They Rise
They Rise Title
Title screen
Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360, DS, PlayStation Vita
Genre(s) Top-Down Action
Survival Horror
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player

They Rise is the title of a tertiary project based on the design of Ultimate Showdown. Unlike Ultimate Showdown or Amalgam Online, however, characters featured in They Rise are in fact actual, living, breathing people whom he has met or had contact with over the course of his lifetime. In fact, only one character exists in-game who is not based upon a live person (or a zombie from a media source, which feature as easter eggs): Zarysh, the leader of the Antithesis. However, it can be speculated that beneath his mysterious robes, he too may be an actual individual...

They Rise Spritesheet 01

The first They Rise spritesheet.

Also unlike Ultimate Showdown, which is an online Action "Battle Royale" game; and Amalgam Online, which is an online Action RPG; They Rise is a single player Survival Horror.

It is expected to be followed up by at least two standalone expansions, They Rise: Denali Deathmarch, which covers the Denali borough, and They Rise: Ground Zero, which place in Ninilchik, where the outbreak first began—a reference to the original movie script that They Rise was inspired and based around, The Insatiable Hunger of the Damned.

Several concepts from They Rise are directly referenced and seen in the world-spanning zombie action survival horror game, Ƶ.

The series was cancelled in late spring of 2015 after the creator received actual, physical threats to his life and a "mob mentality-style uprising" in his small town from multiple individuals over the course of the following summer following an information leak about the game's planned (but completely conceptual) sequel, They Rise: Denali Deathmarch. This event almost led to the closing of Lunatic Entertainment, as well.


Somarinoa is a zombie movie fanatic. He has written a couple of scripts for zombie films but none have panned out, mostly because of a lack of making time to appear in the film by his friends, which each part was specifically written for. When one friend died and several moved out of state, he decided to switch over to a game instead, which became known as They Rise.


A Bunch of Psychopaths

A Bunch of Psychopaths is a small, violent motorcycle gang that traverses the city by way of the major thoroughfares and led by 'Sric the Prick and Jason Yates. Although they are perfectly capable of leaving the city, they purposefully remain within it to wreak havoc. They are not strong enough to truly contend against the Antithesis or the Solution, and they have not considered PETA worth raiding.


PETA has entered Anchorage and has holed up inside of the zoo, specifically to protect those species from the walking dead. The smaller of the three major factions running the city, they have surrounded their makeshift fort with remote-detonated Bombies, creating in effect a mobile mine field. They send out men into the local area to help feed the zoo's inhabitants, and can generally be found within the confines of Hillside; outside Hillside they risk elimination by the other two primary factions, or the rogue motorcycle band.

The Antithesis

Antithesis Flag

The Antithesis is a death cult led by the mysterious Zarysh and holed up in downtown Anchorage. They are one of the two biggest groups in town. Unlike other groups, the Antithesis openly welcomes the concept of death, and use the zombies to their advantage, often weaving around them where their human targets cannot do so, or using loud weapons to attract them to try and entrap their foe, or even, should they disgrace themselves, purposefully becoming zombies themselves.

The Solution

The Solution is a highly religious group led by the zealous preacher Jerry Prevo, who reside within the confines of Prevo's church, now simply referred to by their flock as "Sanctuary". Unfortunately, Prevo and his followers have come to believe that those who do not join their ranks are sinners by default, and often will kill them or leave them to be ripped apart by zombies, as they see these sinners as working for the devil, and therefore justifiable for homicidal actions.

The Undead

The undead come in many different types, though the primary ones noted are former Humans. However, domesticated animals and species naturally found within city limits have been turned, as well; not only this, but the further one gets out into the surrounding wilderness, the less human zombies they may find but the more animal zombies they will encounter, which can be even more dangerous.

Known Characters

Don't let the terminology fool you, as it can be a slight bit confusing. Survivor refers to characters who survived the initial outbreak, and is the default term for any and all characters you are searching for. Survivors in-game are not necessarily alive by the time you get to them, and several are dead at the very start of the game and therefore cannot be rescued. At the same time, Psychopaths do not necessarily have anything to do with the motorcycle gang, A Bunch of Psychopaths, which instead gets its name from the term instead of vice-versa. Psychopaths are simply those who have gone crazy in some fashion, and a psychopath may be hostile, neutral, or occasionally, beneficial to your cause. At the same time you cannot bring Psychopaths into your safe houses as they are beyond saving.


