool. We have Amy Jackson on our team.
Helen: Are you on about who I think you're on about?

Skye nods.

Helen: Damn, nice!

The two high five as they continue chatting.

Amy, Nikolai, Anna and Hitomi are seen arriving back at the team house.

Hitomi: That was great!
Amy: Uh-huh.
Nikolai: I'm still offended, personally.
Anna: Oh, get over it, Popovic. I'm a married woman.

Nikolai shrugs as Leah is shown with Brendan and Serena, in the hospital as Chris comes around.

Chris: What... happened?
Leah: You wiped out big time. Slammed into the tarmac hard.

Chris rubs the back of her head as she looks at her hand to see blood. Her eyes go wide.

Serena: You sustained serious injuries. Four broken ribs, a broken arm, a fractured wrist, a broken ankle, concussion... you're lucky to have survived.
Brendan: You're gonna have to stay here for a few days, even weeks.

Chris sighs as Aloha Vaega and Wally Pierce enter the room.

Aloha: Oh, thank god you're okay!
Wally: We heard you crashed hard outside somewhere in Anaheim and I was scared you were gonna be my sister's next victim.
Leah: Sister's next victim?
Wally: My sister's a total psycho an-
Leah: Is it Jess Pierce?
Wally: ...Yeah, how'd you know her?
Leah: I work with her.

Wally looks at Leah, confused.

Leah: What's so confusing about it?
Wally: You're still alive.

Serena and Brendan smirk.

Chris: I don't get it.
Aloha: Same.
Brendan: Meet his sister then you'll get it.
Leah: Contrary to popular belief, your sister can actually be relaxed.
Brendan: Only really when I'm around, though.
Leah: She's actually really matured. Sure, she still explodes but she's a lot nicer compared to when I first met her.
Wally: Huh.
Serena: ...Anyway, Ms. Thomas, we'll get you some painkillers.
Chris: Thanks.

Serena and Brendan walk off to get some medicine as Leah chats with Aloha and Wally.

Krystal and Laura are seen sat at a table, Eliza and Nate seemingly elsewhere.

Krystal: So, how'd you say this date went?
Laura: It went... alright, I'd say.
Krystal: Good.
Laura: I'm not used to going out on dates like this.
Krystal: Honestly, same. I usually hook up for one night and that's it.
Laura: Hmm. That night with Dani and this friends with benefits thing are the only things I've had in terms of sex. Or even dating for that matter.
Krystal: I'm just glad we have something strong going. Most relationships that went deep for me didn't go this far.
Laura: Hmm.

Eliza sits back down at the table.

Krystal: Where's Nate?
Eliza: Still in the bathroom.
Krystal: Oh.

Eliza takes a sip of her wine as she, Krystal and Laura wait for Nate.

Early morning is shown, as Connie is seen waking up in a bed. She rubs her head as she sees Nick sleeping next to her.

Connie: I made one hell of a mistake last night, didn't I?

Connie walks downstairs to see Eliza crashed on the couch and Krystal and Laura sleeping on the floor, hugging. She slowly walks towards the kitchen as Leah walks in through the front door, who notices Connie.

Leah: Who are you?
Connie: Connie Webster. What's it to ya?

Leah raises her eyebrows.

Connie: I only came here because my friend hit the ground hard outside this house last night.
Leah: Just wondering, that's all.

Leah walks upstairs, but halfway through doing so, she thinks about what Connie said and goes back to her.

Leah: Do you know Chris Thomas?
Connie: Yeah, she's the chick that crashed hard.
Leah: I just spent all night in the hospital looking after her.
Connie: Oh shit. Is she alright?
Leah: She broke a lot of stuff. Ribs, ankles, even got a concussion...
Connie: Oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh crap.

A rather tired Alex walks downstairs.

Alex: Who's this?
Leah: Connie. She came here because her friend got injured outside the house last night.
Alex: ...That sounds weirdly similar to how I joined the team.
Leah: I know.
Connie: I have no intentions of joining.
Leah: Oh. Should I take you to her?

Connie nods as she and Leah go out to the hospital as Alex shrugs and sits down at the table, as Matt goes downstairs and joins her.

Anna is seen walking down the hallway as she sees the door to Blaze's room. She tries to enter, but is blocked off by an invisible forcefield. Anna rubs her eyes as her infrared sight is shown, spotting an invisible PIN of sorts.

Anna: Weird.

Anna analyses the PIN before trying a combination. The combination succeeds as Anna walks through.

Anna: Blaze?

Blaze suddenly appears out of the shadows, with her shurikens in hand. Anna lets out a small shriek.

Blaze: Oh, sorry, Anna.

There is a brief awkward silence.

Anna: What was with the invisible PIN?
Blaze: Security. How'd you find the code out anyway?
Anna: Infrared vision.
Blaze: Oh, yeah.

Anna flicks the light on as Blaze's room is seen properly, showing high-tech gadgets all around.

Anna: Whoa. Where'd you get all these gadgets?
Blaze: Agency. I made a couple myself too.

Anna walks around, noticing there is no bed.

Anna: How do you sleep?
Blaze: Like this.

Blaze jumps up and grabs two hooks, which brings a bed down from above, which suspends in mid-air.

Anna: Cool. Aren't you ever afraid the ropes might snap?
Blaze: Nah. Reinforced steel.

Anna nods, impressed. Blaze hops down as Anna notices a wall full of gadgets. She reaches to grab one but is unable to.

Anna: The hell?
Blaze: Those aren't gadgets. It's wallpaper.
Anna: How did you get wallpaper this realistic?
Blaze: Krystal made it. You can go ask her for one in your room if you want.
Anna: Maybe in a bit.

Blaze nods as Anna looks around.

Jess is seen, once again, crashed on the couch with an unopened beer can. Nina notices the can and takes it. Cindy notices.

Cindy: Not again...

Nina, without caution, opens the can and wakes Jess up. The episode ends with Jess chasing Nina for the can.

Jess: Get the fuck back here!





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