Thorn: Hollow Victories is a 17-chapter graphic novel written by PabloDePablo (tbc), initially released digitally in 2016 before being printed as a graphic novel by Fantendo - Drive in 2017. A sequel to the semi-unfinished title Thorn: No Man's Land, Hollow Victories picks up months after its predecessor's ending.


Chapter 1: Cut and Come Again

The story begins with a shot of a parking lot. There's several cars, alien yet all fairly average, and one heavily tricked out hovercraft. Thorn groans as she stumbles out of the hovercraft.

Thorn: Time to fuckin'... refuel my car, refuel my bod, refuel my life. No more lollygaggin'.

Thorn drags her feet as she walks to a nearby fast food restauraunt. She squints as she steps in, shielding her eyes from the bright clean lighting. A cheery alien with blue rubbery skin and several eyes stands behind the register.

Food clerk: Welcome to Nova Sweeties, where everything's a supernova of flavor!

Thorn walks up to the counter, staring up at the menu for way too many silent moments. She exhales and looks back at the clerk.

Thorn: Got anything chocolate?
Food clerk: Absolutely! We have chocolate shakes, double chocolate shakes, hot fudge shakes, chocolate chip cookie shakes...
Thorn: Yeah, yeah, hot fudge, whatever.

Thorn glances down. There's several hard light newspapers stored in some kind of vending machine.

Thorn: ...and a news thing too, please.
Food clerk: That'll be 45 credit units, it'll be right out.

Thorn pulls a cartridge out of a jacket pocket, plugging it into the cash register. It beeps before letting out an ding, displaying a thumbs up on the screen. Thorn yawns and pulls the cartridge back. The clerk heads into the kitchen.

Thorn: So, recent happenings. What kind of shit's been going on, universe?

Thorn grabs a newspaper and sits at a booth, kicking her feet up on the table. She rubs her eyes and yawns again.

Thorn: This is all boring. Why would I care about the stock market, silly newspaper?

Thorn disapprovingly glares at her newspaper for a second. She turns the page and sees a blurry picture of what seems to be Rose. She throws the newspaper across the table.

Thorn: Shit.

Thorn kicks the table repeatedly.

Thorn: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Goddamn it.

Thorn walks up to the counter and repeatedly slams her hand into it.

Thorn: Hey, missy, hurry up on that hot fudge. I need to get out of here fast.
Food clerk (from off-screen): Sorry, sorry, almost done! I'm the only one here for the graveyard shift.
Thorn: Graveyard...? It's noon.
Food clerk: (still off-screen): What? No, no. It's 3am.

Thorn glances at a clock. It is 3am.

Thorn: ...huh.

The food clerk brings the hot fudge shake out. Thorn grabs it.

Food clerk: Sorry if this is personal, but... what's the hurry?

Thorn sighs.

Thorn: Kid, if you ever end up with the wrong crowd and get out alive, do your best to not let it come back to bite you.

Thorn walks back over to the table. She pulls out one of her knives, stabs through it, lets out a muffled scream, grabs her newspaper, and walks to the door. The food clerk is visibly startled.

Food clerk: H-have a nice day.
Thorn: You too.

Thorn leaves. The food clerk checks the register and sees Thorn paid about double for her purchase.

Two shadowy figures sit in a dimly lit spaceship, one dressed in red and the other dressed in blue. Their names are Rose and Forget-Me-Not.

Forget-Me-Not: You did a sloppy job back there, Rose. Someone got a picture, and we're no closer to finding Thorn.

Rose slumps in her seat. Forget-Me-Not glances at her and fakes a smile.

Forget-Me-Not: No reason to give up, though. She has to be leaving some trails.
Rose: Don't count on it. She knows how to cover her tracks.

Forget-Me-Not's cybernetic hands grip her armrest tightly, denting it deeply.

Forget-Me-Not: Watch what you say, Rose. You know the Benefactors keep a close eye on us. You're on your last chance already and I'm not getting pulled down with you.

Rose nods, frowning. Forget-Me-Not removes her hand from the armrest and looks worried.

Chapter 2: Big Tetra


Rose sits in one of her pillar-like ships, her hands cuffed and a shock collar around her neck. Two tall wasp-like aliens holding spears guard her closely.

Benefactor guard: We're almost to the Hive, traitous scum. Any bets on what punishment awaits you?

Rose glances up at the guard. She frowns at him and remains silent.

Benefactor guard: Too scared to talk, huh? You should be. Rumor has it High Warlord Drev is pushing for the death sentence.

Rose remains silent. She looks to her left and tilts her head. Outside is a massive space station, comprised of four connected 'hubs', orbiting around a husk of a planet.

Rose: Your home looks to be in pretty bad shape.
Benefactor guard: Pretty bold words from a dead woman walking.
Rose: If I die, I don't want to die as their puppet.

The pillar ship approaches a hangar on the space station. The guards look worried.

Benefactor guard: Pilot, don't initiate landing sequences. The Council wants this criminal delivered right to their chambers.

The ship moves out of the hangar, flying towards the center of the station. Rose throws her head back and sighs.

Rose stands under a spotlight. Above her is a ring of small balconies, a Benefactor seated in each one.

Rose: I was already told you want me dead, Drev. Don't bother with formalities.

One of the Benefactors clutches a glass of wine. His scrap metal armor clangs as he stands up.

High Warlord Drev: Rose, you stand accused of treason against the Benefactors once more.
Rose: I told you not to bother with formalities.

Drev sips his wine.

High Warlord Drev: You failed to capture this final straggler from your insurrection. Why is that?
Rose: She's stronger than you think. Unafraid of you.

Cackling can be heard throughout the council.

High Manufacturer Geldzon: If this simple Thorn is so unafraid, why has she not come to fight already?
Rose: Her name is Zinnia.
High Warlord Drev: So you have named her, have you? That's not something done lightly by you Sirens.

The council is abuzz with muttering. Rose looks furious.

Rose: Why do you insist on prolonging my death? If you intend to kill me, do it now, so I don't have to listen to your insufferable mumbling.

The council goes silent. A Benefactor wearing a dark cloak seems intrigued.

High Warlord Drev: I have you begging for death, Rose. I'm not passing up the opprotunity to see you fall.
Rose: You sicken me.
High Warlord Drev: You never were truly loyal to our cause, were you? It's only because of the needs of our people that I've put up with it for so long.
High Legislator Tuvne: Innnnndeed. Your attempt to assassinate us...
High Lawmaker Envut: ...wassss never really forgotten.

Tuvne and Envut cackle to each other.

Rose: Killing me will not end the cycle. Someone else will stand up to you tyrants, and that's assuming Zinnia isn't on her way here right now for revenge.
High Warlord Drev: Profound last words. Guards, take her to be killed.

The Benefactor in the black cloak stands up, muttering to himself in thought.

Rose: Oh, you want last words? Go fuck yourself, Drev.
High Warlord Drev: You really do have nothing to lose if you're speaking like that to your masters, huh?
High Preacher Zavendol: Wait. Council members, before we execute Rose, I have a proposition.

Rose looks up at Zavendol. Drev sits down and motions for him to speak.

High Preacher Zavendol: Rose has proven to be unsuccessful and unloyal so far, yes, but I don't think we need to give up on her yet. I've been working on plans and I think this is the future of our soldiers.

Zavendol presses a few buttons on his seat. A hologram is projected in the center of the roon, displaying blueprints for extensive cybernetic enhancements on a Siren.

High Preacher Zavendol: Faster reflexes, increased surveillance, and a remote-controlled neurotoxin capsule that we can use if she rebels again. We give her one last shot, to test the technology.
High Warlord Drev: These blueprints look... to be frank, unfeasible.
High Preacher Zavendol: They've already worked once.

Zavendol motions for someone to come out onto the balcony. A Siren with blonde hair wearing a blue jacket steps out.

High Preacher Zavendol: Forget-Me-Not leaped for the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of science. If we deploy her and Rose to hunt for Zinnia, we can move forward with building an army.
Forget-Me-Not: Don't worry, High Council. I'll keep an eye on Rose.

Forget-Me-Not looks down to Rose. She licks her lips and motions a finger over her throat. Rose looks terrified.

High Preacher Zavendol: The only outcomes are death during the procedure, death by neurotoxin, or mission success. Entrust this one to me.

The council once again mutters amongst themselves.

High Warlord Drev: I vote we go through with it.

Most of the council nods in agreement, their voices drowning each other out.

High Preacher Zavendol: Thank you, High Warlord. Are we adjourned?
High Warlord Drev: Indeed. High Curator Jerai, begin working on how to break this news to the public.

Jerai nods. The council disperses and two guards drag Rose out.

High Preacher Zavendol walks to his laboratory, hunched over and moving fast. He notices High Warlord Drev walking by and sighs. Drev clutches his shoulder when the two pass.

High Preacher Zavendol: O-oh, hello there, High Warlord.
High Warlord Drev: Zavendol. Assure me that these plans of yours hold no ulterior motives.
High Preacher Zavendol: What could you mean by that?
High Warlord Drev: You've been busy with projects you keep hidden for years now. If you were to risk the capture of Zinnia over your own needs...

Drev clutches Zavendol's shoulder tighter.

High Preacher Zavendol: I wouldn't dare.

Drev releases his grip and continues walking. Zavendol mutters under his breath angrily.

Chapter 3: Ms. Mars


Thorn's eyes jolt open. She's in her spaceship, somewhere above the planet she was just on.

Thorn: ...must have passed out.

Thorn sips what's left of her milkshake as she looks out of the glass at the stars. She grabs her newspaper and looks back at the picture of Rose.

Thorn: Well... I couldn't keep running forever.

Thorn skims over the accompanying article.

Thorn: Alright, Bel system... horrible fire... seen heading to the next closest system.

Thorn punches in some coordinates

Terminal: Warning: fuel levels low. Would you still like to make this jump?

Thorn repeatedly taps yes. The ship shakes a bit as the engine starts up.

Thorn: Guess the ol' piece of junk needs a tuning after this.

Thorn takes a deep breath as her ship begins moving faster and faster, moving at lightspeed.

Thorn: Alright, so, Thorn, what's your game plan for dealing with this?

Thorn pauses, putting a finger to her forehead.

Thorn: Well, step one is to stop talking to myself.

Rose and Forget-Me-Not's shift drifts past an asteroid. Forget-Me-Not eagerly looks at the planet ahead of them.

Forget-Me-Not: Arnos-3. Y'know, this planet has a fascinating history.
Rose (clearly uninterested): Oh, really.
Forget-Me-Not: Yeah! They used to have massive machines here for astronomy, but now it's just a gigantic scrapheap where criminals who can't afford Delta prices fight for what they need.
Rose: Zinnia isn't just some lowly criminal.
Forget-Me-Not: Stop... calling her that.
Rose: That's her name, though.
Forget-Me-Not: No. No, we... the Benefactors give us names when we do something worth being acknowledged for. Until then we're all just Thorn. That's how it works. Good, loyal citizens get to be recognized on an individual basis.
Rose: Zinnia has done something worth acknowledging, don't you think?

Forget-Me-Not is clearly mad.

Forget-Me-Not: Sure. Whatever. Fine. My point is she might be getting parts here so let's just go down there and capture her.

Forget-Me-Not cranks up the ship's speed. Rose leans forward and looks out the window at the stars.

Forget-Me-Not: Look at it this way; no matter how long the hunt takes, you're still living longer than you would have without the High Preacher's intervention.
Rose: What's up with him, anyways? What does he preach?
Forget-Me-Not: Oh, all sorts of things. He buys books about alien religions and tells the stories to-

Forget-Me-Not stops mid-sentence.

Forget-Me-Not: Hey, look, almost in atmosphere!

Forget-Me-Not ups the speed to dangerous levels, flinging Rose back into her seat.

Thorn looks at a map on her ship's terminal. She's just minutes away from the Arnos system. She's trying to meditate.

Thorn: You can do this, Thorn. Rose is... she's probably working for the Benefactors. You just gotta take her down and hope for the best, right?

Thorn's ship exits lightspeed. She immediately notices a Benefactor ship heading to a desert planet.

Thorn: Jackpot.

Thorn lowers her ship's speed and activates a cloaking device, following the same course as the Benefactor battleship.

Chapter 4: Crazy Daisy

Forget-Me-Not's bug-like ship lands on Arnos-3, stirring up sand. Forget-Me-Not steps out and looks at three massive silhouettes on the horizon.

Forget-Me-Not: There, the astronomical equipment I was talking about. Giant telescopes. Glass, refined metal, wiring... a scavenger's dream.

