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NOTE: This Koopaling was never made by DocNewfound, Theo402 made him.

Prince Theodore "Theo" Jago Koopa
Theo Koopa 3D by DNF.png
AGE 15
BIRTHDAY March 2002
BIRTHPLACE Dark Land (Bowser's Castle)
Bowser (father), Clawdia Koopa (mother), Koopalings (siblings)
CLASS Koopaling
WEAPONS Magic Scepter, machine guns, Bullet Bill Bazooka, ball

Theodore Jago Koopa, or Theo Koopa (formerly Jago Koopa) for short, is one of the many Koopalings. He is between Bazyli and Risen in age. He wields the ruby Magic Scepter. His main color representation is red.


He is similar to Larry in terms of appearance. His body, his snout, and his head are the same as Larry's old appearance. He has red eyes and a red shell with sharp, long light-blue spikes (formerly normal spikes with yellow/orange rings). He has two horns, similar to Bowser and Persephone (formerly lacking them in his then-current appearance). He has a mohawk, similar to Iggy's old appearance, but it is designed like Lemmy's mohawk. It goes from 3 different shades of red ending with orange and brown. The front part of the mohawk has a light-green point. His third-to-front section of his mohawk has a long point to the front of his mohawk. In his current appearance, the bottom of his torso (the point where his tail starts) and his legs have a dark skin color.

Jago Koopa by Kampfdroide

As Jago, he is a recolor of a combination of Larry’s old and new appearances. His hair has a number of 4 colors instead of a single color. It goes from red, orange, and ending with two shades of dark-red. He has the same shell as Theo, but it is dark in coloration. His eyes are red, similar to Theo, and his star birthmarks are dark-red.

When he's burnt in the Chris Koopa (not to be confused with the Koopaling) Volume 2 comic "The Mechanism", his upper jaw in his snout, his torso, and his legs are dark-gray. His torso has its bottom half red. This appearance was called Theo Isomalt.


Theo has a mischievous personality, as he loves using firearms, like Roy. He prefers to be around Larry, Jackson, and Chris.

Powers and Abilities

Sometimes, Theo can balance on his ball, similar to Lemmy. He fires ruby spellballs (also by absorbing the fireballs that Shurl's Deadly Mecha Drake spits with his Magic Scepter as shown in Chris Koopa Volume 2 comic "The Mechanism") or fireballs (as shown in Chris Koopa Volume 1 comic "Chris Breaks In: Part 4") with his Magic Scepter. He can shoot with machine guns, and he can fire Bullet Bills with his Bullet Bill Bazooka, similar to Roy's Bullet Bill Blaster. Like Larry in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, it is shown that in the Chris Koopa Volume 2 comics "The Mechanism" and "The Rally of Truth", he can use a tennis racket by hitting Mecha Drake, assisting Chris, and attacking Fortune with white dots. On "The Mechanism", he is also shown to burn himself when he falls before battling Mecha Drake.



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