The Wasteland is a "nonexistent universe" situated between the Fantendoverse and the Realverse. All of Fantendo's deleted, abandoned, and forgotten content ends up here. It is a dangerous place with many different environments, ranging from deserts to cities. The Wasteland stretches on forever, which explains it's vastly different appearances in different games and fanfictions: they simply take place in different areas of The Wasteland.

During the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, the Wasteland was attacked by mysterious forces, causing a group to band together and fight against the mysterious forces. This group is known as the Wasteland Warriors.

What is the Wasteland?

The Wasteland is a "nonexistant universe" existing between the "Fantendoverse" and the "Realverse" (see here for more information on the subject). When a world is consumed by darkness or destroyed, its remains reappear in the Wasteland as either a reduced or twisted version of itself. While some individuals make the transition unscathed, most who enter the Wasteland through this method are either driven mad or into deep depression and desperation.


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  • Bob the Goomba
  • Logjam
  • Oshtyo (he does not live there anymore but he used to)
  • BobMcBobMcBobSirBobMcBob
  • Rattly Duck and the rest of the Omegaverse Characters
  • Pinto, Boo2, and the rest of the abandoned BPG characters
  • Block
  • Snooper
  • Cloop
  • Graphitti Mario
  • Micool Koopas
  • Wario (redesign)
  • Io
  • Colenol
  • Dark Shroomy
  • Chief Spear Guy
  • Jr. Rock & Watch
  • Dark Block
  • Joopa Snoopa
  • The Other
  • Lego Mario
  • Lego Kirby
  • Lego Donkey Kong
  • Lego Meta Knight
  • Lego Fox McCloud
  • Lego Pokemon Trainer
  • Lego Luigi
  • Lego Peach
  • Lego Wario
  • Lego Diddy Kong
  • Lego Pikachu
  • Lego Falco
  • Piere Duckonfi
  • Buck Shootum
  • Bullseye Bob
  • Huntin' Harry
  • Poachin' Pete
  • Bowser Scrooge
  • Fred Koopa
  • Boo Marley
  • Bob Kratchit
  • Tiny K.
  • Mrs. Kratchit
  • Ghost Peach
  • Ghost Luigi
  • Ghost Mario
  • Little Bee
  • Propane the Hedgehog
  • Char
  • Acte
  • Orithell
  • Iron Mask
  • PAIN-T
  • Scarlet

Wasteland Warriors

Introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, this group defends the Wasteland from an unknown threat. It currently consists of three members: Iron Mask, PAIN-T, and Scarlet.


Lego Town

A town inhabited by characters fro the Lego Nintendo Series. All the buildings are made of Legos.

Wasteland Castle

A twisted, dark version of Fantendo Castle that rises far above the Wasteland. It is ruled by The Other.

Twisted Elementary

A school that has been taken over by a murderous and psychotic version of Wario. He is holding many people hostage there.

The Omegaverse Ruins

Logjam, Rattly Duck, BobMcBobMcBobSirBobMcBob, and previously Oshtyo used to hide out here. When Oshtyo left back to the normal world, the rest of them lost hope. Lt. Zero, Colenol, and the rest of the Omegaverse Characters rest here.

Explosion Site

The ruins where all of Bomb Productions Games's deleted and abandoned content lies. It resembles the site of a bomb explosion, a reference to it being associated with Bomb Productions Games. Io rules over these lands. Some civilians include, Pinto, Ropes, Boo2, and Timeothy.

Shroomtech. City

A high-tech city now in ruins, it is the home of all the abandoned content of Black Diamond games. It is ruled by Dark Shroomy. There are two halves, one in ruins and one still running. The cast of Duck Hunt Wii lives here, along with the Christmas Carol versions of the Mario characters from A Mario Christmas Carol.


The lost city of Nintenda from Wario Bros. It is surrounded by thick jungle. The only inhabitants are ghosts, and the jungle is ruled by Chief Spear Guy. The city looks like a giant stone GameCube.

Rock Stadium

A huge concert stadium owned by Jr. Rock & Watch, where he repeatedly preforms concerts. The stands are packed with perpetually grinning robot drones, who listen to Rock & Watch's music mindlessly. They are programmed to cheer after every song. Underneath the stadium is a dangerous labyrinth of musical deathtraps, the center of which is Rock & Watch's rooms and dressing room.

Polygon City

An entire city where everything is composed of low-res polygons. The city is inhabited by 'Gons, polygonal objects, and protected by Block. It is attacked by a villain named Dark Block.

Wasted Sea

A world under the vast Wasted Sea, it is home both Snooper's demolished village and the kingdom of Altiesa.

West Town

A western town based off western films and stories. Buck Shootum, Bullseye Bob, Huntin' Harry, and Poachin' Pete live here and it is where Iron Mask was born.

Beta Square

This utterly dull world is home to many beta versions of characters and ruled by the beta version of McBoo, McBeta.

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