Rose steps out of the ship. She instictively moves her hand to shield her eyes from the light before realizing her enhancements adjusted her vision already.

Forget-Me-Not: Radar says there's a town... a few miles out that way.
Rose: So we're walking for miles when Zinnia could be here long before we get there?
Forget-Me-Not: Who said anything about walking?

A pod drops out of the ship, sprouting six spindly legs. The two climb in and the pod begins running at unexpected speeds.

Thorn lands not too far from the bug ship, taking a look at it from a distance.

Thorn: Definitely Benefactor tech.

Thorn grabs a satchel full of knives and begins sneaking towards the ship. Taking a closer look, she realizes Rose has already left and gets onboard.

Thorn: Time to play espionage.

Thorn accesses a terminal near the controls. She sees two folders; one for Rose, one for Forget-Me-Not.

Thorn: Huh... a partner in crime, it seems? Too bad I know you just love pulling strings, Rose.

Thorn opens Rose's folder. There's only an audio file, and when she plays it, it's just mind-numbingly shrill shrieking and dial-up noises. She shuts it off and breaths heavily, clutching her chest.

Thorn: ...the hell, Rose?

Thorn opens up Forget-Me-Not's folder. There's several pictures of various planets, Benefactor architechture, and Rose, along with a hologram file.

Thorn: Hm.

Thorn pulls out a knife with a USB drive embedded in the handle and downloads the hologram file. She plugs the drive into the ship's projector. A hologram labelled "Zinnia" depicts blueprints for extensive cybernetic modification. Thorn goes pale with fear.

Thorn: N-no.

Thorn scrambles backwards, hitting her back hard against a wall and sitting down. Memories of Rose's failed rebellion start flooding back as if they happened mere hours ago.

Thorn: Not again... not...

Thorn is hyperventalating. She lies down on her side and clutches her stomach.

Thorn: N-never. Not again. I can't.

Thorn kicks the wall, knocking the drive out of the projector. The hologram dissipates. Thorn closes her eyes, taking deep breathes.

Forget-Me-Not and Rose sit around in their cramped pod. Rose is trying to rest, while Forget-Me-Not keeps an eye out for the town. She spots something and grabs Rose by the shoulder, shaking her awake and pointing.

Forget-Me-Not: Looks like a wanderer. I'm gonna go ask for directions.

Forget-Me-Not climbs out of the pod and walks to the wanderer. They spot her and seem angry.

Forget-Me-Not: Hello there, my name is Forget-Me-Not and that back there is Rose, we're looking for directions to-
Wanderer: G̢̡̕͜͟E͘͏̀T̸̡̡̧͘ ͝҉̛̀̕Ó̶̢F̸̀͝F̷̶ ͘͡M̵̧̕Y̸̡͡ ̸͞T́҉U̧R̸̢̢̛F̢҉̡͟

Forget-Me-Not steps back. She gets a closer look at the wanderer; a reptilian creature in a cloak with a shoddily crafted mask and a scrawny robotic third arm.

Forget-Me-Not: Easy now, we just want directi-
Wanderer: Ơ͏̸́́U̷͏̸̴T̢͟.̶̶̀͝ ̨̢͟҉N͝Ó̴̴Ẃ̸̀.͘҉͜

Forget-Me-Not is starting to get angry. The wanderer grabs a small baton which unfolds into a spiked staff.

Wanderer: F̴̵͘U̷̢̕̕͘C҉̷̧͏̷K̡҉̷̸ ̛͞O̧͏̧F͘͜͝F͟ ̶̀̕B̢̡͢͢͜E͏̡̛͘F͝͏̴̢̛Ǫ̸̕Ŗ̧͜͠E͏̴̴͜ ̵̢̀Y̡̧͘O̵̢͡U̵͢͟ ̴͢G̢̧҉E̷͘͏̨T̀͘͝͠҉ ͘͏̸̧͢A͏̵͟ ͡͡͏̨F̡҉͜͡À̵̛͞Ç̸̢É̶̶͡F̶̀͏Ư͝͡͠L̴͜͞͝ ̵̢O̴͢͡F̛̕͡ ͢T͏̸͟O̴͞X̢̨͜I̢̢N̨̛͘-̧͘ÇÓ̀A͟͡T̸̷̷̨͜E̵̵̛͝Ḑ̸͠ ̴̴͝B̀̕͜A̡͘͡Ŗ̧̛B͏̢Ş̢.̴̢͜͠

Forget-Me-Not grits her teeth. She stands still with her hands in the air for a moment.

Wanderer: L̵͟͢͟E̷̕͜͡҉A̵҉̸͝V̴̨̛́͢E̴ ̴͏͢҉͡A̵̵͢͜͠Ļ̶͡R̶̢E̡͝͏̵Ą̴͝D͢͝Y͡͏

Forget-Me-Not's cybernetic hands covert into blasters. The wanderer dodges her shots but can't find her with all the dust that got stirred up. She's right behind them.

Forget-Me-Not: Boo.

The wanderer faces her with the staff. She grabs it and effortlessly snaps it in half, the toxin from the barbs dripping off the stainless steel of her robotic parts.

Wanderer: W̶̶̧͘͡H̴A̡̛͝T̡̕ ͏҉̨K̨̕͢I̛͘N̴̢̢͠D̴͡͡ ̢͞Ò̸͞҉͝F̡͏̨҉ ̢͠H͝Ȩ̶̛͘L҉̀́L͏҉̸S̵P̀́Ą̶̕Ẃ̨͟N̷̶͘ ̸̀̕͢A̡͏̷Ŕ̢͢È̡̕͞͞ ̵͞Y҉͜͏̸̨O̷͞͞U͘͘͘?҉͘
Forget-Me-Not: The kind you won't forget.

Forget-Me-Not knees the wanderer in the gut, knocking them out. She motions for Rose to get out of the pod and drags it over by one of the legs, putting it on its side by the wanderer.

Rose: Was that necessary?
Forget-Me-Not: Absolutely, as is this.

Forget-Me-Not stabs the wanderer. Rose turns away as Forget-Me-Not writes a message in the sand using their blood. She finishes, heading into the overturned pod and hitting a couple of buttons that cause it to begin flashing.

Rose: What are you doing?
Forget-Me-Not: Leaving a beacon. If Thorn's here, she'll come across this eventually, and if not, someone'll just put it on the news where she can see it.

Forget-Me-Not climbs out of the pod, wiping off her hands and walking towards where she thinks town is. Rose looks at the message and follows reluctantly. The scene ends with an aerial shot of the message.




Thorn sits in her ship, blazing a trail across the desert. She's furious, seemingly even a bit eager to fight.

Thorn: Those motherfuckers think they can get away with making me a killing machine?

Thorn briefly cranks up the speed, listening to the engine roar.

Thorn: Hell no.

Thorn leans forward, watching the wreckage get closer on the horizon. A golden flashing sphere catches her attention from the corner of her eye and she stops, getting out to look at it. She notices a corpse nearby and sees blood on the ground.

Thorn: This... this looks like something off their ship.

Thorn looks closer at the blood, squinting as she steps back.

Thorn: Come... get some...?

Everything clicks as the bells chime. Thorn looks ready to burst.

Thorn: Oh, I'll come get some, alright.

Thorn jumps back in her ship revs up the engine again.

Thorn: Come get some goddamn justice!

Chapter 5: Purple Prince

The Benefactor High Council is gathered once again. High Preacher Zavendol fidgets in his seat anxiously.

High Warlord Drev: I've called this emergency meeting of the Council to bring you all good news. It'll only be a moment of your time.

The council sounds impatient.

High Treasurer Vakk: You pulled us from our districts in the middle of the night. I don't care how fast this meeting goes.

Drev glares at Vakk. He goes silent.

High Warlord Drev: Three hours ago, the probe aboard our agents' Warship gave us this visual.

A static-y picture of Forget-Me-Not writing out her message is displayed via hologram.

High Warlord Drev: Not long after, we got another set, three visuals.

The three pictures play on a loop. One is of Thorn, one is of her ship, and the third is of her taking off.

High Warlord Drev: Between this and surveillance data, we can assume Zinnia is heading straight for Forget-Me-Not, and looks to be thoroughly outmatched if that ship is all she has.

The council's murmuring now sounds enthusiastic. Drev places a hand on the railing of his balcony.

High Warlord Drev: The High Preacher's gambit is finally paid off. Soon we will have a dangerous rebel in our hands, and an army of Siren scavengers.

The council is actively cheering. Zavendol stands up.

High Preacher Zavendol: High Council, my most sincere gratitude goes out to you. I assure you that my cybernetic research proves to be a steadily growing prospect, and that with the right funding, I could build us an army of soldiers ten times as strong as these simple trial units.

Zavendol humbly waves to the council. He notices Drev staring at him.

Drev and Zavendol are walking down a dark hallway. Drev has a look of determination and anger on his face while Zavendol seems to be fairly neutral.

High Warlord Drev: Your speech back there has certainly earned you faith from the Council, Zavendol. Unfortunately, I don't hold such faiths for you.
High Preacher Zavendol; Is this about logistics? I assure you, the Industrial District can handle my production needs.
High Warlord Drev: Oh, this is about logistics. The logistics of how you keep evading me.

Drev grabs Zavendol by the collar of his cloak and pulls out a small circular device. Zavendol looks worried before retaining his calm demeanor.

High Warlord Drev: A sensor neutralizer. What would a Council member need this for?
High Preacher Zavendol: That's not a sensor neutralizer. I designed the standard-issue model and it's not built like that.
High Warlord Drev: Matches the prototype you built for me pretty damn well. Why do you need one?
High Preacher Zavendol: I have personal business outside the Council. I don't need your eyes all over that part of my life too.
High Warlord Drev: So it is a sensor neutralizer. Your lie's slipping apart, Zavendol.

Drev crushes the sensor neutralizer and walks to his quarters. Zavendol pulls another from his pocket slyly.


Zavendol walks through a domestic district, his cloak's hood pulled up. He's in a marketplace filled with the average citizens of the Hive; greedy, hedonistic Benefactors, many with crude robotic implants.

Roll on up for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town
Take your pick of the finest wine
Lay your bets on this bird of mine

Zavendol seems disturbed by the market. He passes by a tent selling weapons, most of them stained with fresh blood.

Roll on up for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town
Take your pick of the finest wine
Lay your bets on this bird of mine

Zavendol bumps into a group of Sirens wearing ragged clothes. They try to grip his robes but he scuttles away.

Name your price, I've got everything
Come on buy, it's going fast
Borrow cash on the finest terms
Hurry now, it's going fast

Zavendol notices something out of the corner of his eye. He looks back and someone else is behind the weapons tent. He sighs and continues pacing.

Roll on up for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town
Take your pick of the finest wine
Lay your bets on this bird of mine
Roll on up for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town
Take your pick of the finest wine
Lay your bets on this bird of mine

The crowd of the marketplace is dispersing a bit. Zavendol seems confused.

Name your price, I've got everything
Come on buy, it's going fast
Borrow cash on the finest terms
Hurry now, it's going fast

Zavendol sees limp feet behind the weapons tent. The Benefactor who seemingly killed the owner grabs a harpoon and fires it at another store. Zavendol ducks and rolls out of the way, moving against the rioting crowd.

Roll on up for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town
Take your pick of the finest wine
Lay your bets on this bird of mine

Zavendol sees his destination; a door hidden amongst the wall panels, marked with an old worn-down Benefactor sigil. He slips in.

Roll on up, for the price is down
Come on in for the best in town

Zavendol slams the door shut behind him, the riot still muffled behind him. He pulls down his hood and begins to sing, disgusted by what he just saw.

My temple should be a house of prayer
But you have made it a den of thieves
Get up, get out

Zavendol looks down the dark staircase before him. He solemnly walks down.

My time is almost through
Little left to do
After all, I've tried for three years

Zavendol pulls a holographic projector from his pocket, his hands shaking. He looks at a picture of himself, younger, and another Benefactor. He can't stand the memory, but he needs to remind himself what he's fighting for.

Seems like thirty, seems like thirty...

He hears groans from the darkness. Voices begin speaking up, singing out.

See my eyes, I can hardly see
See me stand, I can hardly walk
I believe you can make me whole
See my tongue, I can hardly talk
See my skin, I'm a mass of blood
See my legs, I can hardly stand
I believe you can make me well
See my purse, I'm a poor, poor man

Zavendol walks further into his laboratory. There's a crowd of horrifying, half-dead Sirens. Some are missing eyes, have their mouths sewn half-shut, or have missing limbs. Others have too many limbs, holes covering their bodies, or have 'melted'. Regardless of their state, they all have shock collars on.

