The Fan, The Enemy and Broshi decided to take a vacation during the summer holidays by exploring the outer space of the Fantendo universe by riding an old spaceship that still works. But half way from planet Earth, they encountered some unknown creatures with supreme and odd technology that wishes to kill them.

CHARACTERS: The Fan, The Enemy, Broshi, Scrin Aliens


It was the summer holidays and it was the time where The Fan, The Enemy and Broshi to take on a sweet vacation to cool their stress off.

The Fan: Hmph. Such a boring day for us don`t you think brother.

The Enemy: Indeed. What could be even worse than just walking through this forest without anything to entertain us.

Broshi: I know! How about a joke?

The Fan and The Enemy looked at each other.

The Fan: Meh. No.

The Enemy: Who even cares about some stupid joke!?

Broshi: Sorry guys. I just wanted to cheer things up..

The Fan: That`s ok Broshi. I`m probably sure there is something that we could probably have fun to play with little yoshi.

The three continued walking in the forest when they saw three flying objects in the sky.

Broshi: Hmm? What`s that in the sky?

The Fan: Probably I`m sure those are birds flying in the air.

The Enemy: I don`t think so. It must be planes or jets.

Broshi: Um guys, the answer for that question is HEADING STRAIGHT TO US!!!!!

The three saw three UFOs that are coloured black with purple lights. The UFOs fired a few shots of lasers at the gang. The Fan, The Enemy and Broshi dodged the attack but were almost blown off by the explosions.

The Fan: Arh! What are those things!?

Broshi: Th-The-They must be ALIENS!

The Enemy: Aliens eh? Muhahaha! I guess it`s up to us to squash those squimbling invaders.

The Fan: I would say so my brother. Broshi?

Broshi: Um sure yeah! Let`s get rid of those things!


The fan 2
The enemy ML

Black Yoshi


3 UFOs

CnC3 Stormrider



The Fan runs towards the direction of the UFOs then tries to jump on one of them. But the three UFOs split up from the group and they all did a barrel roll making The Fan missing them and fell to the ground. The three UFOs fired lasers at The Fan but all of the shots missed him. The Enemy charges his fireball while Broshi picks up his slingshot and fires his eggs at one of the UFOs. The eggs managed to hit one of them but didn`t bring any damage to it. The Enemy fires his fireball at one of the UFOs but the UFO barrel rolled to the right. However, The Enemy jumps seizing the chance to grab onto the UFO. The Enemy uses his fist to hit through the engine of the UFO then grabs the wires inside it and pulled them out. He charges a powerful energy within his hand then he punches through the UFO`s engine and suddenly the UFO exploded. The Enemy backflipped while landing on the ground.

Broshi: That was cool Enemy!

The Enemy: It`s The Enemy not Enemy!

Broshi: Oh.......ok.

The two UFOs did a U-turn and fired lasers at Broshi and The Enemy. The Enemy summoned a forcefield that reflects the lasers while protecting them from harm. Few lasers almost hit The Fan.

The Fan: Gah! Damn you!

The Fan jumps while floating in mid-air. He then charges towards the two UFOs like a jet and fires fireballs from his hand. The two UFOs moved left and right while doing a barrel roll to dodge the incoming attack. One of the UFOs does a big loop and went behind The Fan.

The Fan: What!?

The UFO behind him fired lasers at The Fan but he kept dodging missing the incoming lasers. One of the lasers suddenly hit the UFO in the front. The UFO slowly went down to the ground and crashed near The Enemy and Broshi.

The Fan: Mmhmm. Friendly fire my friend!

There is only one UFO left to battle. However, the UFO suddenly pulls out some kind of large strings and grabbed Broshi with it.

Broshi: Aaaaaaaaah! Help!

The UFO went out of the forest and into outer space with Broshi on it`s strings. The Fan and The Enemy chased the fleeing UFO into space. There, the UFO changed it`s direction to the moon and head towards to it straight away. The Fan and The Enemy kept chasing the UFO until the part when they landed on the moon. There, they saw no sign of the UFO.

The Fan: Broshi! Broshi!

The Enemy: (Why must we rescue this little dim-witted dinosaur!?)

The two kept searching for Broshi on the moon until they saw a huge weird machine with the UFO in it.


The Fan: Hmph. Such words won`t even bite me out. Brother, shall we show the way judgement day will begin?

The Enemy: Muhahaha! How could I not accept this request?

The two of them prepared themselves for the battle against the giant machine that has Broshi in it.


