The V is a console for Nintendo. It has virtual reality gloves and boots, making you in the game. Miis can have custom shirts as well. In 2016 a successor to The V, known as the The V², was released.

V channels

V Fight Arena 20XX

Here you can earn badges, and fight online with your mii.


Create a Mii, a house, a family, and cars. Friends can even meet your Miis.

News and Weather

A Mii brodcasts the news and weather for your country.


Play NES, SNES, and N64 games on your V.

V Store

Use points you got from playing games and use them to buy new channels.

V Software

V Build

Build houses and robots, and everything on your PC.

The 3 Ninja Pigs

A free RPG game that comes with the V.

V Cell

Reminds you when there is a new update for the V. Doubles as Walky Talkys.

Game Maker

This game allows you to make good games in mintues.

Portable DSis

For on the go.


VWare is a beta idea that was never put in the V.


  • V Sports
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