Will you touch, will you mend me Christ?
Won't you touch, will you heal me Christ?
Will you kiss, you can cure me Christ
Won't you kiss, won't you pay me Christ?

Zavendol walks across the room, stepping over as many of his Siren experiments as he can. They cling to his ankles.

See my eyes, I can hardly see
See me stand, I can hardly walk
I believe you can make me whole
See my tongue, I can hardly talk
See my skin, I'm a mass of blood
See my legs, I can hardly stand
I believe you can make me well
See my purse, I'm a poor, poor man

Zavendol looks infuriated. The crowd of experiments is climbing over each other trying to reach him.

Will you touch, will you mend me Christ?
Won't you touch, will you heal me Christ?
Will you kiss, you can cure me Christ
Won't you kiss, won't you pay me Christ?
See my eyes, I can hardly see
See me stand, I can hardly walk
I believe you can make me whole
See my tongue, I can hardly talk
See my skin, I'm a mass of blood
See my legs, I can hardly stand
I believe you can make me well
See my purse, I'm a poor, poor man

Zavendol reaches a computer, trying to type something in but being pulled back by the Sirens.

Ooo, there's too many of you
Don't push me
Oh, there's too little of me
Don't, don't crowd me, please don't crowd me

Zavendol's cloak is ripped apart at the edges, freeing him from the crowd's grip. He inputs a code and activates their shock collars, knocking them unconscious.

Oh, heal yourselves

Zavendol pants, looking at the experiments. He inputs another code, a small microphone ejecting from the terminal.

High Preacher Zavendol: Audio log encode 3-9-0-Gamma. The Council has swung in favor of giving me reign over our militrization of the Sirens, but that brutish scoundrel Drev is getting far too close to uncovering my secrets. He wouldn't understand what I'm trying to accomplish.

Zavendol looks at his hologram again, sighing deeply.

High Preacher Zavendol: What this research could do for all of us, regardless of the Siren blood that paves our path.

Zavendol shuts down the recording. He gets out syringes amd bonesaws and drags a Siren to his work area.

Chapter 6: Hot Divine

Rose and Forget-Me-Not walk through the small junkyard town. All the buildings are rough structures thrown together from scraps and no one's outside.

Forget-Me-Not: Seems like a nice place. At least it's quiet.

Rose notices a telescope poking out from a window, watching the two. She tilts her head and it quickly retracts.

Rose: Could be weeks before Zinnia gets here.
Forget-Me-Not: Thorn could be here already for all we know. Let's check the tavern first, shall we?

Forget-Me-Not walks to the tavern. Rose sits down in the sand, letting it sift between her fingers. She notices bright lights approaching.

Forget-Me-Not looks around the tavern. It's fairly empty, with a few customers at the bar. She takes a seat and looks at the bartender; an old, rusted robot moving on a rail built into the bar.

Bartender: Welcome to Papa Ratchet's O-O-Oilarama, kiddo!

Forget-Me-Not seems confused. A gruff, blue-skinned alien looks over at her.

Krios: Don't mind the barkeep's demeanor. Whoever runs this hellhole stole 'im from an old Delta restauraunt.
Papa Ratchet: Please, remain courteous of fellow customer-mer-mer-mer-mer-mer-

Papa Ratchet spews sparks from his eyes. Forget-Me-Not looks cautious as he reactivates.

Papa Ratchet: Welcome to Papa Ratchet's Oilarama, kiddo! What can I get you?

Forget-Me-Not looks at a menu.

Forget-Me-Not: Hm... some of the fancy wine.

Papa Ratchet remains silent.

Krios: He only recognizes pre-coded messages.

Krios walks to the bar.

Krios: Banana split for the cyborg over here.
Papa Ratchet: One banana split coming up!

Papa Ratchet moves on a pre-determined path. He's moving like he's making a banana split, but there's no ingredients, or bowls. He grabs a bottle of wine and brings it to Forget-Me-Not.':

Papa Ratchet: Made to order!
Krios: Don't go thinkin' I'll be paying, missy.

Krios returns to his seat as Forget-Me-Not pours herself a glass.

Rose has drawn out elaborate glyphs in the sand. Forget-Me-Not walks out of the tavern with an empty glass.

Rose: You were in there for an hour getting drunk.
Forget-Me-Not: Nah, I turned on my filtering systems. Just wanted some grape juice, to be honest.

Forget-Me-Not looks down at what Rose is drawing.

Forget-Me-Not: Looks cool. What is it?

Rose shrugs. Forget-Me-Not sits down with her and looks out on the horizon.

Forget-Me-Not: Wait a minute...

Forget-Me-Not sees a rapidly approaching ship. An apeture appears over her eye, helping her focus.

Forget-Me-Not: Rose. She took the bait. Get up.

Rose gets up and looks at the ship. It's Thorn's.

Thorn spots Forget-Me-Not and Rose in the middle of town. She revs the engine and charges at them.

Thorn: They better hope Benefactor cybernetics can withstand all this steel barrelling at them...

Rose moves out of the way while Forget-Me-Not stands still. She grabs Thorn's ship by the front with one hand.

Thorn: ...fuck, guess it can.

Forget-Me-Not tosses the ship away. Thorn manages to land it and gets out, pulling two knives from her satchel.

Forget-Me-Not: Well, well, well, the little Thorn that our Benefactors seem to want so badly has decided to deliver herself to us.
Thorn: I'm not turning myself in, jackass.

Thorn points a knife at Forget-Me-Not.

Thorn: I'm here to take you down...

Thorn looks around a bit.

Thorn: ...and get Rose back.

Rose gets a quick glimpse of Thorn from her hiding spot between two buildings. She blushes.

Forget-Me-Not: Rose has been made loyal again, you traitor. The second she walks off with anyone but me, she's dead.
Thorn: Rose never believed in them to begin with! They're using us!

Forget-Me-Not runs to Thorn, knocking her knife out of her left hand. She grabs her by the neck and holds her up.

Forget-Me-Not: Isn't that our place in this world? To be the hands of the Benefactors?
Thorn: (struggling to breath): Talk... about... issues, huh?

Forget-Me-Not tosses Thorn into the tavern walls.

Krios is asleep in his seat. He's woken up by a loud metal clang.

Krios: ...huh? What the...

Krios sees a huge dent in the wall above him. He slowly gets up then runs to his ship.

Thorn falls to the ground, getting up. She's seriously hurt but she refuses to give up the fight.

Forget-Me-Not: That's impressive, not dying yet. Good job.

Forget-Me-Not claps sarcastically before turning her hands into blasters. Thorn runs for cover as lasers fly at her rapidly, tearing a piece of scrap metal from the tavern off and using it as a shield.

Forget-Me-Not: That won't help you, Thorn!

Thorn grits her teeth and inhales. Forget-Me-Not is right. A blast hits the metal and she gets an idea, flinging the white-hot scrap at Forget-Me-Not. It hits her leg and she falls over.

Forget-Me-Not: Gahhh, motherf-

Forget-Me-Not notices Rose hiding.

Forget-Me-Not: Why are you hiding? Go fight.

Rose sighs, stepping out. Thorn looks at her, equal parts worried and angry.

Thorn: W-what have they done to you?
Rose: Why do you care so much?
Thorn: Rose, you're the only one capable of actually planning shit out. I can't solve this without you.

Rose looks like she's trying to hold back sadness, rage, fear... the risk is just too high for her to show signs of defecting.

Rose: I am the Benefactors' tool now. They have shown me the error of my rebellion.
Thorn: Stop... stop saying that. The Rose I know would rather die a hero than live a puppet.

Rose lifts up her hand, charging up her blaster. Before she can shoot, Forget-Me-Not tackles Thorn and pins her down.

Forget-Me-Not: This is my job, Rose. We just slit the throat, keep her alive until we get back to the Council... then this pathetic rebel gets to be just like us.

Thorn stabs Forget-Me-Not in the thigh. She flinches and Thorn pulls out more knives. None of them seem to be doing much but delaying her.

Forget-Me-Not: Why bother with those, you piece of shit?

Forget-Me-Not places a finger to Thorn's throat.

Thorn: Well, I figure having too many knives in you is a problem, regardless of how many robot bits they gave you. Besides, I had to distract you.
Forget-Me-Not: Distract...?

Thorn hits a button on her ship's keys. It starts up and begins flying towards the two. Forget-Me-Not leaps out of the way, dragging Thorn with her. Thorn uses the opportunity to break out of Forget-Me-Not's grip, stopping the ship and getting in.

Forget-Me-Not: Shit! We can't let her get away like this!

Thorn sticks her tongue out as her ship begins flying out of town. Forget-Me-Not's wrist opens up, revealing a tablet.

Forget-Me-Not: Gotta reactivate the pod, we can't keep up on foot. Stay put, Rose.

Rose sits down in the sand again. She notices all her drawings got swept away and sighs, looking at Thorn's ship fly away.

Chapter 7: Heaven's Gate

High Warlord Drev watches Rose and Forget-Me-Not chase Thorn through the probe's camera. He crosses his arms and leans back, looking exhausted.

High Warlord Drev: Yet another failure from Zavendol's troops. Why does the Council insists on trusting his ideals when his creations are outdone by a weakling with simple weaponry?

He takes a look at the crushed sensor neutralizer. Making sure his chamber is locked, he switches to another hologram; a map of the Hive.

High Warlord Drev: Let's see if the hired muscle did their work...

He flips a switch. A pulsing red dot appears on the map. Drev leans forward, a hand on his chin.

High Warlord Drev: ...the maitenence tunnels. Of course. He's been hiding in plain sight.

Drev stands up, putting on his armor. He grabs an ornately designed hammer from his mantle, his fingers clutching it tightly. He looks back over his shoulder to the map.

High Warlord Drev: The clock is ticking, High Preacher. I will have my way soon enough.

Thorn takes a look at her rear view mirror. Rose and Forget-Me-Not are catching up with her.

Thorn: Deep breaths, Thorn. Deep breaths.

Thorn takes a deep breath and taps her fingers on the wheel.

Thorn: What would Rose do, assuming she wasn't freakishly different and also trying to kill me? How do I go about taking down an empire?

Thorn checks his rear view mirror again. She sighs, still tapping her fingers on the wheel. There's no way she can do this alone, but she's trying to keep her mind off that. She hits some buttons on her radio. Music is a good distraction, right?


You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

Forget-Me-Not smiles a little too eagerly as the pod reaches Thorn's ship. It switches to walking on two legs seamlessly, the other two stabbing at Thorn's engine.

Something better than nothing
Something better than nothing, it's giving up
We all need to do something
Try to keep the truth from showing up

Thorn's ship swerves as the pod latches onto its side. Forget-Me-Not pulls herself out and tries to stab Thorn through the windshield.

How dare you
How old are you now, anyway?
How dare you
How old are you now, anyway?

Thorn notices the Benefactor warship and steers out of the way. Forget-Me-Not climbs back into the pod and it detatches and rolls back to the ship. She rushes to the controls, starting the ship up as Thorn starts flying straight up.

You're given a flower
But I guess there's just no pleasing you
Your lip tastes sour
But you think that it's just me teasing you
You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

The warship's 'legs' unfold and latch onto Thorn's ship, holding it in place. Thorn tries to escape, but her engine's busted. Forget-Me-Not hits some buttons, activating the warship's warp drive.

Rose: What are you doing?
Forget-Me-Not: Completing the mission!
Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway

A wormhole is projected in front of the warship and it takes off. Thorn looks for a method of escape, but freezes up when the ship reaches its destination; the Hive space station.

You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

Forget-Me-Not grins devilishly as she sets the ship on a course to the Hive's hangar.

Forget-Me-Not: Finally, Zavendol's plan is coming together! We've succeeded! Do you know what that means?
Rose: I'm... free to go?
Forget-Me-Not: No, no, even better. You and I are war heroes! Living proof that the Benefactors need Sirens like us! Soon, they'll be a whole army of us!

Rose tries to fake a smile, but she's disgusted by the idea. She shudders when Forget-Me-Not turns away, remembering the conversion procedure. If more Sirens had to go through that...

Thorn frantically rummages through her ship, looking up occasionally at the Hive. She can't find any solution and slumps against the dashboard.

Thorn: This can't be it. I can't just... go down like this.

Thorn rests her head. She hears very obvious mechanic failure going on and sits back up.

Thorn: The engine... oh, yeah. The engine. Duh.

