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Thorn: No Man's Land is a 2D beat em' up for the Wii U, taking place in the New Age Fantendoverse canon. It follows Thorn and fellow siren Rose in two stories, both set on the siren homeworld of Meadow.


Thorn: No Man's Land is a two-dimensional beat em' up game with platforming and puzzle elements, featuring two playable characters with unique abilities and stories. Each story features 18 missions, with an additional mode, Trials, consisting of short self-contained challenges available after beating both stories.

Both playable characters have the same basic abilities - a double jump, basic attacks, and the ability to sneak in order to avoid detection. The differences come mostly in the form of handling and weaponry - Thorn wields two knives, has floaty jumps, and can jump off walls, while Rose has a trident, more precise movement, and a quick dash.


Thorn: No Man's Land features two stories - one featuring Thorn, one following Rose - which are both made up of 18 missions, along with a prologue and epilogue. Both can be read here. Summaries of both stories will be posted here at a later date.



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Thorn is a rebellious siren who defected from her homeworld to work on her own terms. Upon being forced to return to Meadow, she was deemed a criminal and now must fight for her life to escape. Her gameplay revolves around using rapid attacks with her knives along with agility to overcome obstacles.


Rose is the enigmatic leader of the Sirens, using her influence on her peers to achieve what she wants. When fate forces her hand, she goes on her own to defeat Thorn, with whom she has a mysterious connection. She can utilize her trident for precision, and generally her missions focus more on puzzles than combat.


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Azalea is Rose's personal pilot and an old friend of Thorn's. Extremely stubborn and on occasion defiant, she's kept around only due to her amazing skills as a navigator and pilot. Her weapon, gifted by Rose, is a sickle that can be used as a navigational tool.