• This is not a roleplaying forum, but more of a sign-up and current progress chart.

    Even without a hero, you can still get over it by all working together.
    Sageon, the Guardian of Multi-Quest World

    In a world called Multi-Quest World, a light vampire countess called Draculiana Fangos had returned from her seal for revenge against King Righthart II, and she becomes more powerful than ever since escaping her imprisoned state. She had traveled multiple worlds and dimensions, recruiting eight dreaded villains in order to assault the Multi-Quest World in exchange of their dreamed goal coming true upon completion.

    Although four of them are never seen before, the other four of them seems real familiar; one green frog-like being from Subcon, one mushroom-like being who is poisonous, one purple alien with his machine from outer space, and one shaking, viking-like being from the Shake Dimension. Draculiana denied help from the Koopa King and Kremling leader does to the prior one is too arrogance and the latter one’s being too unhinged in his own right. The two leaders are not happy about it, and vow to stop her plans to show who are they are dealing with. The two leaders may cross path and get busy dealing with each others, of course.

    The King of Multi-Quest, Righthart II, demand desperate help from people of Multi-Quest World and eventually the outside, but no helps had been possible. Not even the Legendary Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is available at the moment. However, some inhabitants and some visitors of the Multi-Quest World are getting involved in this situation today… and it is up to you and them, many of the helpful people of multiple species we called “Partners”, to save the day!

    Sign-Up Rules

    • You can sign up to four different partners, but only up to two per Squadron.
    • Make sure that your species are different from those signed-up so far. We do not wanted it into a crippling trouble, such as ten Tattling Goombas or five shielding Koopas.
    • Read this document to see how the simulator would work. The difference is that it will be turn-based like how Paper Mario games usually works.
    • Please make sure that your Partner is appropriate for the Mario series (i.e. not bloody, not too edgy, not explicitly sexual), and that they are not a species from non-Mario series.
      • Species from Donkey Kong series, Yoshi series and Wario series are allowed.
    • Everyone will have 0 Defense by default, unless if it is a Koopa Troopa (which they can only have one Defense) or functionally similar species.
    • You can use your own Partners from your existing Paper Mario fan games, or simply make up new ones.
      • If the sign-up is slowing down and there are a few slots left, I will add my own Paper Mario partners.
    • This is not a contest! The importance is that the Partners had to win the battle, and that each of them had to work together in order to win.
    • Each Squadron will take turn, battle after battle. Only a few exceptions are when both Squadrons had to fight.

    Partners to Heroes list

    (Name, Species)

    OS = Sunmitted from other sites

    Italic = Added by me, does to closed sign-up overtime.

    Squadron 1

    1. Banksy Kong (Kong)
    2. Koop McSargenal (Koopa Troopa)
    3. Josh the Yosh (Light-Blue Yoshi)
    4. Goom Goomba (Goomba)
    5. Malibo (Malibut)
    6. Bounty Boom Boom (Robotic Boom Boom)
    7. Piper Fitz (Pipe Fist)
    8. Parakarry (Paratroopa)

    Squadron 2

    1. Crowbert (Crowber)
    2. 'Sneak-In Gilbert (This rare type of Shy Guy from Yoshi's Island )'
    3. Blargaston (Gargantua Blargg)
    4. Slipp Grip (Slippa)
    5. Bobbery (Bob-Omb)
    6. Rager (Angry Spear-Mask)
    7. Eryn (Magical Human Girl)
    8. 'Pirlumbus (Piranha Plant)'
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    • its ya boiii Banksy Kong

      he's a kong who does graffiti. His weapon is his Spraycan Scythe which he can use as both a spray can and a scythe, it represents the duality of capitalism or something

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    • Koop McSargenal (Formerly Koop Sargeneral). Originally loyal to Bowser, but turned to the good side after he got tired of his ex-boss's antics. Main weapon is the ShellSword, a sword covered with fake Koopa scales. His main technique is the Bowser Suit (pronounced by Koop Sergeneral as a BOWSER SOOOOOOOT), which he puts on to look like Bowser.

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    • My character will be a light-blue Yoshi who I call Josh the Yosh. His weapon of choice is a cybernetic sword he can summon out of anywhere it may be, and it has the pattern of a Yoshi egg. It's called the Egblade. The Egblade can also extend up to 5 feet.

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    • Goom the Goomba. A Goomba with a love of useless trivia.

      That's all I got.

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    • (BUMP)

      That's already four slots filled, but I still need twelve more before I can begin the "simulation".

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    • Malibo, a Malibut which is very lazy and prefers sleeping, though his sleepwalking self is very capable in a fight. He fights by attacking with a pillow, and he can also swim around in water freely.

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    • You know what, I will leave it ten minutes for last chance before I move on, filling the rest of the spots with some new made-up ones, one of my Partners being Pirlumbus being in it too, and maybe Parakarry and Bobbery for the last three spots.

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    • bounty boom boom a  boom boom thats made out of metal and has a hand cannon

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    • Piper Fitz, a hot-headed purple Pipe Fist who hovers above the ground. She wears a gauntlet that greatly enhances the power of her fist.

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    • Thank you for signing up. The sign-up is now closed does to going on for too long. The rest of the spots will be filled by made-up partners, Parakerry, Bobbery and Pirlumbus.

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    • name desu: Eryn ((WOWOAOWOWO MCMALAADSS))


      will edit to add more

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    • An IP
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