Thorn slams the gas pedal, overheating the engine. Several things are sparking.

Thorn: Just a liiittle bit more... gonna have to buy a new ride if I survive this.

Thorn jiggles her keys a little bit. The engine explodes and Thorn is sent flying away from the warship, trying to aim for a hangar.

Forget-Me-Not looks around the cockpit. All the systems on the ship are shutting off. She begins floating because of a lack of artificial gravity.

Forget-Me-Not: What the hell did she pull off this time?
Rose: It's pretty clever, actually. She used her ship as an EMP generator. Everything's shut down now; navigation, surveillance, the systems holding her in place...
Forget-Me-Not: Wait... surveillance is off?
Rose: Yeah, why?

Forget-Me-Not slaps Rose.

Forget-Me-Not: You're a goddamn traitor. I despise you - and I mean despise. You stand against everything I've spent my life trying to fight for and the only reason I haven't spent every second with you screaming is because the Benefactors think I should tolerate you.

Rose looks furious. Forget-Me-Not pulls in closer again... and kisses her on the cheek.

Forget-Me-Not: I hate you, you beautiful, divine... treacherous scum.

Rose pushes Forget-Me-Not away, looking shocked. The two sit there quietly.

Forget-Me-Not: Systems won't be back on until long after we can do anything about Thorn.
Rose: Good. Zinnia's the only one I think can take down the Benefactors, and now she has a shot of toppling the Council.
Forget-Me-Not: Anything else you wanna say before surveillance goes back on?

Rose stares at Thorn's ship, worrying. She looks back at Forget-Me-Not.

Rose: No, I think my silence will say enough about how I feel.
Forget-Me-Not: Fine then.

The chapter ends on a shot of the warship drifting aimlessly.

Chapter 8: Four O'Clock, Marbles Yellow & White

High Preacher Zavendol is seen through a grainy old camera. He's very obviously sleep-deprived, breathing heavily as he stands over an unconscious Siren experiment.

High Preacher Zavendol: Audio log encode 4-6-8-Delta. T-this one, this is the 78th log in the last couple of days, but... real breakthrough here.

Zavendol pulls out two syringes and adjusts the camera. The Siren experiment is clearly missing an arm.

High Preacher Zavendol: This kind of recording, it has real historical value, so allow me to walk you, intrepid minds of the future, through my scientific advancement. Here we have a Siren experiment, heavily fatigued, missing a limb...

A loud groan startles Zavendol.

High Preacher Zavendol: ...seems its brethren are restless. Allow me to just...

Zavendol looks for a distraction. He grabs a small sack of marbles and tosses it into the crowd of Sirens.

High Preacher Zavendol: There, there, play along.

Several hands become more clearly distinguishable, crawling towards the more well-lit corner of the lab. They pull the marbles in quickly.

High Preacher Zavendol: ...right. Anyways, this Siren experimentoid is missing an arm, but my new bio-technology can be used to repair and sustain.

Zavendol injects one of the two syringes into the Siren, a green fluid flowing into their veins. Flesh and bone begin developing a new arm.

High Preacher Zavendol: The first injection, that creates new tissue, a sort of... all-purposes biological tissue, that can assimilate any form of nutrition. However, this is not enough to ensure an effective immortality.

Zavendol uses his second syringe, this one filled with a thick grey liquid.

High Preacher Zavendol: This second injection uses a combination of mechanical and organic elements. It remembers injuries and responds. For example, this poor, lowly, pathetic Siren lost their arm to a bonesaw, but now, it remembers...

Bony plates jut out of the Siren's arm. Zavendol demonstrates that his bonesaw cannot cut through these plates. The Siren groans quietly.

High Preacher Zavendol: And it responds.

Zavendol eagerly laughs to himself as he pulls his successful experiment off the operating table, turning back to the camera and wiping some blood off his hands.

High Preacher Zavendol: The combination of these technologies, if successful, should mean... well, immortality. We won't even need the Sirens to scavenge for us anymore. We can get rid of those wretched parasites. My audience, the Benefactors of the future I have crafted... you are witnessing history in motion. My victo-

A metal creaking is heard. Zavendol is frozen in terror as he hears footsteps. High Warlord Drev is at the top of the staircase.

High Warlord Drev: Zavendol, you insolent grub.
High Preacher Zavendol: You shouldn't be down here. Y-you couldn't be down here.

Drev clutches his hammer and walks through the crowd of Siren experiments. Zavendol still refuses to turn around and face him.

High Warlord Drev: You've kept this place well hidden, but your luck has finally run out. The riot, the chaos... doesn't it seem like the kind of place one might lose a sensor neutralizer?

Zavendol flinches. Drev seems to be enjoying the confrontation, seeing his enemy fall.

High Preacher Zavendol: You arranged a riot in which men died to catch me?
High Warlord Drev: All necessary losses. What you've done down here... it's a crime against nature. Taking our scavengers, turning them into... half-dead freaks...
High Preacher Zavendol: All of this is for us. The Benefactors don't have to fear death, so long as you let me-

Drev pushes Zavendol to the ground, his fingers twisting around his hammer as the High Preacher gazes up in fear.

High Warlord Drev: Enough. For your crimes against the Council, against the gods, against life itself... I must judge you.

Drev lifts his hammer. Before he can bring it down, the Sirens crowd him, throwing him off-balance. Zavendol scurries up and grabs a purple syringe, stabbing Drev in the side. Drev's eyes briefly widen and he pants.

High Preacher Zavendol: What I just injected into you is a highly potent toxin, capable of killing you in... roughly an hour. If you do what I say, I'll keep you alive, and if you do enough things I just might consider curing you, but your first orders are to immediately never speak of my work again.

Drev nods, clutching his side in pain. Zavendol opens a drawer and sifts through his belongings, grabbing a blue vial and pouring some glowing green elixir onto Drev's wound.

High Preacher Zavendol: Good, good. Now then, we should both return to our homes, forget about these... minor incidents, shall we?

Drev nods and begins walking to the stairs when suddenly a ringing goes off. He pulls out a communicator, which Zavendol snatches from him.

High Preacher Zavendol: Yes, hello?
High Manufacturer Geldzon: ...High Preacher? This is Drev's communicator.
High Preacher Zavendol: Oh, me and the... wonderous High Warlord were just in the marketplace. I'm helping him find a good artifact to put on his mantle.
High Manufacturer Geldzon: You need to get to the Council chambers now. Zinnia is on the Hive.

Zavendol looks surprised. Drev seems angry, but Zavendol keeps him quiet.

High Preacher Zavendol: So my agents have completed their mission. We'll be on our way.

Zavendol deactivates the communicator and grabs Drev by the wrist, going up the stairs. The chapter ends with the laboratory, seen through the computer's grainy camera.

Chapter 9: Love Lies Bleeding


Thorn sits down in some sort of mess hall. She doesn't have bags under her eyes. She hasn't reached that level of stress yet. A pink-haired Siren sits down next to her.

Thorn: Oh, hey, Azalea.
Azalea: Hey there, key lime.

Azalea fluffs up Thorn's hair. Thorn laughs a bit.

Azalea: So, word around the complex is that tomorrow is a big day.
Thorn: Oh, uh... yeah, the big day.
Azalea: A big day. Lots of big days in life. But... Rose has the equipment set up, she's brought in anasthesia... I think a couple people are stepping out of here as kickass cyborgs tomorrow.

Azalea takes a bite of some colorless food. Thorn nervously taps her foot on the floor.

Thorn: I mean... it'd be worth it, right?

Azalea glances at Thorn.

Thorn: It'd hurt, but... the Benefactors are bad. They hurt us. We need to do something.
Azalea: ...that's why we're here. Rose needs to do something.

Thorn nods, looking anxious.

Azalea: Key lime, don't do this now...
Thorn (frantically) : No, no, I'm cool! I can do this.
Azalea: Look, I... I'll have your back when it happens. We'll be a team.

Thorn smiles at Azalea. She looks down at her arm and stares at her veins for a moment.


Thorn is following a maintence drone through Rose's tower on Meadow. She spots a shimmering pink object at the end of a long stretch and takes a deep breath, heading to it. Picking it up, she runs a finger over its surface; the four diamonds of the Benefactors, made from pink-tinted glass. A hologram of Azalea appears and Thorn jolts back.

Azalea (recorded): Thorn, I know you're mad, but please, stay here.

Thorn clutches her chest, breathing heavily.

Azalea (recorded): Rose is already on her way to kill me, but we need you. The benefactors are puppeteering us and we can't keep living like that.
Thorn: N-no... she's...
Azalea (recorded): You may hate this world, but this world needs you... and... I need you.

Thorn sits motionless as the recording ends.

Thorn: She...

Thorn wipes something from her eye and exhales deeply. She has to finish this.


Thorn looks around, her vision blurry. She's stuck in the flaming wreckage of her ship, in a Benefactor hangar. She coughs and kicks the glass away, crawling out of the ship and dragging her satchel out.

Thorn: Well... that's just...

Thorn sighs and sits down, slamming her fist on the floor. She angrily rummages through her bag and pulls out her phone, starting to record a video of herself.

Thorn (talking fast and angrily): Well, hello, whoever the fuck finds my burnt-up corpse out here first. My name's Thorn, and it's... some kind of fucked up tradition for us "good" Sirens to record our dying words.

Thorn coughs, fanning smoke away. Her ship is clearly bursting into more flames behind her.

Thorn: Well, maybe "good" isn't the right word. Azalea was... she was a bit of a creep sometimes, but she was a creep who had good intentions, and who actually participated in Rose's whole cyborg rebellion bullshit.

Thorn looks through her bag. She sees a knife with the Benefactor sigil embedded in the hilt; the same knife that led the Sirens to her.

Thorn: And... Azalea loved me. I don't feel the same way, about her or anyone else for that matter, but... she needed me. People needed me. People still do need me.

Thorn looks out the hangar shield. She sees the Warship, still drifting.

Thorn: ...and if people need me, I can't just die out here.

Thorn stands up, dusts off her shoulder, and looks back to the phone.

Thorn: By the time anyone sees this message, I'll either be dead or anyone who'd care about this recording will be. So long, suckers.

Thorn tosses the phone on the floor, slings her bag over her shoulder, and walks away to find an exit from the hangar. The ship's flames flare up again, destroying the phone.

Chapter 10: Jade Princess

Rose and Forget-Me-Not sit around in their ship. Rose has fallen asleep, slouching in her seat, while Forget-Me-Not anxiously waits for the warship to reactivate.

Forget-Me-Not (mumbling): C'mon, c'mon... and... now!

Forget-Me-Not tries pressing the ignition again. A few lights come on.

Ship terminal: Emergency power active. Please refrain from extensive use, for the safety of yourself or passengers.
Forget-Me-Not: Good enough.

Forget-Me-Not pokes Rose on the shoulder and she wakes up, startled a bit. The warship fires up its thrusters in brief bursts, sending it slowly drifting towards the Hive.

Thorn runs across a catwalk in the hangar. She sees a doorway nearby and stops quickly, coming face-to-face with two Benefactors.

Benefactor guard: Woah, you're not supposed to be-

Thorn knees one guard and wrestles with the other. She pulls off his badge and kicks his staff, sending it sliding off the catwalk.

Benefactor guard: My staff! That's government-paid property!

The guard goes jumping off the catwalk to get his staff. Thorn stops for a moment, speechless, before continuing down the hall.

Thorn: So, this is the big ol' Benefactor home base... and their council has to be here if they were trying to bring me here as a captive.

Thorn notices another doorway and slips in. She looks around at the abandoned technical equipment, strange tools shaped for strange hands. Thorn notices a can of spray paint and grabs it, marking the door with a rough triangle as she leaves.

Thorn: Alright, triangles will be "good" routes. Gotta remember that.

Thorn repeats herself as she walks away, trying to memorize the information.

Forget-Me-Not lands the ship in an hangar with several empty trade ships and walks out, looking around. She's equal parts angry and determined.

Forget-Me-Not: She crashed in hangar E2. We're one level up from that.

Rose steps out of the ship.

Rose: Why bother landing above her?
Forget-Me-Not: Her ship crashed. We can't land if there's a fire going on.
Rose: Well, now she has a headstart on exploring the Hive. Zinnia's not the type of person you want to give a headstart.
Forget-Me-Not: Watch your tongue, Rose. Surveillance is back on.

Sudden static fills Rose and Forget-Me-Not's communications channel.

High Preacher Zavendol (over communucations): Indeed.
Forget-Me-Not: High Preacher!

