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Threat-Tan-Doe Female
? Unknown
22 years old Humanoid/Catalyst
FULL NAME Threat-Tan-Doe
POWERS Recall Points

Threat-Tan-Doe is a being created by a reinstated The Threat during the story of Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat.


During the story of Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat, the four gods of the New Fantendoverse - The FanThe EnemyThe Other and The Threat - each summoned their respective human ambassadors, being Fan-Tan-DoeEnemy-Tan-DoeOther-Tan-Doe and Threat-Tan-Doe, to summon 64 fighters to participate in the Fantendo Smash Bros. games. Things all went to plan until Threat-Tan-Doe backstabbed the team and plotted to use her Catalyst powers to take over the many universes, and in doing so turned the entire roster (save Dragon Queen) into marketable plushies.


Threat-Tan-Doe is similar inappearance in many (but not all) factors to a human girl, but posesses a few abnormal features. She has purplish skin, dark purple hair with clippings of Volt in a similar fashion to the other -Tan-Does, four glowing yellow eyes, a muted purple dress similar to her creator, The Threat, and an eldritch tail similar to Fan-Tan-Doe's but slightly longer and with a purple/dark purple color scheme.


Threat-Tan-Doe posesses many of the other three -Tan-Does' powers, as well as many other Fantendoverse characters'.

  • Fan-Tan-Doe's Moveset - Threat-Tan-Doe posesses similar moves to Fan-Tan-Doe.
    • Black Hole Crystal - Threat-Tan-Doe throws forward a black crystal which implodes into a black hole, which sucks in any fighters and deposits them far off.
    • Eldritch Flight - Threat-Tan-Doe jumps upwards with her wing, doing a weak flight upwards as her wing deals damage to those nearby. Unlike Fan-Tan-Doe, Threat-Tan-Doe can fly a sizeable distance with her wing.
    • Kolatzu Sphere - Threat-Tan-Doe rolls a purple sphere that twists and contorts, letting out purple energy. The sphere and energy do damage.
  • Clone Powers - Threat-Tan-Doe posesses moves from other Fantendoverse characters.
    • Shin Zap-o-ken - Threat-Tan-Doe charges up an orb of electricity and fires it forward in a hand motion similar to that of a Hadoken from Street Fighter. It can be charged for three seconds for more strength.
  • Mother of All Swords - Threat-Tan-Doe posesses the Mother of All Swords, a sword that incorporates elements of, among others, Unten's Imperium, Iron Mask's gunblades, Obena's Sovereign, Leah's syringe finger, Fera's spear, Umbra Shader's scythe, Sia's Palm Cutter, Aurora's Grasshopper Blade, Crow's katana, Zellen's Angel Blades, Bynde's Fatebreaker, and Redge's Cauterizer. It's rather unwieldy but packs a punch.
  • Marketable Plushie Ray - Threat-Tan-Doe is able to fire beams from her eyes that can turn almost anything into a plush toy.

Hyper Mode - Threat-Tan-Doe Panruptera

Threat-Tan-Doe Panruptera

Upon activating Hyper Mode, Threat-Tan-Doe becomes Threat-Tan-Doe Panruptera (lit. Destroyer of All), an eldritch being with godlike powers.

  • Deadly Antimatter Lazer - A weapon that fires a beam of antimatter that explodes on contact with anything.
  • Goddess of All Swords - An improved version of the Mother of All Swords.
  • Complete and Utter Devastation Ray - Threat-Tan-Doe Panruptera's Marketable Plushie Ray becomes the Complete and Utter Devastation Ray, capable of destroying virtually anything and causing nuclear explosions on impact.



  • Threat-Tan-Doe owns an iPhone 9, which she forced Apple to make by threatening to do something very illegal to them if they didn't.