Sprite Name Type General Location
Aaron Waller Playable Character Unspecified Fred Meyer
Adrienne Strawther Survivor
Al Gore Survivor
TR Alex Millican Alex Millican Survivor Patterson
Ashley Kjelland Survivor


Sprite Name Type General Location
Beth Misemer Survivor
Bonnie Groat Survivor
Brady Westwood Psychopath


Sprite Name Type General Location
Colt Burdick Survivor
Cory Banks Survivor Bragaw Costco area
TR Curtis Vodka Curtis Vodka Playable Character Airport


Sprite Name Type General Location
Dan Maples Psychopath
TR Diana Womack Diana Womack Survivor Old Seward
Dorothy Stuart Survivor
Drew Barrymore Survivor Coastline
Dylan Gallagher Survivor Hillside


Sprite Name Type General Location
TR Erin Ferin Berry Survivor Unspecified


Sprite Name Type General Location
Guy Necessary Psychopath


Sprite Name Type General Location
Jake Patrick Survivor
Jared Patrick Survivor
TR Jason Yates Jason Yates Psychopath Unspecified
TR Ffej Jeff McDonald Survivor Dimond
Jerry Prevo Psychopath Northern Lights
Jessica Hughes Survivor Turpin
TR Jessica W Sprite Jessica Womack Survivor DeBarr
John Thompson Survivor
Jon Weinfurter Survivor Dimond area


Sprite Name Type General Location
Karen Graebe Survivor
Kathryn Groat Survivor
Kayla Steinbach Survivor
Kirsten Williamson Psychopath


Sprite Name Type General Location
Leona Lien Survivor International Airport Road
Lorena Survivor


Sprite Name Type General Location
Mason Womack Survivor
Michael Hendricks Psychopath
Michelle Baton Survivor


Sprite Name Type General Location
Paul Bledsoe Psychopath


Sprite Name Type General Location
Sam Bear Survivor
US Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Survivor Downtown
Scott Williamson Survivor Airport
TR Shazia Shazia Ahmed Survivor Hillside
TR Esric 'Sric the Prick
(Esric Haddock)
Psychopath Various highways and major roads (random)


Sprite Name Type General Location
Tami Kopy Survivor Airport
TR Tammy Tammy Thomas Survivor Patterson
TR Tanma Sprite 1 Tanma
(Tad Wade)
Psychopath Downtown
TR Theric Theric Austin Survivor Muldoon
Tina Banner Survivor
TR Tkoto Tkoto
(Tony Sargent)
Psychopath DeBarr
TR Thor Sprite 2 Thor Steinbach Playable Character Muldoon
"Goblin Tony"
(Tony Haddock)
TR Trev Trevor Austin Survivor Unspecified
Trill Gates Survivor Fox 4 KTBY Studio


Sprite Name Type General Location
TR Vivian Vivian Taves Survivor Unspecified


Sprite Name Type General Location
Whitney Ranes Survivor


Sprite Name Type General Location
Zachary Stohr Psychopath
TR Zack Zack Seifert Survivor Unspecified
TR Zarysh Zarysh Psychopath Downtown

Known Undead Foes

The entire area has been infected by the virus, not just mankind. Because of this, there is a significantly larger variety of enemy types than most undead games feature. Oddly, insects seem to not be effected to the virus itself at nearly the same level, yet act as direct carriers for it.
‡ indicates enemies that appear only during specific events.

Sprite Name Origin Species General Location
Beach Bum Beach Bum Human Coastline
Bombie Sprite Bombie Human Hillside
Hung Juror Concept Hung Juror Human Downtown
Kriller Krill ‡ Coastline
Mistress Brainjaw Concept Mistress Brainjaw Human Spenard
Mombie Concept Mombie Human Soccer fields
Overspawn Salmon Rivers
Pushover Human Everywhere
Raw Dog Dog Suburbs
Red Eye Human Airport
Sashay Human
Secret Shopper Concept Secret Shopper Human Grocery stores
Sloppy Bifurcate Human Suburbia
Thrillseeker Human ‡ Downtown
Zombee Honeybee Primarily in fields
Zombear Black or brown bear Primarily in forests
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