Forget-Me-Not salutes before realizing Zavendol can't see her, returning to her normal posture.

High Preacher Zavendol (over communucations): Zinnia is a wild card factor. The Council is about to meet as we speak to discuss how to handle this, but... be prepared to take the initiative.
Forget-Me-Not: Acting against the Council? You know my loyalties lie with you, Zavendol, but... Drev would have you killed.
High Preacher Zavendol (over communucations): Let's just say Drev is in no position to act against me. Isn't that right, High Warlord?
High Warlord Drev (over communucations): ...Zavendol has me in something of a corner, yes.

Forget-Me-Not chuckles, grinning. Rose notices and activates her tablet while Forget-Me-Not paces away from her.

Forget-Me-Not: You really pulled it off.
High Preacher Zavendol (over communucations): When you find Zinnia, bring her to the laboratory. I have work to do.
Forget-Me-Not: Zavendol, Rose can still hear us...
High Preacher Zavendol (over communucations): That is of no concern to me. She knows I hold life and death over her.

Forget-Me-Not looks over at Rose, who quickly puts her tablet wrist behind her back while trying to look neutral.

Forget-Me-Not: Fine then. Thorn will be brought to the facility soon.

The communications return to static before silencing all together. Forget-Me-Not motions for Rose to follow her. Rose checks the tablet again, ending an active recording before following Forget-Me-Not.

Thorn continues down her trail, several scattered unconscious Benefactors and a messy trail of orange paint behind her. She steps through the next door and finds herself at a dead end witg glass walls.

Thorn: The fuck? Dead end?

Thorn glances out the windows and sees a short cable ahead of her. This is the spot where one diamond-shaped sector of the Hive ends and connects to another.

Thorn: Damnit. Gotta find a way to get over there...

Thorn looks out at space before looking the other way. She notices a massive pillar in the center of the four sectors.

Thorn: ...maybe over there is the real goal.

Thorn steps back out. She tries to mark the door, but she's out of paint. Tossing the can aside, she presses some buttons on a nearby elevator and waits. The doors slide open and several Benefactor guards stand ready to fire.

Benefactor captain: Freeze, criminal.

Thorn puts her hands up as the guards pour out and arrange a semi-circle around her, only the captain staying in the elevator. She glances around and smiles, clearly confusing the guards.

Benefactor captain: Stop smiling, ya weirdo. This isn't fun.

Thorn takes a deep breath.

Thorn: This isn't how you surround someone, you jackasses.

She then proceeds to tackle the captain, tossing him out of the elevator and slamming the buttons. She flips off the guards as the doors close, their blasters sizzling the metal as it begins to go up.

Benefactor guard: ...y'know, sir, she has a point.
Benefactor captain: Stop standing there and deactivate the elevators!

Thorn sits in the elevator, laughing breathlessly at the guards' failure. The elevator comes to a screeching halt and she stands up.

Thorn: Holy shit, they actually think this is gonna stop me too?

Thorn opens the emergency exit and crawls out. She looks up. She has a long way to go, so she starts climbing the cables, still laughing a bit.

Chapter 11: Starlight Rose

Rose and Forget-Me-Not are standing in an elevator, Forget-Me-Not rubbing the glass "palm" of her robotic hand on her jacket and practicing her aim.

Rose: So, what sort of arrangement do you have with Zavendol?
Forget-Me-Not: I was his assistant on some projects and he chose to include me in his long-term plans. Not much more to it.
Rose: You two keep talking about this big plan and how Drev's out of the way. What kind of work is going on? Where does Zinnia fit into all this?
Forget-Me-Not: It's all quite simple. Stop asking the wrong questions and you might live long enough to see it all unfold.

Rose is a bit unsettled by Forget-Me-Not's choice of words and leans back into a corner. Suddenly, the elevator stops, leaving the two stuck. Forget-Me-Not tries to pry the doors open, but they're too far from any proper exits.

Rose: Don't you get it? She's already a step ahead of us. You're not going to be able to stop her if she gets much further.

Forget-Me-Not pins Rose against the wall, moving a finger over her throat.

Forget-Me-Not: It'll be awfully hard to keep talking about how wonderful this pathetic maniac is when your lungs are full of neurotoxin, Rose.
Rose: You keep saying that, but nothing's happened yet.

Forget-Me-Not backs away. She repeatedly kicks the wall and tries to hold back angry screaming.

High Preacher Zavendol sits in his balcony. The Council has started arriving to the meeting, one by one. Zavendol looks to Drev, who remains eerily still.

High Curator Jerai Sanfel: Fill me in on this. What's the deal with this Siren?
High Vanguard Rozva: The dangerous criminal somewhere in the Industrial Sector just so happens to be the one Zavendol seems so intent on catching.
High Preacher Zavendol: Zinnia is the only Siren unaccounted for from Rose's rebellion. If Rose chose her, she must be someone capable of posing a threat to us. We deal with her, turn her to our side as we've done with Rose.
High Vanguard Rozva: I suppose I could tell the guards to use non-lethal force.

Zavendol looks at Drev, signalling for him to act. Drev stands up.

High Warlord Drev: You will tell the guards to use non-lethal force. This is of utmost importance, Rozva.

Rozva sheepishly nods, sitting down.

High Vanguard Rozva: In that case, we need to use an EMP device, lock her down in one area. If there's no system for her to break, she can't get past the doors.
High Preacher Zavendol: We can't use an EMP, my soldiers require surveillance.
High Vanguard Rozva: Either we use the EMP or we lose Zinnia. Your troops can handle themselves for a short time, right?

Several other Council members seem to agree, nodding while talking amongst themselves. Zavendol pulls on his collar.

High Preacher Zavendol: ...of course they can. Use whatever means necessary to bring Zinnia to me alive.

Zavendol exits the room, trying to hide anger. Drev slips away to meet with him as the Council talks.

Forget-Me-Not is slumped against the wall, sliding down to the floor and crossing her arms.

Forget-Me-Not: They better reactivate the elevators soon.
Rose: I reckon it's too late now. Point of no return. Zinnia's going to break something at this point.

Forget-Me-Not gets back up, eyes burning with rage. Static suddenly fills her ears, distracting her.

High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): Forget-Me-Not, change of plans. They're using an EMP burst to keep Zinnia locked down. Keep an eye on Rose and do not let this hinder your hunt.
Forget-Me-Not: What? No, she's... she's barely keeping in line as is, if we don't have the neurotoxin as a bargaining chip we'll-
High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): -just deal with her in another way. You're authorized to use force if that is what it comes to.

Rose looks terrified as Forget-Me-Not looks at her, an expression of disbelief twisting into bitter satisifaction.

Forget-Me-Not: Understood.
High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): I have to head out now. This will be your last communications uplink until the EMP passes. Good luck.

Rose steps back as Forget-Me-Not's hand converts into a blaster.

Forget-Me-Not: Shame I'll have to blow your pretty little head clean off.
Rose: Y-you don't have to do this, I'll keep quiet.
Forget-Me-Not: No one will be listening in on us. I'll tell Zavendol you rebelled and he won't doubt a word.
Rose: ...fine then. Just... let me ask you one thing.
Forget-Me-Not: Talk all you want. You'll still be dead soon, Rose.
Rose: Why... why are you like this? You say you're just Zavendol's tool, then you take the initiative to kill me.

Forget-Me-Not is clearly caught off-guard. Her eyes dart away from Rose.

Forget-Me-Not: T-this is what he'd want. I've known him long enough to understand that.
Rose: But you said you'd lie to him.
Forget-Me-Not: We... we get each other! He took me off the streets because he knew I was better, and he knew I knew he was better! He knew I wouldn't mind the experiments, t-that I could be his protector.
Rose: Zavendol is using you. Whatever he's doing, he doesn't care about us. We're pawns to him. You can be better, if you just... stand up for you.
Forget-Me-Not: S-shut up!

Forget-Me-Not aims her blaster with her shaking hand. She misses a shot on Rose and flinches from the recoil. Rose pushes past her, sliding down the elevator shaft. Forget-Me-Not screams, trying to fire at her rapidly as she leaves her range.

Forget-Me-Not: That traitor thinks she can just...!

Forget-Me-Not opens the emergency exit and cuts the elevator cable. Rose barely manages to duck into an exit as the elevator comes down, sparks flying as it grinds against the walls. Rose looks down before running as fast as she can, with only one destination - away from Forget-Me-Not.

Chapter 12: Atlas Mix

Thorn pulls herself up out of the elevator shaft, breathing heavily and sitting down.

Thorn (panting): Why does anyone need an elevator that tall?

Thorn leans back. She looks up at a nearby sign written in Benefactor symbols and squints.

Thorn: Let's see... that symbol means station... maybe. Something station... ship... station?

Thorn hears something coming nearby. A monorail floating over magnetic rails pulls in and several Benefactors carrying various tools step out, heading down a nearby hall. Thorn rolls behind a pillar and looks at the monorail.

Thorn (whispering): Nice.

Rose continues running through the Industrial Sector's desolate maintence halls, finding a closet with an orange triangle painted roughly on the door. She locks herself in and clutches the walls.

Rose: Sssshit shit shit shit.

Rose buries her head in her hands, sitting down on the floor with her legs crossed.

Rose: Get a grip, get a grip. Just... calm down.

Rose takes a deep breath. She exhales slowly, laying on her side.

Rose: Forget-Me-Not has the same upgrades as me and less combat training. Logic says any fight goes in my favor.

Rose looks at her cybernetic hand, flexing her fingers a bit.

Rose: ...but Zinnia can't beat her.

Rose hears footsteps and panics, hiding behind a shelf. Two Benefactors walk past the supply closet.

Benefactor guard: So if the orange path's where the culprit went, why are we going the opposite direction?
Benefactor captain: EMP device has to be activated closer to this sector's center to cover the right range. Stop asking such stupid questions, trooper.
Benefactor guard: Man, who said you get to tell me to shut up?
Benefactor captain: The security department. There you go again, opening your mouth and making noises that end up as incredibly stupid bullshit.

The guard sighs disappointedly. Rose listens to their footsteps fade away and peeks her head out of the closet.

Rose (whispering): So, the orange trail leads to Zinnia...

Rose walks along the orange trail, trying to move quietly.

Zavendol sits down in his quarters, Drev pacing back and forth around the room deep in thought.

High Warlord Drev: Zinnia is onboard the Hive, and you're risking Rose going rogue. Might I ask how you expect this to play out?
High Preacher Zavendol: Rose isn't an issue anymore. The serum samples are complete, I'm puppeteering you to maintain in control... it's all in place. Forget-Me-Not stages a hostage situation here in the Council chambers, I become unchallegend ruler of the Hive.
High Warlord Drev: And what does that power do for you?
High Preacher Zavendol: Nobody to stop me from diverting all resources to production. I kill my agents, test the military applications of my creation through Zinnia, raise a couple of corpses. The rest is smooth sailing living off the profits I get selling this stuff.
High Warlord Drev: just entrusted me with your entire plan.
High Preacher Zavendol: Indeed.

Drev suddenly clutches his side, groaning in pain. The toxin is acting up again.

High Preacher Zavendol: Now, be a good puppet and remain silent until I need you to talk.

Drev begrudingly nods. Zavendol gets up to grab the temporary antidote and Drev follows, limping along.

Rose reaches the end of Thorn's path. She looks up the elevator shaft and sighs.

Rose: least I know she's crafty.

Rose digs her claw-like fingers into the walls, starting to climb up.

Thorn remains hidden behind the pillar, checking on the hallway nearby every few moments. No one's come out yet, but there's a lot of noise, both chatter and the sounds of mechanical work being done. She notices something poking up from the elevator shaft and stands cautiously until realizing it's Rose.

Rose: Zinnia!
Thorn (whispering, but also yelling): Rose!

Thorn motions for Rose to be quiet, but it's evidently too late, as technicians come out of the hallway. Rose runs to the monorail, pulling the door open forcefully and letting Thorn in before resealing the door.

Rose: You're okay!
Thorn: Yeah, but you blew my cover!
Rose: Look, whatever, we can talk in a minute, right now we have to outrun the EMP.
Thorn: They're using an EMP?

Thorn is startled by a wrench thrown at the window.

Rose: Don't let them break the glass, I'll handle getting us moving.

Thorn nods, ducking beneath one of the windows. Rose looks for a port and finds one, her hand plugging into the wall. Thorn watches as the monorail begins heading into the airlock, the technicians angrily tossing their tools to the ground. Rose sits down next to her as the airlock seals.

