The Vortex Universe is one of the 3 main universes Mythos sets their stories in. The main story in this universe is IMMA: Interdimensional Magic and Mystery Agency, but other stories and games are planned to be featured in this universe.


The Vortex Universe is very similar to our own universe but it does have a few key differences.

  • Superpowers exist.
  • Sega is still in the console market and is one of the big gaming companies alongside Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.
  • The anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo is finished and the Stone Ocean anime has just started.
  • Alaska and Minnesota are apart of Canada.
  • Oh yeah, also there's an agency that travels across the multiverse that has a giant space station in the shape of an I.

Important People

Important Stories


  • This is the only Mythos Universe to contain someone named Harrison and someone named Lilith.
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