Thomas, as in Fantendo Nightmare.
AGE 14
CLASS Sidekick


WEAPONS Bare Hands and Multiple items

Thomas is the brother and sidekick ofDavid . He is your average siekick and gamer, but he really isn't into anime and manga like his brother. Just like hm and his brother were born in a small city named Smartsville then moved to a city named Middletown. Him and his brother has a strong frienship since birth and lots in common. They discovered they had powers when they were age 11 they found out they had powers 5 years after their father's death. Thomas also has an enemy named Roger Power who is the brother of Max Power.


A Shy, funny, and a caring boy just like his brother. Thomas loves going on adventures with David and by himeself. Sometimes Thomas can be shy, but most of the times he has courage and bravery. Whenever Roger Power is doing something evil he can stop. He is very kind to David since he trained hime to become a expert martial arts fighter and helps him on quests. Thomas is okay being called Tom, but hates it when people call him Tommy and Roger calls him Tommy like Max calls David "Davy". He make a great sidekick, a great hero, and a great brother.



David and Thomas hold a great bond since they were young. David may be the sidkick to David and he trained him to be an expert to martial arts and helps him during quests like give him items or join him. Sometimes David also helps Thomas to defeat Roger Power just like David they will be a great duo for life.

Roger Power

Roger Power is the enemy of Thomas and hates him because he always stops his plans from ruling the world. He mostly hates him because he planned out the death of Thomas' dad. Roger has stolen Thomas' girlfriend Ruby in some game like David and Thomas: Battle of the Heart, Thomas DS, and Thomas and the Enchanted Land of Makeitland.


Ruby is the girlfriend of Thomas and the sister of David's girlfriend Maria. Thomas had a crush on Ruby since they were 7. She is a caring and hyper person with a strong heart. Thomas and Ruby's realationship started in David and Thomas: Battle of the Heart.

Max Power

Thomas knows who is this guy it's Max Power and for some strange reason Thomas hates Max more than Roger and that's his worst enemy. Anyway Thomas hates Max and wishes someday he can battle him and win, but he knows that he is David's enemy.


Thomas knows who is this person which is Thomas' evil robotic clone created by Roger Power. He's a ruthless mean guy who wants to destroy Thomas becuase he was commaned by Roger.


The robotic clone of David that Thomas hates. Thomas hates Vavid as much as he hates Samoth he mostly hates Vavid since he was created by Max Power



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