Rose: I'm sorry I blew your cover.
Thorn: Maybe try apologizing for literally murdering people to get to me back on Meadow while you're at it.
Rose: The Benefactors were watching, I had to-
Thorn: You killed people!
Rose: You've killed people!
Thorn: Yeah, but at least I try not to!
Rose: Look, I... I'm sorry I had to do that but what's important is that we're here right now doing something so their deaths won't be in vain.
Thorn: ...fine, but promise me when this is all over you'll actually give me a full apology.
Rose: Promise.

The monorail heads out, over the cable connecting the sectors. Thorn looks out at the Council chambers.

Thorn: We need to get there.
Rose: No, we need to find something in the Domestic Sector. I have coordinates for where it is.

Rose activates her tablet. The horrendous noises she had on the ship play agaim, but she messes with the encryption, revealing a map to a maintenence roon.

Rose: I got these off Forget-Me-Not, and... I need to see what it is she and Zavendol want to do.
Thorn: We can't hit both places.
Rose: We'll have to split up to cover ground. This ride will take a while, we have plenty of time to plan something on the way to the next stop.

Thorn stands up, leaning towards the window. Rose briefly considers joining her, but slumps back, conflicted by Thorn's reaction to seeing her.

Chapter 13: Psyche White

Zavendol sits down in the Council's meeting room. Members of the Council have been coming in-and-out, keeping an eye on the situation.

High Preacher Zavendol: Your EMP missed, Rozva.
High Vanguard Rozva: There's nothing we can do now. The technicians said she and Rose took the monorail, and that's a seperate system we can't afford to shut down.
High Preacher Zavendol: said Rose was accompanying her?
High Vanguard Rozva: Yes, Rose was alone, we don't know where Forget-Me-Not went.

Zavendol is visibly panicking.

High Preacher Zavendol: T-then I need to be at my lab at once! I don't have the equipment to activate her neurotoxin on hand!
High Manufacturer Geldzon: You can't leave now, High Preacher. We now have two dangerous criminals on the loose out there.
High Legislator Tuvne: One of which, we might addddddd...
High Lawmaker Envut: ...isssss a weapon of your own desssign!

Zavendol sighs, leaning back. He can't let this minor detail bring down his plan.

High Preacher Zavendol: Fine, then. We will deal with them some other way.
High Warlord Drev: What other way? They're already on their way here.

Zavendol glares at Drev, who backs down hesitantly.

High Vanguard Rozva: We take guards from the Domestic Sector and bring them here. Prepare evacuation methods just in case.
High Preacher Zavendol: But, my lab-
High Vanguard Rozva: Do you value your little secrets more than survival, Zavendol?
High Preacher Zavendol: Maybe my secrets and surviving this ordeal are one in the same.

An heavy silence falls over the room. Rozva sits down, fingers intertwined. Drev looks around and slips out of the meeting, unnoticed.

Thorn lays on the monorail's floor, half-asleep. Rose keeps an eye out on the windows.

Rose: We're about halfway to the Domestic Sector now.

Thorn nods, tiredly. Rose leans back against the wall.

Rose: ...look, Zinnia, I-

Thorn sits up, suddenly more alert and definitely upset.

Thorn: Don't call me that.
Rose: I gave you that name because you're important. Why do you want to be Thorn so badly?
Thorn: I don't like all that... name bureacracy bullshit. Just don't bother with insisting only "important" people get names! It makes life a lot easier!
Rose: That's how things are under the Benefactors.

Rose sits down across from Thorn, smiling softly.

Rose: I remember when my mother used to tell me about old stories. Heirlooms from generations long ago, tales about how things were before the Benefactors. I never knew my mother much, but those stories... they're what put me on this path.

Thorn seems a bit interested. Rose outstretches her legs a bit.

Rose: If you really want to reclaim that name... so be it. In a way it's nice seeing you break that tradition.
Thorn: Thanks.

Thorn lays back, looking up at the ceiling.

Thorn:, while we're talking, maybe you could apologize. Not like much else is going on until the ride's over.

Rose's smile fades into an small frown, a mix of regret, surprise, sadness. She hangs her head low.

Rose: I know I fucked up. I know I fucked up, and I know nothing I can say can fix that. Back then, I thought... if I had you, nothing else mattered. You're strong enough to take on the Council, I can give you a plan... the Benefactors demanded you be captured at any cost and I was ordered to prioritize your life over the others.
Thorn: ...y'know, Azalea left me a message before she died. Said you all needed me. Said she needed me.

Rose blushes.

Rose: She was...?
Thorn: She seemed head over heels for me, yeah. I really don't do the whole romance thing, just... never felt that way before.
Rose: I can respect that. The same doesn't quite go for me, but if it's who you are...
Thorn: ...say, what's up with all the concern for me all of the sudden? You were all...

Thorn messes with her own hair a bit.

Thorn (imitating Rose): Look at me, I'm Rose! The Benefactors are righteous dudes!

Rose giggles quietly to herself.

Rose: Nice impression.
Thorn: Seriously though, what was up with that?
Rose: Zavendol was watching back there. Right now, he's...

Rose trails off, going pale with fear.

Rose (whispering): Thorn, how clean are your knives.
Thorn: Rose?
Rose: We didn't get caught in the EMP. He could still be watching. There is a highly potent neurotoxin stored in a capsule near my lungs and if I don't cut it out of myself soon I could be dead.
Thorn: Woah, you can't just perform surgery on yourself in here!
Rose: Blaster to cauterize the wounds, cybernetically enhanced precision to get it out.
Thorn: If this Zavendol guy was watching, he would have already used the neurotoxin. Calm down.

Rose is hyperventilating. Thorn comes closer, patting her on the back.

Thorn: You won't die here. No one is going to die here.

Rose clutches Thorn, her breathing slowing down.

Thorn: one except the Benefactors who've been puppeteering you for too goddamn long.

Rose looks up at Thorn, smiling.

Rose: Right. We'll need a plan for infiltration, but once you're in... go kick some ass, Thorn.

Thorn grins, raising her fists with determination.

Forget-Me-Not pulls herself out of the elevator shaft, a maniacal expression on her face. Her hair is messy, she has a cut on her cheek, and her jacket is shredded. A Benefactor guard passes by.

Benefactor guard: Oh, the High Preacher's agent! You're needed at the Council chambers. Follow me, the guards are being deployed there through the Domestic Secto-

Forget-Me-Not grabs the guard and tosses him to the ground hard, firing off her blaster hand inches away from his head.

Forget-Me-Not: Where is Rose?
Benefactor guard: W-with Zinnia!

Forget-Me-Not goes entirely neutral. She starts cackling to herself, the guard trying to back away. She notices and stomps on his foot, holding him in place.

Forget-Me-Not: Wrong answer!

Forget-Me-Not shoots the guard in the chest repeatedly, tossing his corpse into the elevator shaft and running towards the Domestic Sector.

Chapter 14: Nonstop Fire

Thorn and Rose stand in front of the monorail doors. Thorn is polishing knives using the cloth of her jacket, and Rose is practicing her quick draw.

Rose: Three minutes until the monorail stops. Go over the plan one more time, just to be sure?
Thorn: We get off, we do what we have to do to get to the marketplace. You enter the maintenence room, I head for the Council chambers, we meet on the bottom floor of the pillar. We trap the Benefactors, do some sweet-talking to get our way, then we break 'em and their fancy toys.
Rose: You were upset about me killing before, but not now. What makes this worth it?
Thorn: These motherfuckers earned what's comin' for them.

Rose nods. The two stand ready to get off the monorail.

Drev walks down a long hallway. A group of guards passes by him.

Benefactor captain: Sir, you need to stay here. We were given strict orders by Razva to protect the Council.
High Warlord Drev: Are you questioning my authority? Me, the High Warlord, being questioned by you?

The entire group stumbles backwards.

Benefactor captain: S-sorry, High Warlord! My deepest apologies.

The group continues walking. One of the guards heads back.

Benefactor guard: Oh, High Warlord, huge fan of your work, the conquering of Crendoz was... quite something. C-could you sign my blaster?
Benefactor captain: Moff! Keep moving.

The guard (evidently named Moff) stumbles away. Drev scoffs and continues walking, grabbing his communicator.

High Warlord Drev: Zavendol. I'm out.
High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): Yes, I, and apparently no one else, noticed. What are you doing?
High Warlord Drev: I'm heading to your freakshow, to activate Rose's neurotoxin and grab your serum.
High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): That's... quite helpful of you. Warn me next time, but I do appreciate your work here.
High Warlord Drev: There won't be a next time. In return, you'll cure me, for good.

Zavendol can be heard letting out a muffled scream. Drev walks confidently to the Council chamber's monorail.

High Preacher Zavendol (over communications): Fine! Just be here with my supplies and you'll be fixed up, good as new!

Drev boards the monorail, putting away the communicator. He looks at the pillar as the vehicle departs for the Domestic Sector.

Thorn and Rose walk through the marketplace, Rose wearing Thorn's jacket over her head as a hood. Rose looks at her tablet.

Rose: We're getting close.
Thorn: ...good luck, Rose. Stay safe down there.
Rose: You too. No matter what, stick to the plan. I think I can make it out of here, but if I don't... don't let that stop you.

Thorn nods somberly.

Thorn: No more deaths in vain.
Rose: No more.

Rose pats Thorn on the back and gives her the jacket. Thorn gives her a thumbs up as the two split.

Forget-Me-Not arrives at the monorail station, seeing it's already departed.

Forget-Me-Not: No monorail?

Forget-Me-Not grabs an oxygen tank and mask; a set-up designed for short repairs, not extensive travel. Putting it on, she forces the airlock doors open.

Forget-Me-Not: No problem!

Forget-Me-Not shuts airlock behind her. Moving out, she clutches the rails, climbing on the underside of the track.

Rose reaches the coordinates. Taking a deep breath, she heads down the alley, finding a door which she slides open.

Rose: Time for answers.

Rose walks down a set of stairs. Her eyes adjust to the darkness and she activates a flashlight, walking cautiously and looking at the walls.

Rose: Just stay calm. Juuust stay calm.

Rose hears groaning coming from further down the stairs. She closes her eyes and when she reaches the bottom, opens them slowly. She sees the Siren experiments and shuts her eyes tight, turning around.

Rose (choking up): I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Rose turns back around, her eyes still closed as she walks to the end of the room. The Sirens move out of her way, clearing a path and remaining quiet. Feeling herself bump into something, she opens her eyes, looking down at Zavendol's workspace. She's very deeply unnerved, but tries to focus anyways.

Rose: T-this monster... he did this to you. But I can hurt him. I can make him pay.

Rose looks at the computer. It's still recording.

Rose: Video evidence, h-huh?

Rose ends the recording and converts her hand into a port, downloading Zavendol's files. She sets the earliest one to play as she sifts through Zavendol's belongings.

A younger Zavendol and another Benefactor stand in an empty maintenence room. Zavendol seems genuinely happy.

Zavendol: Hello, inquisitive minds of the future!
Botazel (weakly): H-hello!
Zavendol: I am Zavendol...
Botazel: High Preacher Zavendol, mind you.
Zavendol: Oh! Quite right. Not used to that title. I am here with my daughter, Botazel. Botazel is... she's fragile.
Botazel: I'm fine, dad.
Zavendol: This room is my private laboratory, where I will be conducting experiments to help Botazel. Experiments to prolong life, repair life, and potentially even save life.
Botazel: You make it sound so dramatic! I'm fine...

Botazel waves to the camera before coughing hard. She leans limply on Zavendol, who holds her up. She's unconscious.

Zavendol: Hopefully through documentation of the process, the minds of the future may understand my medical advancements. My methods are...

Zavendol pauses and breathes.

Zavendol: To save the lives of tomorrow, lives must be lost in the now. The Sirens... we rely too much on them. It matters not to me if they die, because if my plan works we will not need them. Judge me as you will, but if someone sees this... I am either dead already or I've been proven right, vindicated by history.

Zavendol sets Botazel down, sighing.

Zavendol: She'd hate hearing me say that.

The video ends. Rose is shocked; even moreso when she hears footsteps. Drev has entered the laboratory, sighing as he sees Rose.

High Warlord Drev: Feel no pity for the High Preacher, Rose.

Rose stands ready to fight as Drev approaches.

High Warlord Drev: He was never a good man. He saw only his future, his path, no matter who he hurt along the way. When Botazel died, he simply built walls around himself.
Rose: You know a thing or two about hurting people.
High Warlord Drev: I hurt people when it becomes a necessity. Rose... the Sirens are our lifeblood. If you would simply cooperate more, we could become a stronger entity!
Rose: You place my people below you. You let us live in poverty, live as yours to own, and you expect me to cooperate?
High Warlord Drev: Stand down, Rose. This is your last chance.