475px-CNCTW Tripod Concept Art 4

The Fan and The Enemy charge towards the alien machine. The alien machine fires three lasers but The Fan and The Enemy dodged them before getting hit. The Fan punches one of it`s legs and then does an uppercut punch towards the core but the core fired it`s laser blowing The Fan away. The Enemy does a charge kick on it`s leg and then summons three fireballs and fire at the alien machine`s robo arms. The alien machine was unaffected and then fires lasers from it`s arm at The Enemy but he kept moving left then right then back and he does a backflip rejoining The Fan. The two then decided to attack from both sides, The Fan goes to the left while The Enemy goes to the right. The two then charge towards the alien machine at the same time but then the alien machine spins it`s arms while firing it`s laser like a forcefield damaging The Fan and The Enemy. The Fan and The Enemy recovered before hitting hard to the ground. The alien machine then aims it`s arms high up and then fires multiple lasers in a fast rate. The Fan and The Enemy tried to dodge the rain of lasers befalling on them. After dodging the lasers, the alien machines then summons three tanks that somehow could float.

The Fan: Flying space tanks!? What the hell is this creature?

The three tanks then fired plasma balls at The Fan and The Enemy. At the same time, the alien machine fired it`s lasers at the two of them. The Fan and The Enemy ran away from the incoming projectiles. The Enemy suddenly turns back and then charges towards the aliens. The Enemy creates a phantom of himself, making the aliens missing the target. The Enemy then went onto one of the alien tanks and then smashes through it with his hand causing it to explode. He then summons a fireball and throws it into the air. He went near the fireball and then does a series of kicks causing multiple of fireballs heading straight for the second alien tank. The tank received heavy damage from the fireballs and then The Enemy punches the fireball very hard that it fell to the second alien tank in fast motion and destroyed it. The Enemy landed next to the last tank, carrying it and tries to throw it at the alien machine. He then fires a laser from his hands at the alien tank when near to the alien machine which then exploded with a blast. Smoke then covers The Enemy`s sight of the alien machine. But just as he was about to take a step, a laser was fired at The Enemy hitting him and blowing him away towards The Fan. The alien machine was still in function. The Fan and The Enemy discussed on how to destroy that alien machine.

The Fan: I would say you should handle it`s arms while I distract it. Is that a good idea?

The Enemy: In my words, just do it.

The Fan then run towards the alien machine. He then turns left and the alien machine kept firing it`s lasers from it`s arms at The Fan. The Enemy sneaked behind it`s arms and then jumps into one of them. He then smashes through the arm with his fist on fire and then hops to another arm leaving the damaged arm destroyed. The Enemy then charges his hand with a powerful energy and then punches through the arm while going to the last arm with the second arm destroyed. The Enemy grabs the last arm and then after a few seconds, he successfully pulled out the arm and then hits the alien machine with it. The alien machine turns towards The Enemy and fires it`s laser from it`s core. The Enemy was blown away again but then recovers and air rushes to The Fan.

The Enemy: The arms are already out. Now shall we do the final finale?

The Fan: Indeed my brother. Let`s do it!

The Fan and The Enemy began to meditate with their hands close to each other. Then, the two unleashed a powerful energy. The Enemy jumps behind the alien machine while The Fan remains in the front. The two began charging some kind of power in their hands and then dashes towards the alien machine at the same time. The two of them collided the alien machine with their hands then slowly lift it up while preparing for their final finish.

The Fan and The Enemy: GOD FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The alien machine exploded in a huge burst. The explosion can be seen even from Earth. After the explosion was out, the two then saw Broshi right before them. He looks as if he was unconscious.

The Fan: Broshi, are you ok?

The Enemy: (Pah, I think he`s probably dead. Good for nothing.)

Broshi: Urh................wha?

Broshi slowly opens his eyes and he saw The Fan and The Enemy in front of him.

Broshi: Fan, what happened?

The Fan then explained Broshi the whole situation.


The Fan: Probably yes.

The Enemy: And somehow you escaped alive. You lucky dinosaur.

Broshi: I am a yoshi not a dinosaur!

The Enemy: Well you look like one to me. Why don`t you stay with your prehistoric ice friends?

Broshi: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

The Fan: I think you two should stop fighting. For now, let`s head back to Earth.

The Enemy: Meh, whatever. Anyway, those aliens really spices up my head.

Broshi: You could say that again!

The three then flew back to Earth.


Yukimazan: And I thank you all for reading this special summer episode for The World. I hope you like it! Until next time, see you soon!

Dario: Oh and don`t forget to put a smiley here!

Yuigi: You betcho!

Yukimazan: Damn you imbiciles!!! (Takes out a giant laser cannon)

Dario and Yuigi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


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