Thor is an upcoming action Metroidvania superhero video game developed by Studio Lillie (tbc) in conjunction with Insomniac Games and published for the Nintendo DSGo, PS4, and XBOX One in late 2020. It is the third game in the Marvel Interactive Universe, following the release of the Spider-Man game in 2018 and Iron Man in the previous month of 2020.


Ch. 0: Origins of Thor

Doctor Donald Blake is on vacation in Norway when he stumbles upon a cave and finds a large hammer stuck in a stone. Upon touching it, it begins to glow, and he starts to transform into the hero Thor. Strange creatures quickly decend upon him, as he is forced to learn how to fight as a deity using the hammer, Mjolnir.

After fighting his way out of the cave, Thor travels via the Bifrost to Asgard and meets Odin, his father. Odin tells him that he had put Thor on Earth as a human to learn humility and that he has proved his worth by becoming a doctor to help others rather than being selfish. Much to Odin's surprise, Thor has lost all of his memories from before becoming a mortal. Odin is convinced that it is the work of Loki, Thor's trickster brother, and asks Thor to travel to the planet where Loki is hiding to retrieve his memories.

Although Thor is adamant about returning to Earth, he feels obliged to retrieve his memories, deeply curious about what he might find. Thor and an ally of Asgard, Balder, head off to the planet on the Bifrost, activated by Heimdall. On the way to the planet, however, the Bifrost is fractured, and the two men are flung to different parts of the same planet.


Thor, also known as Donald Blake on Earth in his mortal form, is accompanied by his ally Balder is certain parts of the journey. Thor is also able to communicate with the protector of the Bifrost, Heimdall, who sometimes sends helpful items to Thor. Lastly, Thor is helped during stressful encounters by Odin, who lends his power to Thor in exchange for a scathing monologue.

The main villain acting against Thor is his brother Loki, the Deity of Mischief. Loki and his two acquaintances, the Enchantress and the Executioner came along to the planet of Hala to destroy it in exchange for a bounty from the warring Skrulls, who send some aid along as well. In the ending acts, the role of the Supreme Intelligence is revealed, who had previously served as high priests and rulers of the Kree Empire and who purposefully destroyed their own home to jumpstart Kree evolution. Thor is forced to battle all of these contradicting forces in his journey.


Thor takes place mostly on the planet Hala, although the beginning includes short segments on Earth and in Asgard. The planet of Hala is an eery abandoned, post-apocalyptic wasteland, with remnants left over from a past civilization. Most of the planet consists of large craters, deep canyons, caves, and the remaining pieces of the megacity Kree-Lar, which has spread across a majority of the surface area of the planet.

Eventually, it is revealed that this planet was previously the home of the Kree and Cotati species. Long ago, the Kree were approached by the Skrulls, who gave them advanced knowledge of technology. In order to create a focused, spacefaring empire, the Kree eliminated the Cotati almost entirely, with only a few surviving and leaving for other planets, and a tiny amount remaining on Hala. Later, in their war against the Skrulls, the Kree develop the Nega-Bomb in hopes of using it in the war, but Loki tricks them into using it on their own planet, destroying it.

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