Rose glances at the desk out of the corner of her eye. She steps forward, her hands converting into blasters.

Rose: No.

Drev attempts to throw a punch at Rose, but she dodges effortlessly, firing a blast at him. He falls to the ground, the Siren experiments piling over him.

High Warlord Drev: My blood is on your hands, Rose! You could have given in, but instead you're letting me be... pulled down by these filthy creatures!
Rose: Well, Drev... I hurt people when it becomes a necessity.

Rose walks back to the desk as Drev struggles. She puts whatever she can fit into her pockets; two syringes, two small detonator-like devices labelled for her and Forget-Me-Not, and a small flower. Looking back to Drev, she frowns as she leaves the lab.

Thorn stealthily follows a group of guards heading to board the monorail to the Council chambers. Seeing them board, she realizes it's not waiting up and runs to get onboard, pulling out two knives.

Thorn: What, not gonna wait up for me?

The Benefactors look at her, fumbling with their blasters as she tackles one of the guards. Kicking another down, she holds her knives to the remaining two's throats.

Thorn: Mind if I catch a ride?
Benefactor guard (terrified): O-of course not.

The monorail departs, speeding down the tracks.

Thorn: Your public transportation could really use some work. I mean, they're only sending four of you guys over plus... what, a couple crates of guns? If any of you survive this coup and get put in charge, make that a priority. Bigger trains or something.
Benefactor guard: Yeah, sure, just... don't murder me and I'll totally remember to do that.

Rose leaves the back alley and looks around the marketplace. There's several dead Benefactors and an eerie silence. Holding up her blaster hand, she looks around, hearing heavy footsteps.

Forget-Me-Not: Well, well, well!

Rose turns around, startled. Forget-Me-Not stands before her, Benefactor blood on her hands and face.

Rose: W-what did you do?
Forget-Me-Not: I did a lot of things in the hours between you betraying me in now. Killed some foolish Benefactors who got in my way, thought about what you said...
Rose: Forget-Me-Not... I don't like you doing this, but if you agree to help us, we'll take anything we can get.
Forget-Me-Not: You and that horrible traitor you adore so much?

Forget-Me-Not walks towards Rose, who keeps her distance, walking backwards.

Forget-Me-Not: Don't be so nervous! I already figured out just how much you love her. You think she's confident and strong and everything you could ever want!
Rose: S-stop it.
Forget-Me-Not: Well, now I'm gonna do something confident and strong.

Forget-Me-Not holds up her blaster hand. Rose rolls to the side, only to realize Forget-Me-Not is aiming for her own chest, not Rose.

Rose: Forget-Me-Not, you don't have to do this.
Forget-Me-Not: The neurotoxin Zavendol chose for our capsules? Turns out it's highly flammable. Not only that, but if it mixes with things like our electronic components, the controlled blend of elements in the Hive's air...

Forget-Me-Not laughs.

Rose: Stand down. I-I can activate that capsule anytime!

Rose pulls out the detonator.

Forget-Me-Not: It doesn't matter. It'll still end up burning.
Rose: You don't have to do this to yourself! If you would just stand up against the Benefactors you cou-
Forget-Me-Not: Don't you get it? I am standing up against the Benefactors. I'm standing up against them, and you, and Zinnia, and everyone! For the first time in my life, I'm doing something for me!
Rose: This isn't what I meant.

Forget-Me-Not grins devilishly.

Forget-Me-Not: You better hit the ground running, Rose. See you in Hell, sweetie.

Forget-Me-Not ignites her neurotoxin with the blaster. Rose closes her eyes and starts running to the monorail as fire engulfs the marketplace. She barely manages to get onboard the monorail in time, using the emergency evacuation. The vehicle speeds towards the pillar, and Rose swears she can hear one last laugh as she stares at the rapidly growing fire.

Chapter 15: Double Giant Violet Queen

Rose walks into the Council's pillar, panting and clearly distraught. Thorn, who still has the four guards she came with nearby, notices her and runs over.

Thorn: Good, you made it!

Thorn hands Rose one of the guards' rifles.

Thorn: I know your hands are already guns, but... more can't hurt.

Rose looks down at the rifle and panics, dropping it.

Thorn: Are... are you okay?
Rose: F-Forget-Me-Not... she...

Rose takes a deep breath.

Rose: She's dead. The entire Domestic Sector is on fire, she and the High Warlord are both dead, and... a-and...

Rose looks as though she's sick to her stomach. Thorn puts a hand on Rose's shoulder.

Rose: We said no more deaths in vain.
Thorn: Forget-Me-Not was always going to be an issue.
Rose: She didn't have to die. And neither did any of...

Rose is visibly shaking.

Rose: Zavendol has to be stopped. He was doing something, something unspeakable.
Thorn: Rose, we can stop him. You and me.

Rose looks up at Thorn and nods. Thorn gives her a pat on the back.

Thorn: Do you need a minute to get ready?
Rose: Absolutely, but there's a giant fire heading straight for us, we have to move fast.

Thorn nods once and runs to the stairs. Rose follows along, still breathing heavily. The guards stand quietly in the corner.

Benefactor guard 1: Do... do you think we should stop her?
Benefactor guard 2: I don't think we can stop her.

High Preacher Zavendol is clearly angered, sitting back while the rest of the Council talks among themselves. He can't let his plan fall apart now, not when he's this close. He checks his communicator.

High Preacher Zavendol (murmuring): Don't fail me now, Drev...

Zavendol hears only loud static over Drev's communications. He checks Forget-Me-Not's and hears the same thing. An expression of absolute horror slowly becomes evident on his face.

High Vanguard Rozva: Is there an issue, High Preacher?

Zavendol looks to Rozva anxiously.

High Preacher Zavendol: N-none whatsoever!
High Manufacturer Geldzon: He's scared of death, Rozva. I can see it in his eyes.
High Vanguard Rozva: I assure you everything is under control, Zavendol. Even if the guards can't stop Zinnia, all evacuation protocols are ready to go on my command.
High Preacher Zavendol: Of course! Control! Everything is under control!
High Treasurer Vakk: Stop being such a coward, or Drev will have to knock some sense into you.

Vakk looks around. He notices Drev isn't in the room.

High Treasurer Vakk: ...where is Drev?
High Vanguard Rozva: He went to his quarters here on the pillar to rest, right?
High Treasurer Vakk: I was in the halls and his room wasn't occupied. I thought he was here.

Zavendol is clutching the railing of his balcony tight. The Council looks to him.

High Vanguard Rozva: Do you know where he went, Zavendol?

Zavendol remains silent. Rozva looks concerned and upset.

High Vanguard Rozva: Answers, Zavendol.
High Preacher Zavendol: He... he snuck out! Oh, how I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen! He said he'd be after me if I were to confess!
High Vanguard Rozva: Drev? Threatening a fellow Council member?
High Legislator Tuvne: How scaaandalous!
High Lawmaker Envut: Such a suprissse!
High Manufacturer Geldzon: Drev would never do such a thing.
High Vanguard Rozva: We can't take the idea of such a threat lightly, Geldzon. Guards, keep close to Zavendol.

The guards surrounding the entrance to the chamber nod, heading towards Zavendol's balcony. The High Preacher sits down, contemplating his next move.

Thorn and Rose have made it up several floors, but they're still nowhere near the top. Thorn stops for a moment, grabbing the railing of the steps.

Rose: We gotta keep moving!
Thorn: Just... a sec...
Rose: Giant fire, remember?
Thorn: How much of a priority issue is that?
Rose: Enough for you standing there long enough to talk to mean a lot. C'mon.

Thorn sighs, continuing up the steps. Rose follows quickly, seemingly far less exhausted.

Thorn: If the fire's so damn big, how do we know we can make it in time?
Rose: I... don't actually know for sure we will, Thorn.
Thorn: So your plan's to outrun an inferno, kick the Council's ass... and get off the station how?
Rose: I'm... pretty sure there's escape pods...?
Thorn: Rose, please tell me you have more than this.
Rose: I... I...

Thorn looks more worried that irritated at this point. Rose sighs.

Rose: I got nothing. I know you think I'm this master planner, but... I don't know what I'm doing right now. What's important is we bring Zavendol what he deserves.
Thorn: Rose...

Rose trips while running. Thorn catches her hand and pulls her up before she can fall.

Thorn: Just promise me no one dies in vain again.

Rose looks at Thorn, blushing, and nods, getting back on her feet and starting to run again.

High Preacher Zavendol sits deep in thought, tapping his fingers on the railing of the balcony. The rest of the Council is talking, but he's tuned them out.

High Vanguard Rozva: Do we know when the next group of guards is coming in? None have come in for quite some time.

Rozva taps a few buttons on his armrest. A holographic map of the Hive is projected in the center of the room, along with the current position of all guard captains. Several are dead, and the rest not already on the pillar are moving away from the Domestic Sector.

High Vanguard Rozva: That... that can't be right.

Rozva tries to pull up camera footage of the Domestic Sector. There's just static and brief glimpses of fire. Zavendol is utterly speechless.

High Vanguard Rozva: N-none of this is right.
High Treasurer Vakk: Start evacuation protocols. Something's gone very wrong.
High Vanguard Rozva: We can't lose the Hive. No other colony is equipped to support so many civilians.
High Manufacturer Geldzon: Face it, Rozva. We've... we've lost control on this situation.

Zavendol stands up.

High Preacher Zavendol: None of you known the first damn thing about control.

Rozva stares Zavendol down from across the room.

High Preacher Zavendol: You all see such a small world, you follow such small plans! You never really have control until you think bigger, think further! I had control in my grasp until you goddamn idiots couldn't stop one pathetic Siren!
High Vanguard Rozva: Guards.

The guards around Zavendol stand ready to fire. He turns around and charges at one of them, managing to wrestle his blaster away from him. The others attempt to fire at Zavendol and miss, two getting shot down by Zavendol. He quickly knocks one off thw balcony and shoots the last in the head before looking back to Rozva.

High Preacher Zavendol: Rozva! Prepare my escape pod, or I start taking your heads!
High Vanguard Rozva: R-right away.

Thorn and Rose are still running up to the top floor. Rose stops Thorn suddenly, standing still.

Rose: You can stop for a minute, Thorn. I think we've run enough to get in a quick break.
Thorn: Fuckin' finally.

Thorn leans against the wall, panting. Rose looks up the stairs and seems worried.

Rose: How far up do you think we are?
Thorn: About... halfway?

Rose looks down, sighing.

Rose: We can't make it.
Thorn: What? You just said we could take a break...
Rose: I was lying, I just needed to stop to check how close we were. The fire will get there before us.

Thorn looks utterly defeated as Rose sits down next to her.

Rose: We... we tried.
Thorn: You promised...
Rose: Look, maybe... maybe the fire will kill Zavendol. He's certainly earned that kind of torture.
Thorn: You promised me no one else would die in vain.
Rose: Too many already did.. We're just two more.
Thorn: Listen, people might have died but... we can't just quit! We can't just resign ourselves to being two more names in a graveyard!
Rose: You didn't see what I've seen, Thorn.
Thorn: I know people suffer, but-!

Rose taps through menus on her tablet. The last video of Zavendol is holographically projected from her wrist. Thorn begrudgingly listens quietly until seeing him put the camera on the Siren experiment he was operating on, going sickly pale.

Thorn: He...
Rose: There were dozens of them in that lab. He said he was trying to... create immortality.

Rose pulls out the two syringes she picked up.

Rose: He didn't create immortality. He just stole life from others to make it his.

Thorn clutches her stomach as she watches. Rose shuts it off and looks up at Thorn.

Rose: They're not suffering anymore. The fire...

Thorn slams her fist into the wall behind her.

Thorn: We're not giving up.
Rose: There's no way to reach him.
Thorn: What if... what do you have?

Rose hands the syringes over to Thorn and holds up her neurotoxin activator.

Thorn: We... we gotta...

Thorn sits down next to Rose, crying quietly and handing the syringes back to her. Rose pulls the flower out of her pocket and sets it over Thorn's hand.

Rose: ...any better?

Thorn is still silent. Rose takes the flower back and stares at it intently. After a few moments, her eyes widen.

Rose: We can make it.
Thorn: We can't run fast enough.

Rose stands up and holds the green syringe next to the flower.

Rose: Zavendol's serum creates new living tissue. I don't know if it'll work, but... maybe we don't have to run.

