Well, Ludwig, I see you have not learned one lesson on composing. Or inventing.
Thomas Koopa

Thomas E. Koopa is a Koopaling, and older than Ludwig. He is an inventor and invented the Lightbulb Goomba. He and Ludwig are rivals, seeing as Ludwig can make good inventions anymore, which is a stupid way to hate someone. He and Iggy are friends, along with Lemmy, Teddy E. Koopa and Bowser Jr. He is 19 years old.


Before he invented the Lightbulb Goomba, Thomas was like all of his siblings: evil. He hated Mario and Luigi, but had a huge rivalry with the Wario Bros. After he invented it, he went a bit crazy. He is now deranged, and tries to create weapons to destroy the Mario and Wario Bros. He is still caring for his siblings, trying to help them at all costs.


He is a bit taller than Iggy. He has three fangs in his mouth and a band-aid over his nostrils. Like Bowser Jr., he has a green head and wears square glasses. His hair is white on the left side and yellow on the right side, and his hair droops behinds his head. He always carries a wooden cane, as his right hip is lop sided. One of his eyes is red, due to an injury with Tim's rock collection.

Relationships With The Other Koopalings

  • Dragonia: He gets along well, but they aren't the best of friends.
  • Jacob: He's always trying to turn his arm into another robotic one, so no. They hate each other.
  • Bowser Jr.: After helping him repair his Clown Car, they became friendlier to eachother.
  • Tim: Holds a small grudge with him after his eye was damaged by one of his rocks.
  • Harley: He doesn't approve of his minions, as he prefers his father's.
  • Chris: Are good friends.
  • Larry: Doesn't like, since he kinda smashed his Lightbulb Goomba prototype.
  • Jackson: Has trouble remembering his name due to his selective hearing, so not much.
  • Lady: Does not appreciate her attitude.
  • Morton: Get along well, but has trouble understanding him when he shouts, which is alot.
  • Bazyli: Since he made his robot arm, they became buddies.
  • Risen: Are good siblings, since they both have problems with themselves.
  • Wendy: Made her lose her hair when she pranked him with water balloons, so heck no.
  • Alex: Since his electricity fueled the Lightbulb Goomba, they're good buddies.
  • Dolly: Gave her a butterfly robot for her birthday.
  • Elly: Loves, since she needs comfort from abuse from Roy.
  • Iggy: Are like real brothers, as they both love inventing and are both crazy.
  • Ross: Likes a bit, but does not appreciate his pranks.
  • Noah: Since he makes the battle plans, he looks up to his younger bro.
  • Roy: Hates, since he bullies Dolly and Elly alot.
  • Lemmy: Loves him, since he repaired his invention, the Super Inflato-Ball Bomb.
  • Ludwig: Hates, since his last invention almost killed him.
  • Gyro: Thinks he just a Koopaling wanna-be, so they don't get along well.
  • Pyotr: Didn't like at first, but now that's he evil, they good pals.
  • Mortisha: Appreciates her alot, since she is his cousin.
  • Lavora: Since she is older, he doesn't fully understand her logic.


  • He's based on the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.
  • He invented Bazyli's robotic arm when he lost his old one.
  • He also made the Koopa Clown Car.

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