The Void
Current Ruler Jayl Cel
Location Type World
Included Environment(s)
Void City

The Void is the world in which most of the events of The LXIV Saga take place. It is an undefined space formed by the energy of darkness, with gravity and an atmosphere identical to that of Earth.

There is one large, floating piece of land within The Void, which is defined as wasteland besides the one site of civilization, Void City.


Void City

Void City is the principal location of civilization within The Void. The cityscape is split into three main districts, with only one of those being particularly well taken care of. The city is most notably marked by an extremely tall skyscraper, known as Over Tower, in which Jayl Cel resides.

Tower Metro

Tower Metro is the central and frontmost district of Void City. As the name suggests, it is also the location of Over Tower. Tower Metro is the primary location of markets and business within the city, with very little (and quite expensive) residential places. The main attraction here is the plaza in front of Over Tower.

Gone Reside

Gone Reside is the primary residential district of Void City. As such, it is home to plenty of different types living within its houses and apartments. This district is also the location of Don't Go Station, a main mass transit center that offers rides to the city limits, as well as Tower Metro and (although most don't take up the offer) Historia Town.

Historia Town

Despite the affluent-seeming title, the district of Historia Town is the main hangout for the unsavory residents of Void City. Frequently, this nearly-abandoned sector is without basic essentials such as electricity, and the general lack of good-natured souls means that it is a hotbed for easy crime if anyone more upstanding happens to wander in. However, Historia Town hides a pretty important secret regarding the, well, history and inner workings of The Void itself.


The wastelands are denoted by empty expanses of lavender-tinted rock and frequent dust or sand storms. Interestingly enough, all reports of people coming into the city claim that new residents always come from these unexplored areas, prompting many theories as to what lies beyond the view of the city.


The mere existence of this location is only known to a few people in the entire world.


Viridian Voidness

Crimson Voidness

Turquoise Voidness

Pure Voidness


The True Nature of The Void






Sixty FourEightAmy Cerato

Voidverse original canon
The Void
Void Land
A map of The Void (pre-Voidyears)
Current Ruler Jayl Cel
Location Type World
Included Environment(s)

The Void is the world in which most of the Voidverse stories take place in. It is a large, vacuum-like space with a purple sky, holding one central piece of land split into five areas (three after Voidyears are implemented).==History==

The Void was originally planned as a secret project of the artificial life scientist, Dr. Roy Halete. After being corrupted by the god, Zero, newly named Rukalor sped up the process of The Void's creation dramatically.

The Void remained an alternate world alongside Earth until the end of The Eric Four Saga, where it grew too large and consumed Earth.

The Void reaches its end during the events of The Colin Four Saga.

Main Areas


Northern Peaks

The Northern Peaks region is the richest residential section of The Void. Early (and usually older) inhabitants generally populate the area. When Sixty Four entered The Void, this is the area he arrived in.

Eastern Slums

The Eastern Slums region is the poorer residential section of The Void. Those not fortunate enough to afford the Northern Peaks usually end up living here. When Amy Cerato entered The Void, this is the area she arrived in.

Western Convicts

The Western Convicts region is the section of The Void where criminals are kept. When Eight Bit entered The Void, this is the area he arrived in. The Western Convicts is where the Grand Castle stands. The castle is the home of most of the Void sub-personas throughout the sagas of Voidverse.

Southern Wasteland

The Southern Wasteland region is the section of The Void where most from the Eastern Slums go to work. Several factories are located there that produce most of the essentials for all residents of The Void. The Southern Wasteland has a close connection to Void Persona, Jayl Cel, as he usually passes through the area to get to his home in The Core.

Sand Sea

The Sand Sea is a secondary region of The Void, located in a part of the larger Western Convicts area. Walled off from the rest of The Void by an endless whirling shield of sand, this region is very hard to enter. It is mostly home to inhabitants that look similar to Shy Guys.

During Voidyears


Leeder is the richest region of The Void during the Voidyears, name changed from Northern Peaks. The Capitol is located here, moving the place of residence for the Void sub-persona (and later, true Void Persona, Jayl Cel) from the Western region of The Void. Only the most fortunate get to live here.


Poverlarge is the main residential region of The Void during the Voidyears. Though its name is a portmanteau containing poverty, most of the region is no longer poor, like in the past when the region was known as the Eastern Slums. Poverlarge is never explored during the stories of the Voidyears sagas.




Beginnings (The Seventy Four Saga)

Early on the Void had no society present. Rukalor tried to populate the Void with hostile creatures such as Bloodslashers and the planned offspring of his pet, Ruka. However, this quickly proved to be unsuccessful. Between the events of The Seventy Four Saga and The Sixty Four Saga, humans were permitted to move into The Void.

Prosperity (The Sixty Four Saga)

When The Sixty Four Saga was going on, many humans had already lived for a while inside The Void. Four districts were in place (see Main Areas) to separate the people into region-like spaces.

Personas (The Eric Four Saga and on)

After The Sixty Four Saga, citizens of The Void became more accustomed to living under the rule of a Persona, usually a Void sub-persona or a Fire one; one that represents power. As time went on, the people had lesser and lesser freedom, a stark contrast from their parents' and ancestors' lives.



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