Rose pulls Thorn up and unscrews the syringe's needle.

Rose: Hold onto the flower.
Thorn: Rose, we had a talk about this.

Rose blushes.

Rose: I-It's not a romantic gesture, just...

Thorn sighs and holds Rose's hand, the flower between them. Rose dips it in the serum and both of them close their eyes.

Zavendol's fingers run over his blaster, still ready to fire. The Council stands silent, fearful and unsure of what to do. Rozva finishes inputting a code.

High Vanguard Rozva: Your pod is pr-repped for launch, High Preacher.
High Preacher Zavendol: Finally! God, you're really such pathetic rulers... I don't even care if you make it out or not. I can start anew, without you imbeciles dragging me down!

Zavendol is about to leave the room when the walls suddenly begin shaking. Vines creep through growing fractures in the floor, more and more appearing until suddenly, a giant flower bud bursts into the middle of the room. It opens into a giant violet flower with Thorn and Rose standing in the middle. Thorn opens her eyes and looks at Zavendol with newfound determination.

Thorn: Hey, Zavendol.

Zavendol stands fearful, shaking. Thorn pulls a knife from her bag, grinning.

Thorn: Time for payback.

Chapter 16: Fire In The Sky


Thorn sits alone in a Benefactor escape pod. Looking out of the glass, she seems impressed by something out of view.

Thorn: We... we really pulled it off.

Thorn looks over to the seat next to her. No one is there. She frowns and clutches her armrest.


Rose opens her eyes, looking at the giant flower she's standing on. Looking equal parts surprised, overjoyed, and determined, she looks up at Zavendol, who's visibly shaking.

Rose: You've been caught, High Preacher. We know everything.
High Preacher Zavendol: You know nothing. It's far too late to stop me now, Rose. I've already won!
Thorn: We still have a solid couple of minutes until the fire gets here. Until you're off the Hive, you haven't won anything.

Zavendol pauses. She's right. He tries running for his escape pod, but High Vanguard Rozva quickly hits some buttons, locking Zavendol's balcony off. He nods to Rose and heads for his own escape pod.

High Preacher Zavendol: You have the nerve to try and stop me, Rozva?

Zavendol climbs over his balcony's railing, jumping down and landing in front of Thorn and Rose.

High Preacher Zavendol: I suppose I'll just have to handle this myself, just like I handled every one of you horrendous pawns for three years to get here!

Zavendol fires a shot at Thorn, who dodges quickly and runs at Zavendol. Rose considers going after the rest of the Council while Thorn deals with the High Preacher but soon realizes they've already evacuated.

Thorn: Rose, little help here?

Rose turns back to Thorn, who's barely keeping Zavendol's blaster away from her head. Rose fires a shot at Zavendol's cloak, knocking him off-balance and allowing Thorn to give him a cut running down his shoulder.

Rose: Good, keep it up!

Thorn turns to Rose and nods. Zavendol scrambles for his blaster and shoots Thorn in the leg, knocking her down. Rose runs to her side and pulls out the green syringe hesitantly.

High Preacher Zavendol: How courteous of you, Rose, to bring me my sample!

Rose panics, injecting a bit of the serum into Thorn's leg as Zavendol walks to the two.

High Preacher Zavendol: You really have outdone yourself. When I saw the fire, I thought I was done for, and yet you somehow still managed to get things to play out in my favor!

Thorn groggily opens her eyes as Zavendol approaches. He holds Rose's head to the ground with his foot, a contemptful glare on his face.

High Preacher Zavendol: This is your final legacy, Rose. A charred corpse, a queen who died as she lived. A pawn.

Thorn grabs a knife and stabs Zavendol in the leg. He backs away and clutches the wound, practically growling with anger at this point.

Thorn: We are no one's pawns, jackass.

Rose breathes heavily, standing up.

Rose: The Sirens have been kept beneath your kind for far too long. Even if you could kill us...
Thorn: ...somebody else will rise up to stop you.
High Preacher Zavendol: How inspirational! Two lowly creatures who really believe they have a chance.

Thorn frowns, running at Zavendol. He knocks her aside as she gets close, aiming his blaster at Rose.

Thorn: Don't you dare...!

Zavendol fires at Rose, knocking her down. He runs to her and grabs his syringes before noticing the neurotoxin activator.

Rose: Thorn...

Zavendol snatches the neurotoxin generator, cackling as he hits the button. Rose is too weakened to stop him, laying out and on the brink of blacking out already. Thorn's face is one of pure, seething rage.

High Preacher Zavendol: It's too late, Zinnia. Rose is as good as dead alrea-

Thorn tackles Zavendol, pinning him against the wall. Vines spread up from the floor, grasping his legs.

Thorn: My name is Thorn!

Thorn stabs Zavendol through the right wrist, leaving her knife stuck in the wall.

Thorn: Do you hear me? My name is Thorn! And this voice isn't just mine!

Thorn stabs him through the other wrist. Vines curl around the wounds. Zavendol is absolutely terrified.

Thorn: This voice... it's for every Siren, every Benefactor, every life you've trampled to get where you are!
High Preacher Zavendol: M-my future is a utopia! If you could just look past the blood shed now, you could live eternally tomorrow!
Thorn: You don't see the goddamn big picture. You're a selfish maniac who can't stop ranting about how much better he is than everyone else!

Thorn punches Zavendol in the face hard. He's trying to pull his wrists away from the wall.

Thorn: And now... and now, even in death, you've taken another life!

Thorn takes the syringes from Zavendol. She gets an idea and injects him with the grey fluid.

High Preacher Zavendol: Why did you...?

Zavendol's wounds are sealed by new exoskeletal bone that spreads around the knives in his wrists. He can't pull away now.

High Preacher Zavendol: Y-you...
Thorn: How does it feel, being trapped and helpless?

Thorn punches Zavendol again for good measure. Turning around, she runs to Rose, holding her up.

Thorn: Rose. Rose, please...

Rose looks up at Thorn weakly.

Rose: Get off the Hive.
Thorn: How can I fix you?
Rose: The serum wouldn't work, there's no missing tissue. I might as well be dead already.

Thorn is crying, her face red hot with anger.

Thorn: What if... I mean, we just...
Rose: Thorn. Before I die... I... l-

Rose coughs a bit.

Rose: ...bury me back home, on Meadow. I want to be there.
Thorn: No more deaths in vain!
Rose: We did it, Thorn. Zavendol is as good as dead too. No one died in vain.

Thorn shakes Rose, who's rapidly losing consciousness. She looks down at Rose's limp body. The room begins heating up.

Thorn: Not like this...

Thorn looks at the green syringe.

Thorn: Not... like...

An idea dawns on Thorn. She takes a deep breath and pulls out a knife.

Thorn: Sorry in advance for this.

Thorn stabs Rose in the lung and then injects her with the syringe.

Thorn (rapidly): I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Thorn carries Rose's unconscious body over her shoulder, running for the escape pods. Zavendol looks around as the fire begins spreading through the room. He looks down somberly.

High Preacher Zavendol: Botazel... I'm sorry.

Chapter 17: Blue Paradise

Thorn sits alone in a Benefactor escape pod. Looking out of the glass, she seems impressed by something out of view.

Thorn: We... we really pulled it off.

Thorn looks over to the seat next to her. No one is there. She frowns and clutches her armrest.

Rose springs up from the back seat, gasping for air. She looks at Thorn, confused and scared. Thorn grins wide.

Thorn: It worked!
Rose: I... I'm alive! But, the neurotoxi-
Thorn: I punctured your lung to get it out of your system and used the serum to heal you up.

Rose looks down. There's a faint scar under a tear in her jumpsuit around the ribs.

Rose: Huh.

Rose climbs into the front seat and looks out the glass. The planet the Hive was orbiting has erupted into an oddly beautiful blue fire.

Thorn: Do you know what's up with that?
Rose: Hm... maybe. The Benefactor homeworld was desolate from years of mining... if the Hive fell out of orbit, maybe it set off a chain reaction.
Thorn: It looks nice.

There's a heavy melancholy silence in the air for a moment.

Rose: Yeah.
Thorn: Oh, are you worried about like, civilians?

Thorn points to large ships leaving the Benefactor homeworld.

Thorn: The guards evacuated as many as they could. I don't think they, on an individual basis, deserved to die, so... cool for us. We're not bad murderers.

Rose laughs a bit.

Rose: So... do you forgive me for...

Thorn takes a deep breath and looks out at the blue fire, her eyes wide.

Thorn: Sometimes in life, you make bad choices. There's no way to undo them. You just gotta move forward and be better.
Rose: Is that a no?
Thorn: It's a "let's see what the future holds for us".

Thorn rests her head on Rose's shoulder, surprising her.

Rose: Well... what does the future hold for us? I was planning on going back to Meadow, fixing things up now that the Council is in bad shape... you wanna come along?

Thorn looks deep in thought for a moment.

Thorn: I dunno, I like being a drifter. I decide what I do and all. Maybe I could... get used to saving people like this. Fix up people who have been hurt, fuck up people who make those people hurt...

Rose nods, looking a little disappointed.

Thorn: I'll stop by Meadow every now and then, though. I promise.

Thorn hugs Rose, who blushes. Thorn gets comfy in her seat and looks at the escape pod controls.

Thorn: Next stop, the Delta.
Rose: Can't you take us to Meadow first?
Thorn: C'mon, are we really flying this thing all the way to Meadow? I need a new ride and a lot of drinks after these last couple of days.

Rose smiles warmly, putting her hand over the controls.

Rose: Delta it is. Drinks are on me.

Thorn smiles, punching in the coordinates. The escape pod begins slowly drifting off into the inky darkness of space; towards new possibility.


Post-Credits Scene

High Vanguard Rozva sits alone in his dimly lit escape pod, scrolling on a tablet. He turns a dial in the ship's control board and clears his throat.

High Vanguard Rozva: To any Council member who receives my transmission; I, High Vanguard Rozva, am safe and sound in uncharted space. Looking over intelligence files collected by various probes, I have found something of interest.

He taps an icon in the files. Grainy pictures of various items marked by three runes appear.

High Vanguard Rozva: Drev had been researching something called Galvan Artifacts in his spare time before his death. He believed these to be the key to creating a perfect soldier. I've checked all our files on the matter and the answer is clear; a rendezvous on the planet Chargio to acquire such tools.

Rozva inputs coordinates on his ship's controls.

High Vanguard Rozva: To all surviving Council members - meet here as soon as possible. This is our last shot.

The Benefactors will return in Reconstitute Part 2: Renouncement.


character tables TBA


  • Thorn - The main protagonist. Thorn is a one-woman army waging war on the Benefactors who have enslaved her people, but she's also been running from her past and the responsibility that comes with it for months. Now, fate forces her to take action, whether she's ready or not.
  • Rose - The leader of a failed Siren rebellion and the Benefactors' most trusted agent. She's been further modified cybernetically after failing to apprehend Thorn, and paired with Forget-Me-Not to track her down. She seems awfully lost in thought nowadays...
  • Forget-Me-Not - Once Zavendol's assistant, Forget-Me-Not is now a deranged Siren cyborg and Rose's new partner on a mission to track Thorn. Forget-Me-Not enjoys tormenting innocent aliens, leaving them in fear long after she's moved onto the next planet.
  • High Preacher Zavendol - One of the members of the Benefactor Council, Zavendol is a scientist attempting to find the key to immortality through experiments he keeps secret from the rest of the Council. He also keeps a collection of various religious texts, considering himself a connoisseur of alien knowledge.
  • High Warlord Drev - Another Council member. Drev is a cruel tactician, having earned his high place in society due to the military victories of his forefathers, and he tends to take the lead of their decisions. He's incredibly untrusting of those closest to him, and has contingencies for anyone who may betray him.


  • High Manufacturer Geldzon - One of the few Council members to do actual work. He's incredibly self-assured and boasts often.
  • High Legislator Tuvne and High Lawmaker Envut - Twin brothers who serve the purpose of giving the public politicians to rally for. They finish each others' sentences and enjoy cackling.
  • High Curator Jerai Sanfel - The Council member in charge of propoganda.
  • High Treasurer Vakk - A cynical Council member in charge of finances. He's scared of Drev.
  • Krios - A Bushi with loose morals. Credit to Sr.Wario (tbc) for this guy.
  • Papa Ratchet - A jolly bartender robot built into a rail system inside the tavern.



  • Each chapter is named after a breed of flower. Exotoro (tbc) suggested most of them, so props to her.
  • High Curator Jerai Sanfel is, of course, one big canon Bee Movie joke.

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